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The Ties That Bind Emma is the young naive daughter of a tyrannical father and abused mother She is seduced by an upper class scoundrel which leads to tragedy Will Emma ever find joy? Emma is an entertaining uick read Small on expositionno literary groundbreaker but it does its job It entertains Those who read Rosie Clarke's The Downstairs Maid can expect similar plots and characters but Emma is missing the amount of development and detail Looking for a uick Cinderella tale to pass the time? Emma is your book Looking for intricate plot lines and imagery? Look elsewhere A nice easy read enjoyed it UHeartbreaking gGritty story can't wait for the next instalment of the series mmmmmmnñh yvyyb jyfvi uufguc gh hh jh hh Tedious weary and far too predictable mainly finished it to get it out of the way fancied a bit of lighter reading surprisingly enjoyed this Enjoyed this book Easy to read I only wished that Richard was tried instead of chucking himself in front of a train Great read looking forward to the next This is my first book by Rosie Clarke and I have enjoyed her style of writing She has you finding it uite difficult to put the book kindle down I'm already looking for the second book in the trilogy All she has is her reputationWhen Emma Robinson discovers she is carrying Paul Greenslade’s child there are harsh conseuences after he disappears rather than marry a common shop girlForced by her tyrannical father to marry Richard Gillows Emma learns uickly that a jealous husband is a violent one How can Emma escape the ties that bind her to build a life for herself and her childFrom the author of The Downstairs MaidNote previously published as The Ties That Bind by Linda Sole

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