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Cinnamon and Gunpowder Лъскави блюда и бурни пиратски приключения са двата страхотни вкуса които се съчетават добре в дяволития роман на Илай Браун Канела и барутОуен Уеджууд е великолепният но малко превзет готвач на корабния магнат лорд Рамзи докато капитанката на корсарски кораб Лудата Хана Мабът не гръмва Рамзи в упор и не пленява УеджуудВсякак седмица той трябва да се бори за живота си като ѝ приготвя по едно великолепно ядене всяка неделя с наличните продукти на борда на „Летящата роза” Провизиите на пиратския кораб не са никак обнадеждаващи царевично брашно чесън сланина оцет зелени лимони ром и противна пастърма с неясен произход която моряците наричат „Сладката Мери”Това са жалките продукти налични в килера оплаква се Уеджууд в дневника си Много по интересни са плъховете толкова дръзки и многобройни Има с какво да се храни ордата но продукти за изискани блюда Уеджууд изповядва вярата си в кухнята където създава особена теология на храненето Капитан Хана Мабът настоява и той да сяда на масата с нея всяка неделя и да споделя вкусните корабни блюда а разговорите им по време на вечеря често придобиват мистичен привкусЗа мен устата е храм като този който Адам и Ева създали в пещерата казва той в един момент Храмът е отворен и от двете страни От едната страна е познатият свят огрян от слънцето и следващ реда създаден от природата и човека От другата страна е мрак и претворяване Между двата полюса на раждането и смъртта спокойствието и лудостта се намира вкусътВсичко това плюс опушени с чай равиоли с пълнеж от змиорка; тарт с манго и бренди и пълнена къртица Някои от рецептите звучат малко модерно – но погледнах историята на равиолите и открих че са били известни в Англия още през ХІV в И понеже пиратският кораб отплува на Изток за среща със съдбата в Китай напълно възможно е Уеджууд да избира паста мисо сепия и лимонена трева продукти типични за голям супермаркетКанела и барут съдържа много повече от изискана кухня в открито море тя е само нишка в сюжетната линия This turned out to be a bit of a disappointment I think it was most likely a victim of my false expectations I was expecting a fun and hilarious historical romance romp What I actually got was a weird historical fiction with a touch of fantasy and a tiny bit of romance Mad Hannah Mabbot the notorious pirate captain is a terror on the high seas and a thorn in the side of the prominent Pendelton Trading Company During a raid where she kills a high ranking Pendelton official Lord Ramsey she decides to kidnap his cook That cook is Owen Wedgwood She gives Owen a simple choice cook her a Sunday meal fit for a ueen each week or suffer the same fate as his former master My main issue with this was the lack of humor and romance It was a fairly dark read at times as the pirates were not the most moral of characters you will ever encounter It also painted a fair picture of life in the 1800s which was pretty bleak for a lot of people I did warm a bit to both Mabbot and Owen towards the end of the story but they were hardly the most likeable characters I've ever read about All in all this recovered from a bad start to solidify into a fairly average read Rating 25 starsAudio Note James Langton did a decent job with the audio I described this book to my mother “It’s about a chef who gets kidnapped by pirates He has to cook a gourmet meal for the pirate captain once a week And this pirate captain mom she is AWESOME”My mom smiled knowingly “Oh And then they start getting it on like rabbits”I faltered for a moment stalling while trying to explain “No It’s not a romance romance I mean they do develop a relationship but it’snot a focus in the novel”My mom seemed to understand giving a confident nod “So how does a teenager become a pirate captain?”My brain stalled again “No um the chef and Mabbot are middle aged”This time it was my mother was the confused one “What are you doing reading this?”She has a point This isn’t my usual blog reading fair Not romance and no teens? Yet as soon as I saw this book on the publishing line up I couldn’t resist getting it and I’m so glad I didThis book was amazing No holds barred completely fantastic I loved every minute of itNo detail is spared and the level of research used in this novel is astounding Obviously the biggest fascination for me was the seemingly insurmountable task Wedge is faced with once a week Preparing a gourmet meal on a pirate ship where food is scarce basic and the kitchen rudimentary at best Yet Wedge is a genius and his resourcefulness both in cooking and trying to escape was than admirable It was fascinatingBut obviously the biggest draw for me was the construction of the characters Wedge a pudgy middle aged chef pitched against Mad Hannah Mabbot She’s brilliant fiery passionate endlessly capable fierce blazing outlandish charismatic If you can tell I loved her good Kids when I grow up I want to BE The Shark of the Indian Ocean Mad Hannah Mabbot Back from the dead Red I seriously need to start working on a badass pirate name like that The journey they go through as Captain Mabbot chases The Fox the King of Thieves and evades the grimly determined Laroche while aiming to bring down the Pendleton Trading company is action packed blood soaked and utterly enthrallingThe writing is detailed and so incredibly nuanced Wedge’s personality shines from every page as the fussy prudish cooking obsessed Catholic man who has the world and his Regency era appropriations torn down around him The result is a much better person Don’t be deceived There are no alpha males with rippling muscles or chest heaving women needing to be saved Captain Mabbot would kick an alpha male in the teeth tie him over a churning ocean and laugh madly while she robbed him blind Wedge can only really beat a steak into submission but he’s smart and passionate and lovely Eli Brown has given me everything I wanted in a novel A diverse cast a delightful realistic break from traditional gender roles and a gratingly beautiful human touchThis book eats lesser pirate tropes for breakfast Respect it’s authoritah or Captain Mabbot will have you keel hauled This book was given to me for review purposes I received no gifts favours or money for this because why anyone would want to pay money for my reviews in beyond meYou can find this review and others like it on my blog Cuddlebuggery Book Blog Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel From Beginning to Bookend Cinnamon and Gunpowder is a culinary delight served with eccentric pirates treacherous waters and a wild haired fiery tempered female pirate Captain This becoming woman sitting across from me was as grisly a villain as ever walked the earth and yet I was at home in the uiet of her parlor and the comfort of a good meal than I had been since my ordeal began Taste and talk these were the privileges of the living I could refuse to make conversation and bring out the monster in her or I could pacify and live long enough to escapeWhen Chef Owen Wedgwood is kidnapped by pirates he finds himself the recipient of an odd reuest from the ship's captain the dread Hannah Mabbot You will of a Sunday cook for me and me alone the finest supper You will neither repeat a dish nor serve foods that are in the slightest degree mundane In return I will continue to keep you alive and well Should you balk in any fashion you will find yourself swimming home whole or in pieces depending upon the severity of my disappointmentWell Who could refuse an offer like that?And the fun begins as Wedge attempts to create pleasing culinary concoctions out of the limited stores available aboard the ship all in an effort to satisfy the fiend as he calls her and save his own skin Over time he comes to learn that his pirate captors may have integrity than his previous much admired employer This book is pure rollicking fun from start to finish There is plenty of bloody pirate action as the ship takes off in pursuit of the mysterious Brass Fox while at the same time being chased by a wealthy man with a grudge Here's a great combination of high seas adventure and the pleasure of watching a persnickety chef learn to grind his spices with a cannonballLet's see YOU do that Wolfgang Puck

  • Paperback
  • 488 pages
  • Cinnamon and Gunpowder
  • Eli Brown
  • Bulgarian
  • 07 August 2014

About the Author: Eli Brown

Award winning author Eli Brown lives with his family in a California oak forest where the suirrels hide acorns in his garden His first novel THE GREAT DAYS won the Fabri Literary Prize His latest novel CINNAMON AND GUNPOWDER was a NPR Book Review Staff Pick They described it as food porn and a rip roaring adventure It was a finalist for the California Book AwardCINNAMON AND GUNPOWD

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