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Kitten's First Full Moon I love the utter simplicity of this story There was so much joy reading it and finding so much humor at a kitten who thinks the moon is a bowl of milk Each page can kill you with cuteness The art work continues the theme of simple It looks like he outlined everything with a sharpie or just black ink and then shaded with charcoal It is interesting We all get to share in the innocence of the kitten for a short time The story is written for 2 5 year olds and the book really works on that level too This is an example of someone being able to tell a sweet story for that age group that an adult may also enjoy on some level The kids both fell for Kitten's cuteness It's a short read and we read it twice They both gave it 5 stars Like many other Caldecott books this could also succeed without the words but in this case they're so lovely to read and hear aloud that they enhance the story imo Of course I'm already a fan of Henkes and so am predisposed to enjoy this but I do believe I'd love it even if I hadn't known the author already I have been reading Kevin Henkes’ works ever since I was a child and every one of his children’s books always featured mice as the main characters Well imagine my surprise when I finally found a book by Kevin Henkes that was about a cat “Kitten’s First Full Moon” is a Caldecott Medal award winning book by Kevin Henkes and it is about a small kitten who tries to grab a bowl of milk in the sky the moon “Kitten’s First Full Moon” is a truly cute book that every child would definitely love for many yearsI was really interested in how well crafted this book was Kevin Henkes has done an excellent job at writing this story about a small kitten’s attempts to grab a “bowl of milk” in the sky The writing is extremely simple yet cute at the same time and I loved all the creative ways that Kitten tries to get to the moon like trying to lick at it jump towards the moon and chase after the moon It was also cute in how the kitten mistakes the full moon for being a bowl of milk as it strongly relates to any child’s first experiences with a certain object like say a child mistakes a piece of chalk for candy and it was this experience that Kitten has that made this book extremely relatable to everyone who had mistaken objects for something else Kevin Henkes’ illustrations are truly beautiful and adorable as Kevin Henkes draws the Kitten in an extremely cute manner that my heart literally melted whenever I keep seeing an image of the little white kitten I also loved the background images in the story as they truly looking dazzling especially the scene where Kitten is running through the fields and you can see flowers and tall grass as she approaches them The black and white colorings of the images make this book extremely fascinating to look at as it made the images look both dramatic and effective at the same timeimage error Simple sweet story with Caldecott winning cuddly charcoal style artwork about a kitten who in her wide eyed innocence mistaken a full moon for a bowl of milk The ensuing adventure is full of mistakes and disappointment but a welcome treat is waiting for her at the end of it all The nationally bestselling picture book about a kitten the moon and a bowl of milk written by the celebrated author and illustrator Kevin Henkes was awarded a Caldecott MedalFrom one of the most celebrated and beloved picture book creators working in the field today comes a memorable new character and a suspenseful adventure just right for reading and sharing at home and in the classroom It is Kitten's first full moon and when she sees it she thinks it is a bowl of milk in the sky And she wants it Does she get it Well no and yes What a nightA brief text large type and luminescent pictures play second fiddle to the star of this classic picture book—brave sweet and lucky Kitten Henkes's text reminiscent of Margaret Wise Brown's work in the elemental words rhythms and appealing sounds tells a warm humorous story that's beautifully extended in his shimmering gray toned artwork—ALA BooklistWinner of the Caldecott Medal an ALA Notable Book a New York Times Best Illustrated Book and winner of the Charlotte Zolotow AwardSupports the Common Core State Standards What a lot of adventures an unsupervised kitten can have Kittens First Full Moon is written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes and is a Caldecott Medal Winner 2005 In black and white line drawings it tells the story of a young kitten out to explore during a full moon Unfortunately for the young cat the moon looks like a big bowl of creamThe illustrations are done in the style of a graphic novel or manga They are bold expressive and could easily carry the story without the text Sometimes my daughter just likes to leaf through the book to admire the artwork without having me read the book to herKittens First Full Moon is the perfect book for a night time read when we don't have time to read a book to each child It has the adventure elements that my son enjoys and it has an adorable kitten for Harriet This book is one that both kids picked out together and it continues to delight them My daughter loves Kitten's First Full Moon and what's not to love? Kevin Henkes's adorable picture book is about a kitten who sees a bowl of milk in the sky and tries to drink from it In actuality it's a full moon and the kitten's attempts to capture it result in ever increasing troubles and misadventures Thankfully it ends on a high noteHenkes who also writes young adult fiction is apparently an award winning writer and illustrator of children's picture books as well This particular one received the Caldecott Award which awards excellence in children's literatureI highly recommend this for anyone with a toddler andor anyone who loves kittens Caldecott Medal 2005I really wonder about the selection process of the Caldecott award Is there a specific set of criteria in choosing a winner? This book much like the 2012 Caldecott winner A Ball for Daisy is a nice enough picture book with a pleasant story that young children will appreciate But it isn't especially remarkable I love this book so very much The story is about a cute innocent minded kitten who mistakes the moon for a bowl of milk This naive kitten captured my heart through the authors illustrations of imagination and curiosity that reminds me of my kitten at home This story is one that I will definitely read to my children in the future

About the Author: Kevin Henkes

Kevin Henkes became an authorillustrator when he was nineteen years old working on a card table in his bedroomToday he's the author of many award winning picture books and novels

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