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  1. Maggie Whitworth Maggie Whitworth says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋I must admit I loved reading the first book in this series this was eually as enjoyableThis is the imposters story Ian is the son who was not privileged who fought for every penny every scrapWhen he meets Claire as his carriage runs her down in the street his fortunes begin to changeClaire has lost her whole family and now her brother is missing leaving her almost destitute she’s being followed but she doesn’t know who by she needs money to pay a ransom demand and only has one offer of help the price is way too highMeeting IanMerrick is her only chance to save her brother with his help she can get her life back togetherIan just needs her to pretend to be his fiancé get his father the King off his back and find out what’s going on with his familyA wonderful plot and enjoyable story that really is interesting and intriguingWell written fast flowing passionate and intenseRecommended reading This series is much better read in seuence but I think it would be ok as a standalone if that’s how you wish to read itI received an Arc copy of this book and chose to post this review

  2. Lisa C Lisa C says:

    Very enjoyable read This is the second book in the Prince and the Imposter series Here we see the second of twins learn about his true heritage and find his true love There is much intrigue in this story including the whereabouts of the heroine's brother to have the reader wanting to keep reading Highly recommend

  3. Kathy Brickert Kathy Brickert says:

    WonderfulLovely exciting adventure that keeps you guessing Don't start reading it if you only have a few minutes I couldn't put it down Great story that really grabs you Great read

  4. Amber Daulton Amber Daulton says:

    Thirty years ago the prince of a small European country promised to marry the daughter of a Scottish earl and she bore him twins Then he decided to marry another woman When they separated they each took one of their infant sons and told the boys falsehoods about the other parent to protect them from the truth Now in 1831 Scotland Ian MacEwen is in charge of protecting the people of Glen Abbey but the area has fallen to poverty and neglect He moonlights as a highwayman but never expected to rob the carriage of his identical twin brother a brother he never knew he had In a spur of the moment decision he decides to trade places with Merrick to finally find the answers he’s been looking for Once Ian and Ryo—Merrick’s trusted friend servant and carriage driver—return to London Ian must pretend to be his brother and live a very pampered but confining life as the Crown Prince of Meridian Lady Claire Wentworth is in dire need of money to save her kidnapped brother Ben When a carriage almost runs her over she finds herself pitted against the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen It’s too bad he’s also infuriatingly rude uestions her honor and accuses her of thievery Time and again Claire and Ian bump into each other around London in the most unseemly of circumstances but things finally come to a head when he spots her a royal galla She soon learns Ian as Merrick is a prince and even shocking he’s chosen her to be his bride I sooooo love this book Ian and Claire are two very determined stubborn characters Their banter and witty sarcasm and criticisms are hilarious They have great chemistry but I think they fell in love a little too easily since Ian is often busy looking for her brother and Claire is stuck at his house with his disapproving father Ian’s father Julian the king is a troubled man who’s made a lot of mistakes but he’s not as mean and horrible as he seems I love all the scenes that jump to Lady Fiona the twins’ mom Merrick and Chloe Merrick’s fiancée—the characters from book one This book and the first one The Imposter’s Kiss tie in together and occur almost simultaneously with both books being fully concluded in this one The books are complete standalones however but you can understand all the characters and their motivations better if you read both storiesThere are a few inconsistencies between the two books but nothing major For some reason in this book it’s never said that Ian is an earl Lord Lindale I find that odd but the fact that he’s nobility doesn’t factor into the story anyway I just wouldn’t have known this if I hadn’t read the first book The epilogue is super sweet told in both Julian’s and Fiona’s POV and I would love to know about what will happen to the parents and about the future of Meridian I really wish that would’ve been elaborated Anyway this is a great story and I highly recommended it 45 Stars Disclaimer – I bought this book for my own enjoyment I am not paid or compensated in any way shape or form for this honest review I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion

  5. Sandra Aaron Sandra Aaron says:

    This is an OK romance but I thought the whole story line of the twin brothers who were separated was a bit far fetched especially the part where their parents didn't even realize when they switched places Most mothers can tell the difference in identical twins I also thought that the couple fell in love much too uickly to believe especially since the h couldn't stand the H at firstClaire was kind of a shrew through a lot of the book I get that she was worried about her brother but that didn't excuse her behavior She was just nasty to Ian most of the time and he still fell in love with her? I found that hard to believe I also found it difficult to believe she fell in love with him so uickly especially since she thought he was a different person and one she didn't really likeIan was OK but I didn't believe that he fell in love with Claire that uickly He was definitely in lust but the instalove was just too muchThere are numerous editing errors in the book but the most glaring one was the changes in the twins appearance In the beginning of the first book the twins are described as having their father's dark hair and grey eyes but as adults they have blond hair and blue eyes That should have been corrected by an editorFinally and this is a minor issue but it is a pet peeve of mine The pictures on the book cover should match the description of the characters Ian was described as blond with blue eyes but the guy on the cover has dark hair This may not be the author's fault but it bugs meThis one gets 3 stars from meMy rating system is below1 star Hated it or did not finish I usually only give this rating if some of the content is truly objectionable to me like if one of the main characters does something really awful and gets away with it2 stars Didn't like it This rating usually means that I thought the writing wasn't very good the editing was terrible I didn't like the characters or it had other major flaws3 stars I liked it but had some minor issues with it This rating means that there were minor editing issues the story needed character development it was just too unrealistic or had some other fairly minor issue The majority of books I read get this rating – I do not consider it a bad rating4 stars I liked it a lot This is a high rating for me and I rarely give a higher one5 stars I loved it and will probably read it again Very few books are good enough to get this rating from me The ones that do are usually classics

  6. Robin Robin says:

    I had a lot of expectations of this novel Many uestions raised in its companion novel The Imposter’s Kiss the twin stories of twins separated at birth could not be answered without giving things away before Ian’s story was told While it was satisfying to meet Ian in his own right and not through the eyes of others the rest was very frustrating with much darker tones than Merrick’s story so much that it felt contrived The Merrick we meet through others in this novel is hugely different from the man we got to know in Kiss that of a careless cold prince instead of the one who took total fiscal responsibility for Meridian who worried for his father’s mental health who thought of changes he intended when he’d govern or even the little boy who confessed his fault to save Ryo Ian spends so little time engaging his father and what we see of his father is as despicable as the man in the prologue to Kiss Ian is of course smitten as his brother is with someone not uite appropriate but other than that we are told it is so I just didn’t get it I am not sure when the 15th century word sirrah fell out of use but it is an arrogant word of great condescension and disdain Pretty sure that 1831 is too late but regardless it is Claire’s favorite word She is in a terrible life situation but to be so offensive to people didn’t endear her The villain from Kiss shows up near the end an embezzler arsonist and attempted murderer but only as a plot device and to die heroically Ian and Merrick’s father shows nothing redeemable except his impotent regret so that when he finally acts it was hard to care The most intriguing relationships in the whole novel were Ian’s developing friendships with Ryo and Cameron the private investigator In the end the fact that there is not only a kingdom but an earldom’s future at stake is completely ignored The end of Kiss is contradicted Two hundred pages did this novel a disservice Things that reuired careful deepening and developing were dealt with by skimming the surface in uick shorthand moments And what I wanted most for an ending Merrick and Ian being brothers and friends never happened except as a short couple sentence observation made by their mother

  7. Debbie Glenn Brown Debbie Glenn Brown says:

    Thirty years ago Julian Merrick Welbourne III the prince of a small European country promised to marry Lady Fiona Elizabeth MacEwen daughter of a Scottish earl and she bore him twins but then he married someone else and he became a monster she didn’t recognize when he demanded the twins be separated after their birth The second book in the Prince and the Imposter series we find the second of twins learning about his true heritage and find his true love Ian is the son who was not privileged who fought for every penny every scrap and even resorted to robbery Ian MacEwen finds himself at very center of the ton's marriage mart with his father forcing him to choose a bride who would be ueen Claire Wentworth’s world has changed from a privileged young lady to a poverty stricken family whose brother is deeply in debt She’s slowly been selling off family heirlooms to make ends meet without anyone being the wiser about her circumstances I love this story it’s filled with mystery romance and a little intrigue to keep this a fast paced story Claire finds herself involved in a royal mystery of epic portions as Ian and Claire navigate society and their growing feeling for each other An excellent story I loved and I voluntarily wrote a review

  8. Gail Gail says:

    This 2nd book in the Imposters duet was MUCH better than the first book In this one Ian the wild Scottish twin has travelled to London to follow up on the papers he found in his twin's coat when he knocked him out during a bandit attackThe characters in this book are interesting and the writing the plot move along very uickly There are the reuisite bad guys a creepy lecher a wickedevil father and things are settled at the end This one is like the Tanya Anne Crosby I've loved through the years

  9. Barbara Barbara says:

    The second book in The Prince the Impostor series a well written story that kept me turning pages In this book Ian MacEwen takes his brother Merrick Welbourne's place and gets to live with his Father King Julian Ian as Merrick meets Claire Wentworth who is trying to find her brother Ben who has disappeared This story has suspense lies secrets drama danger kidnapping a villain shooting murder romance and maybe a second chance I want to read the next book I read a copy through KU and I am voluntarily reviewing

  10. Laura Cozicar Laura Cozicar says:

    This is the second book in the series and was just as enjoyable as the first Ian had gone looking for answers and ended up finding a whole lot This adorable tale is full of deceptions of all kinds mistaken identity love loyalty and lost dreams It was interesting seeing the story from the other side and getting to know the characters

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The Impostor Prince A deception of royal proportions had thrust Ian MacEwen into the very center of the ton's marriage mart forcing him to choose a bride who would be ueen He'd wanted only to uncover answers denied him all his life Instead he found Claire Wentworth a fearless woman with grass green eyes who needed his protection—and his love—whether she admitted it or not Danger stalked her at every turn Claire Wentworth needed a champion but what she got was a regal mystery The man all London hailed as Prince instead struck her as a rogue adventurer—who could rouse her slumbering heart to wide awake desire

  • Kindle Edition
  • 304 pages
  • The Impostor Prince
  • Tanya Anne Crosby
  • English
  • 12 January 2016

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