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Die Betrogene Einsam wacht wer um die Schuld weiß Um ein glückliches Leben betrogen – so fühlt sich Kate Linville Polizistin bei Scotland Yard Kontaktscheu und einsam gibt es nur einen Menschen den sie liebt ihren Vater Als dieser in seinem Haus grausam ermordet wird verliert Kate ihren letzten Halt Da sie dem alkoholkranken Ermittler vor Ort nicht traut macht sie sich selbst auf die Spur dieses mysteriösen Verbrechens Und entlarvt die Vergangenheit ihres Vaters als Trugbild denn er war nicht der für den sie ihn hielt

10 thoughts on “Die Betrogene

  1. Patrizia Patrizia says:

    35 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  2. Barbara Heckendorn Barbara Heckendorn says:

    This is a very addicting thriller First it appears that they are different independent plots In each case I started guessing a where does this plot lead and b how and why is it linked to the others This made me pretty jittery Over time I felt that I had found the connection only to later find that I was completely wrongOn the one hand there is a young family with an adoptive son who is badly molested by his birth mother and her lover On the other hand a policewoman from Scotland Yard is looking for her father's murderer who was also a policeman In doing so she comes across a dark chapter in her father's pastIt was a very exciting listening

  3. Viktoria Buljević Viktoria Buljević says:

    I recommend this book The storyline is so interesting It is such a good crime book with a lot of plot twists

  4. Ivana Ivana says:

    uite an interesting thriller that keeps you on your toes the whole time I liked the characters because they were not shown only as capable cops but people with their flaws and problems and I like that in books not everything being rosey all the time I liked the ending as well I thought it was surprising and shocking and I love that in a thriller So this book has definitely been a pleasant read and a pleasant surprise

  5. Nina Nina says:


  6. Nico Nico says:

    Thanks to NYPL I was able to download this on kindle I liked this Charlotte Link thriller better than any of her other works I've read so far It is a police proceduralthriller with some graphic scenes There are relationship matters hinting at possible romancebut luckily she does not delve into this as she does in her other books This was definitely a page turnerwould recommend to those who also like Nordic Noir I think the author could have done a little better with some matters around view spoilertechnology and how police yes even in 2014 can track people based on their cell phone servicedevices Also to me it was very unrealistic how uickly Jonas was released from the hospital based on the description of his wound and what seemed to be sepsis In the story it said they hadn't been home for a month and I think that included vacation time time locked away and hospital stay In my experience with trauma patients as well as people with such heavy infections you don't get released after a couple of days Especially if you are post op So I think Link could have done a little homework regarding these aspects hide spoiler

  7. Moon Moon Moon Moon says:

    Uff I think I'm just not a crime fiction person I can see why people enjoy the genre but honestly? It just doesn't do it for me The characters feel like cardboard the plotline seems weirdly convoluted and constructed for the sole sake of having a shocking plot twist at the end none of the characters talk like actual people like what's up with that?? and the term 'show don't tell' seems to be unfamiliar to the author The one thing that pushes my rating towards 15 stars is the fact that Link despite the utter lack of substance actually managed to give her protagonist some kind of character development towards the endI feel really bad for leaving such a rude review but wow I did not enjoy any of this I cannot help but think that people only read crime fiction to feel superior because as a reader you know who the murderer is waaayyy before the detectives because you're oh so clever and observant and an investigative mastermind basically I mean I only finished it because I wanted to know if my own theory was right And what is it with detective stories always beginning with a torture scene???? WHY?

  8. Elvira von Eukalyptus Elvira von Eukalyptus says:

    Nice and exciting book easy to read I like books that are easy to read which means I can put it away for 2 days and read on later and I know exactly what happend That might sound banal but I really like that Especially in times when I don't know wheter I'm coming or going But let's talk about the storyCharlotte is writing about 3 different stories at the beginning and you don't know how they will come together But you will recognize very fast how the ropes will merge I also like the protagonist Kate who is a bit strange at the beginning but also very simple and likeable The end of the story was unexpected to me You will find out who is the murderer within the last 50 100 pages That's why I struggled whether I should read the book until the end Once I knew who killed the 3 persons I was unsure about finishing the bookI am unsure about reading part 2 because I wasn't very thrilled about the storyShall I read Kate Linville Caleb Hale series #2?

  9. Erika Neumann Erika Neumann says:

    I love this German author and what I love about the crime stories Krimis it is the undeniable talent of holding all conclusions until the very endYou start thinking about who might be the culpable throughout the story but each chapter brings you information and controversy and you are not sure that your thoughts go in the right directionThe last 150 pages I could not part with the book so interesting was for me to find out if my assumptions were correctIt is uite a heavy book as in German it surpasses over 600 pages but it is a most for its genre

  10. Maria S. Maria S. says:

    It started out a bit boring but after the first 100 pages it became really thrilling There is uite a twist in the story since one doesn't know how all the different characters are related But at a certain point it makes sense I liked to read it and couldn't put it away after the second murder happened

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