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10 thoughts on “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

  1. Jeimy Jeimy says:

    I know it sounds like nitpicking, but I wouldn t call this a camping primer An outdoor primer maybe.

  2. Brittany Brittany says:

    I was looking forward to seeing this one and I wasn t disappointed My little Huck Finn, Alistair, liked it too Fun pictures and lines from the book.

  3. Dana Thomas Dana Thomas says:

    When you call a book a camping primer this is not what I would think it would include Outdoors, yes Camping, no Still another adorable edition to the BabyLit series and a book for every adventure seeking child out there.

  4. Elizabeth Meadows Elizabeth Meadows says:

    I first heard about this series from another booktuber and was able to get this one from my library It is a fun idea for a children s book series and I wish they had been around when my kids were small It s been several decades since I ve read Huck Finn and now I d kind of like to reread it.

  5. Jen Jen says:

    Cute and colorful but not very cohesive.

  6. NK92 NK92 says:

    Garbage art More for the parents than babies.

  7. Drew Graham Drew Graham says:

    Huckleberry Finn is a mischievous boy who goes with escaped slave Jim down the Mississippi River seeking freedom Along the way they learn plenty of camping vocabulary.This is a fun entry in the BabyLit series It doesn t do much by way of telling the original story, but it features a lot of text from Mark Twain, and also a pretty detailed map in the front of Huck and Jim s journey down the river Some of the art style and colors especially stand out in this one.

  8. Sandy D. Sandy D. says:

    Cute board book featuring snippets of Twain and illustrations of kids and rafts and associated stuff on the Mississippi Jim is about the same age as Huck in the illustrations, and there is no dramajust fun on the river I m not sure how I feel about this kind of spin off, I think I ll have to check out some of the other BabyLit books.

  9. Kristi Kristi says:

    too cute love all these baby lit books

  10. Clare Cannon Clare Cannon says:

    This is the most brilliant book of the series How the text and images in a board book can so perfectly convey the original amazes me.

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