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Song of the Navigator Worst Possible Birthday Being sold into slavery by none other than your loverTover Duke’s rare ability to move anything instantly across light years of space makes him a powerful valuable asset to the Harmony Corporation and a rock star among the people of the colonies His life is luxurious Safe RoutineHe has his pick of casual hookups passing through Dadelus Kaku Station His one brush with danger of any kind—the only bright spot in his otherwise boring life—is Cruz Arcadio a dark haired hard bodied engineer whose physical prowess hints he’s something much When a terrorist abducts Tover hurling him into a world of torture exploitation and betrayal it’s with shattering disbelief that he realizes his kidnapper is none other than Cruz As Tover struggles to find the courage to escape his bondage he begins to understand the only way to free his body his mind—and his heart—is to trust the one man who showed him that everything about his once perfect life was a lieWarning This story contains descriptions of extreme violence and assault It also contains graphic sexual depictions It also has a lot of birds And pirate movies from the future And romance I'm always on the hunt for a good sci fi and pounced on this one when I came across it A really different concept and a very engaging story Well done I don't think there has ever been a sci fi mm story that fascinated me than Song of the Navigator Thank you for this amazing recommendation KaterinaIn the mm genre sci fi plots aren't usually the most captivating ones and frankly I read it for the romance than for anything elseSong of the Navigator is a perfect mm story no doubt about it BUT it is a very rare specimen that also convinced me plot wise as a science fiction pieceAnd not only is the plot really elaborate and logical even the world building is spot on beautiful and leaves no doubt that this universe is as real and tactile in the reader's mind as the world we live in And that says a lot since the first few pages reuire you to swallow A TON of new information that had me roll my eyes a little as in 'these sci fi stories and their weird concepts'But before I go into any specifics my biggest praise goes definitely to the author for giving us characters here who are neither good nor bad but who are products of their environment and whether this environment is good or evil is not easy to decide and depends a lot on perspectiveI mean that's an angle that is so rare in many books Like we all know that big multinational companies exploit the rainforest and employ cheap workers on the other side of the world who live in poverty on a full time salaryBut still we buy the cheap clothes or cornflakes or whatever it is these companies produce and don't feel like we're evil for doing so even though WE are responsible for giving these companies our money and with it our silent consent to keep exploiting parts of the world In the same way these companies are not seen as evil but are constantly justifying their actions with whatever reasons that make them legal companies and not villains in some Superhero movie These things are serious issues in our world and the fact that PERSPECTIVE has a lot to do with them makes it so difficult to deal with them Anyway Song of the Navigator shows EXACTLY such a grey area constellation for all persons involved and made me think on so many levelsHere's a bit about the plotTover is a Navigator And better get ready to absorb THAT particular concept because once you're accepting that the rest is gonna be a piece of cake A Navigator is a person with a rare genetic ability who is able to create something like a wormhole an 'orbifold' and transport himself to either the other end of the room he's in or to the OTHER SIDE OF THE GALAXY Just by sheer willpower However it takes energy and a far reaching jump will likely kill him However humans have recognized this rare ability and technologically improved it so a Navigator is now able to use an external energy source to transport himself or as it is most often the case other people or cargo to far away space stations without harming himself physically So the industrialized use of Navigators might remind you a bit of Transporter Chief Miles O'Brien if you've watched Star Trek TNG back in the day Only very and I mean VERY few humans have this particular ability and even fewer manage to complete survive the Navigator training that is reuired of them to work as Navigators Tover is one of these selected few and he's something like a rock star The huge interstellar company Harmony employs him on one of their huge space stations and he is celebrated like a boyband member with girls who want his autograph or into his bedToo bad Tover is gay And it is bad indeed because Harmony's company policy is uite homophobic so any same sex encounters must happen in secret and most of the time Tover needs to pretend to have a girlfriend in order to placate his employers However he does have some guys he's sleeping with in secret And one of them is an olive skinned structural engineer cough hunk cough named Cruz that Tover has an especially deep crush on So deep in fact that Tover only looks for Cruz's face in the crowd whenever he's at a station party and even considers asking Cruz to go on a vacation with him although chances are Tover might be turned down due to company policy reasonsThe story starts by throwing us into Tover's birthday party which is a huge media event on the station Handsome and popular Tover is used to loads of attention but he's still surprised when his lover Cruz suddenly grabs him on the stage and puts a gun to his head while Harmony security guards are flooding the roomHe begs Tover to save him from being captured by taking him to a far away satellite and Tover shocked than thinking rationally creates an 'orbifold' with his mind and transports himself and Cruz to the reuested far away destination Unassisted and without the aid of any power source other than his own bodyTover is paying a high price for the jump but the worst is yet to come for our poor NavigatorThis story is brilliant It's is so f genius I am excited just writing my thoughts down like thisWho is Cruz Is he a bad guy I hated him for what he did for what resulted in unbearable conseuences for our innocent handsome Navigator And still I couldn't dislike him I love this about a story The ambiguity The need to make up your own mind about a character because you realize they are neither good nor bad and might be able to convince me of their viewpoints or not I found Tover's struggles absolutely spot on He was in the same boat as me regarding CruzAlso you should know that this book has REALLY dark parts If it was a movie I would have closed my eyes A LOT Just saying A perfect perfect novel and a definite recommendation for everyoneA 5 stars favorite that goes on my top 10 reads in 2020 I will be honest with you – I approached this book with a LOT of trepidations See sci fi is a genre that resides in the lowest of the low in my reading genre totem pole I just can’t connect with the idea I can watch sci fi but not exactly enjoy reading it All those weird names with nothing but consonants living in other planets ALIEN yeah my brain just shuts downBut Astrid Amara is one of my favorite authors I first read her work almost five years ago when I started reading MM genre almost exclusively Let’s just say that I had that in my plus corner going in but still it was reading something out of my comfort zone I was dragging my feet not wanting to do it but needed to In fact I told my friend that I would keep the lightfluffy contemporary romance to read books as my “reward” after finishing this one as I predicted that it would be a difficult readWhen I opened the first chapter the whole explanation about navigator’s job technology with strange terms like TEUS and orbifolds weird places like Dadelus Kaku Station Kepler 7 b Thereon Galaxy or Aremdar Nebula were able to give me cold sweats But then something happened on the way to heaven because slowly the narrative reeled me in It only took the ending of the first chapter to make me irrevocably hookedSong of the Navigator is a wonderful piece of storytelling with heartbreaking but rewarding journey of a character that undergone life changing experience of being betrayed by someone he loves the most In the beginning Tover Duke is basically a rock star worshipped by people in DK Station He is one of the elite group of forty two people in the whole universe who are capable of manipulating space in improvisational movement to move goods and people into unexplored regions of the galaxy and beyondTover is cherished he lives in a penthouse with private elevators and has his own greenhouse for one of his passions – the birds Until that day of his thirtieth birthday when his occasional lover Cruz Arcadio kidnaps him and later trades Tover to slave pirates which brings Tover to forced labor He is physically tortured if he refuses to do what the pirates tell him In an instant Tover’s life turns into hellWritten solely from Tover’s perspective I must say that I loved Tover from that moment on There is an inner strength and tenacity that Tover shows during his ordeal and later on when he recuperates Tover learns that the life he enjoys before is not as perfect as it seems He learns to stop being ignorant Because when Tover is healing living alongside the so called terrorists which involved Cruz and his family he understands that there are always two sides of every storyI loved Tover’s character growth happened gradually He doesn’t immediately accept Cruz’s reason out of love It doesn’t magically happened in one night “You can’t convince me that my life has been something it isn’t I was the best at something and I did my job with pride until you came along” His voice broke “I won’t let you make me believe it was worthless” However Cruz challenges Tover to change his way of thinking his way of seeing the world At the same time Cruz also makes Tover see that he is worth than just what he can do “Yes you are valuable You are worth billions They have made you into a commodity that everyone wants a piece of”“You’re no different” Tover said“You’re right I want you too But not for what you can do I want you because of who you are” For me this book is simply amazing Yes it has some difficult scenes related to the brutal treatment from the pirates in the beginning but it also feels hopeful moving romantic and fulfilling I loved the characters this novel has two notable female characters too which I highly appreciated I loved the setting each location feels different yet vibrant and acts like supporting characters themselves I loved the writing beautifully engaging as I know Astrid Amara’s would be and most of all I loved the story When I finished I was enfolded in that pleasant feeling of satisfaction that I refused to immediately start reading another story because I wanted to bask in the feeling for a whileOne thing for sure Song of the Navigator is my best read of the month and one of my favorites of the year It also has done something uite the impossible it makes me start thinking of perusing MM sci fi novels to read That is an achievement no other books have done before For that it deserves my perfect 5 stars Readers’ Advisory For those of you who are worried with the warning tag of extreme violence and assault and graphic sexual depictions rest assured that this story does NOT contain any rape or non consent sex scenes what so ever The violent and assaults are all physical beatings but even those don’t last as long as one might expect The graphic sexual depictions are between Tover and Cruz and they are definitely consensual The ARC is provided by the publisher for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is reuired for any ARC received This book isn’t for the faint of heart There’s extreme violence torture and betrayal It’s harsh and hard to read in parts BUT it’s also romantic poignant and absolutely amazingSeldom outside of an epic fantasy series have I encountered such excellent world building From the DK station to the green and vibrant Carida the settings are so vibrantly alive and peopled with characters so real that I felt like I could step right into the book and shake their hands or punch them out as the case may be Beautifully written view spoilerI loved Tover from the start spoiled and aware of how special he was of his tremendous worth yet not full of himself Coming from a pampered lifestyle where he’s almost worshipped I didn’t expect such strength from him Tover’s never weak or whiny despite all that happens to him The betrayal itself almost seems to wound him worse than the physical torment he’s subjected toI found myself hating Cruz right along with Tover hating him with a fiery passion What could redeem a man who could betray the one who’d trusted him enough to risk all to save his life What indeed Tover begins to understand that the safe world he thought he was living in may all be built on lies Only then do we begin to get a picture of the real Cruz By the end of this story I adored both of these characters and would gladly embrace a second book with them hide spoiler

  • Kindle Edition
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  • Song of the Navigator
  • Astrid Amara
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