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Her little spanish secret Four years after their passionate one night Miguel see's Katy in his hospital Her half sister had been in an accident in Spain now all she wants is to take her sister home before he finds out her secret This was a moving story of love crossed lovers who seem to never get a break To be together the problems seemed impossible to overcome Sarah Morgan once again does it in style I love reading a romance eBook when I am in a bit of a reading slump and that this story didn't disappoint I know its a cliché but I like that it is light hearted and can be read in one sitting and that I can swoon over the hunky main male character and roll my eyes at the female lead but still can't help cheering them on to get together at the end of the book Kat Richardson has never forgotten sexy Spanish surgeon Miguel or the night they had four years ago after which he left without trace How could she when their little son is his mirror image Now in Seville they meet again Passion simmersbut Kat has news for Miguel that will shift their relationship to a whole new level

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