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Hit The Road Manny The Manny Files #2 Cue the pretend drum roll Keats's parents have a big surprise No they're not having a new baby It's wait for it wait for it a family road trip Okay so this is not exactly the birthday present Keats had in mind no iPod but when Dad parks a rented RV in the Dalinger's driveway Keats piles in with the rest of his family and the manny of course bound for the open road From the big skies of farm country to the bright lights of Las Vegas this in typical manny fabulousness is an all American adventure filled with Glamour dos than Glamour don'ts But a stopover at the manny's childhood home is making the manny feel not so fabulous Why can't his parents ever accept him for who he is And Keats at first sees their point Why does the manny always have to be so interesting Hit the road for manny shenanigans where it's all about Elton John Diet Coke and being brave enough to be yourself

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    From my blog uill CaféIn accordance with the FTC I would like to disclose that I purchased this book The opinions expressed are mine and no monetary compensation was offered to me by the author or publisher Keats is looking forward to having a fun summer with his family and the manny at home but his parents have a big surprise for him a road tripPacked into an RV Keats' family – his mom dad three sisters and the manny – all set out on a fabulous adventure across AmericaOn the way they stop to visit the manny's parents who just can't seem to embrace the manny for who he is Keats starts to wonder if they have a point Does the manny have to be so interesting all the time?The manny is back and he is as fabulous as ever I raced out to buy this book the day I finished 'The Manny Files' and read it aloud to my mum It has the perfect balance of sentiment and humour I didn't know there was a seuel when I first read the first book but I was glad to be able to read of the characters They are all so wonderfully written Keats is really growing in this novel Not just physically or age wise but away from his home he starts to see how other people see and treat the manny and begins to re evaluate his own feelings This book deals a lot with acceptance and family values and I loved it all the for itAway from the comfort zone of his home Keats feels embarrassed by the manny's huge public displays This is a sign that Keats is getting older and just like Lulu is prone to embarrassment but the further away he pulls himself from the manny the further he gives himself to pull himself back inThe manny really is a hero and role model to Keats and to the reader I liked that in this book we get to see a personal and vulnerable side of him It's up to Keats to stand by the manny and help him embrace all the lessons he's taught Keats over the past year The relationship between Keats and the manny really strengthens in this book and it just shows that sometimes you have to step outside of your world to focus and sharpen the pictureThe other characters in this book are marvellous Keats' parents are outrageous and funny and the sort of people you would want to know They are very connected with their children's lives although they're not without their own faults and uirks 'Mom says the S word when she gets hurt or really mad She is trying to say it less because I started calling the S word Mom's word' Keats' three sisters are back and brighter than ever India is still the clever waif Lulu the budding teen with an aversion to public displays of affection and Belly has become a belter with a newfound tendency to TALK ABOUT HERSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON It's marvellousOn their journey Keats also writes to his best friend Sarah and to his Uncle Max which adds a wonderful extra layer of humour and reflection to his narration Keats is a brilliant narrator I love how he perceives the world through his imagination Belly gets unbearable when she's excited That means that she's so annoying that bears wouldn't even eat herI'd recommend 'Hit the Road Manny' to anyone who wants to read a great book full of laughter child like wonder family fun love and imagination Make sure you don't miss out on the first book 'The Manny Files'

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    This book made me laugh out loud

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    I have a crazy love of The Manny Files I felt that it had feeling it had silliness but it also had a lot of heart Though at the end of that book one thing that I wanted of was to see sides of the character of Manny he still remained a bit elusive at the end Hit the Road Manny is so Manny's story though still told from Keats point of view We continue to see his upbeat zaniness but we also get to see some vulnerable moments as well as go into his past Keats now knowing about Manny's relationship with his uncle Max he gets exposed to the intolerance of homosexuality that doesn't exist inside his close knit and accepting familyWhile I love that Manny became of a fully realized character I think that I enjoyed The Manny Files better it had a deeper development of Keats' self confidence and self acceptance with Manny's help There are some lessons learned in this book but I felt that it didn't hit as hard and just skimmed the surface of issuesBut yet again the characters I grew to love are back and up to hijinks I laughed hilariously and had some teary moments of both the joyful and morose varieties And while I would totally continue to read about Keats' adventures if this series continued if this is the end of that journey it definitely ended on a high note

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    I enjoyed this charming and touching Lambda Literary Award Finalist It took a little while for me to get in to it but once I did I certainly enjoyed tagging along on this cross country trip with these characters Belly in particular is hilarious and it's hard not to care about the Manny I would say the only reason this gets 4 stars and not 5 for me is that for me the main character at times stretches the boundaries of what is believable I get that he's precocious and advanced for a fourht grader and that he has a role model who teaches him some arcane stuff But some of his pop culture references seemed a bit too out there At times I felt the narrator grew up in the 80s That said Keats is a charming narrator I wanted to believe he was 9 or 10 even if sometimes I didn't Some of his lines are hilarious especially when he explains what a word means and he's close to having figured it out but not uite there My favorite line Lauren Hutton is an actress who is famous for having a space between her front teeth I paraphrase I loved meeting the Manny's parents and the scene with the calf birth is particularly strong What happens after was uite moving to me And I can't stop singing Someone Saved My Life Tonight by Elton John now I'm glad I read this

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    This is a charming romp of a story about Manny the gay nanny for a wonderfully winsome family It’s actually the second book in the series following The Manny Files it reads fine as a standalone but once I had read the Manny Files I wished I had read them in order This book has it all – heart humor and a message The story is told from the perspective of Keats one of the four kids the others being his sisters Lulu India and little Belly Keats is in third or fourth grade and LOVES the manny It’s pretty clear that he could very well grow up to be gay so having such a positive role model in the Manny is a great boon for him The story is largely centered around the family’s summer road trip which includes a stop to see Manny’s parents on their farm This provides an opportunity for Manny to reconcile with his parents around being gay and provides for a very touching scene involving the birth of a calf you have to read the book to get it The book culminates in the family’s arrival in Las Vegas where they meet Uncle Max Uncle Max and the Manny got together at the end of the first book and this book ends with a very sweet and Romantic event – which I won’t be so crass as to spoil for you Suffice to say that this book is a refreshing funny paean to the positive and transformative power of Gay Love in its many guises and expressions

  7. Ron Steven Ron Steven says:

    I decided to read Hit the Road Manny because I found the cover interesting The front cover and title gave me a heads up on what the story was going to be about My favourite character in the book is Manny he is the Dalinger's Nanny He live's with the Dalinger's family and he is married to Uncle Max the uncle of the Dalinger family Manny is gay but is full of surprises he can make great jokes make people happy and always see the good side of thingsMy favourite uote from this book is it doesn't matter if he's ueer he is still special in my eyes This is my favourite uote because it shows someone standing up for someone he cares about and stand up for what he believes is rightThis book has got me thinking about the understanding of human personality and what we are doing to enforce the rights of people It has got me wondering 'should we enforce same sex marriage or should we not because it is not what we are use too and comfortable with

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    Amazing This author has a way of writing from the perspective of a third grade boy that is uncanny I hope I have third grade boys just like Keats I'm pretty sure I was disturbing other passengers on the plane because this is a book that you laugh out loud to even when you're all by yourself Those books are so rare This one definitely had a serious theme than the first one which just alludes to the manny and Uncle max being gay until the very last page This one really addresses it and teaches some life lessons about other people's hatred Keats has to face some serious issues in this book and you get to see a real and human side of the manny even though he's still full of hilarious anticsI love the parents in these books too They are so great and down to earth even though they presumably have a lot of moneyI kinda want a family just like this

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    Just like the first book about Keats and his off the wall family this book made me laugh out loud The free wheeling manny is not featured as much as Keats' family as they travel in an RV to visit the manny's parents They stop at various tourist destinations but the most memorable aspects are Keats' observations along the way The story touches on negative reactions to gays but overall the message is a positive one I don't know if kids appreciate these books as much as adults do but I really recommend this to anyone who wants a laugh

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    This seuel to the original Manny Files is eually laugh out loud funny Unfortunately I was reading it in public as I grabbed a lunch alone and I found myself stifling repeated giggles Yes it's a little heavy handed at times but it's also thoroughly lovable I confess I teared up a couple of times Both of these books are terrific for talking about bullying and labeling but also for the child like Keats who has gay family members or friends Keats writes the last line of the story most people are really nice when you finally see them

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