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Protecting the Desert Heir Pregnant alone and on the run Sterling McRae knows that powerful sheikh Rihad al Bakri wants to claim the unborn heir to his desert kingdom Her baby belongs to his brother her best friend and was conceived to protect him But now that he's gone there is no one to protect Sterling and her child from the duty bound fate that awaits them When Rihad finds Sterling he wastes no time in stealing her away to the desert But his iron control is soon shattered by this bold beautiful woman and replaced by infuriating inescapable desire To secure his country's future Rihad must claim Sterling too 35 starsI am a huge fan of Caitlin Crews and could not wait to get my hands on this book Sterling is the h a gorgeous ex model and Riyadh the H is the brother of her baby's daddy Got that? I will say no to avoid spoilers but it was a really lovely book Impressive wonderfully written and with a gorgeous plotSterling was Omar's who died in a car accident mistress for 10 years Or that's what everyone thinks Once Omar is buried Rihad went to NY to kick Sterling out of the apartment she shared with Omar and found her heavily pregnant something nobody knew Because she's carrying his brother's child Rihadtook Sterling to his country and forces Sterling to marry him LITERALLY to give Leyla the child his name and secure her heritage as princess of Bakri After the marriage all the skeletons in Sterling's and Omar's closet comes outview spoilerAlthough I hate the psychological stuff in HP I have to admit that Sterling touched my heart A physical and emotionally abused kid she really thinks what her foster parents told her countless times she's not worth for nobody and she doesn't deserves a happy ending She's determined to give her child a better life than hers but she has her past very present in her life and in her decisions And even though I'll never do some things Sterling did I understood why Sterling did them But what really blew my mind is that she was like the American TV series Jane the virgin a prwgnant virginRihad on the other hand is always used to clean his family's mess From criticize Omar because he didn't accept his role as prince of Bakri and judging his relationship with Sterling to trying to force a missing in action Amaya his other sister who's supposed to marry a sheikh from a neighbor country to fulfill her duty as Kavian's future wife and ueen He's rigid and ruthless and what he says is law The wedding scene in which Sterling was shouting that she was getting married against her will and Rihad's cold reaction They don't speak English and didn't understand what you're saying was magnificent This was a truly alpha male IMO hide spoiler Ms Crews always delivers a wonderful story and she has done it again If you have read her you know how fantastic her stories are and if you have not read her you are missing one of the finest Presents authors and after reading this book you will never again miss one Sterling McRae is pregnant with the child of the recently deceased brother of Sheikh Rihad al Bakri and on the run for fear of the duty bound future her child may have Rihad is a ruler and believes all is says is to be obeyed and Sterling who has a very sad dark past and a lot of secrets does not want to give in to his laws What transpires is a story that immerses you in the secrets Sterling is keeping and the desires neither can deny I don't want to give away anything just read it Romance readers its a keeper I would give it than 5 if I could loved it 3 Misjudged Stars “Whores don’t have identifying marks to set them apartPurity isn’t a scent or a tattoo Neither is promiscuity which is lucky or most men like you who love to cast stones would reek of it”Sterling is the very pregnant mistress of Prince Omar al Bakri She is a former model with a sordid past that has earned her the title of “whore” to many After Omar dies in an unfortunate accident Sterling flees from their NYC penthouse and attempts to go into hiding from Omar’s older brother and the King of Bakri Rihad She is surprised when the driver who is supposed to take her upstate instead takes her to a private airport and turns out to be the man she is trying to get away from King Rihad himselfRihad has been cleaning up his little brother’s messes for years Now that he is dead he has just one to take care of Omar’s mistress Sterling But to his surprise the woman is heavily pregnant and he has no choice but to take her to Bakri for the sake of his brother’s child Once there he forces her to marry him to ensure the child’s legitimacy and ability to become his heir However that is not the only reason though he tries to hide itSterling and Rihad’s attraction to each other is undeniable but they both fight it Sterling wants to hate Rihad for what she believes are slights toward his brother Rihad wants to hate Sterling because she’s the gold digging whore who trapped his brother and kept him away from his family and country However as they get to know each other the real truth comes out and it is completely different from what they thoughtAs with most Harleuin Romances this was a uick enjoyable read The story was pretty standard and the characters even so The handsome dark alpha desert sheikh and the pretty challenging morally uestionable blonde are attracted to each other against their better judgment However after getting to know each other for a short while they realize that they are truly madly deeply in love with each other Life becomes perfect and they all live Happily Ever AfterThis is why I read Harleuins Their formulaic stories have the same effect as slipping into a warm relaxing bath They soothe my soul and I never have to work too hard to understand or enjoy them So it was with great pleasure that I spent a few hours today in the fictional country of Bakri with an overbearing king and his damaged ueen and enjoyed their story as love made everything perfect 35 stars Gonna to try to keep this brief and based on the notes I wrote after immediately finishing this book Hopefully I can keep it briefFirst off just a little bit about the book In the beginning of the book Sterling McRae was set out to disappear and run from Rihad her deceased brother's best friend who happened to be the father of her baby that she was currently pregnant with After what Omar her best friend told Sterling about his brother and the oppressive ways of Rihad and Omar's society which Omar never conformed to and never wanted to because it wasn't who he was Sterling knew she had to run especially if Rihad found out about the child And she knew for a fact that Rihad would want to take the child back to his homeland and raise it in the way of his people's Plus in the media she hadn't really had a sterling pun intended relationship and painted her basically as his sordid mistress with a scandalous reputation everything that Rihad would have despised about her And did Rihad hated the fact that his brother had this scandalous relationship for all these years He than despised her but referred to his brother's toxic mess that he would have to clean up in order to have his people look favorably on the royal family and without scandals Rihad knew the only way he could do that was to marry Sterling in order for Omar's child to be seen as legitimate and a true heir to Omar's bloodline A bloodline he was pressured to have for years and years and finally succumbed by having a child with his best friend So Rihad set to his duty and do just that despite the fact they hated each otherI did think the way Sterling and Rihad was very clever and could see right away their chemistry and their whole banter back and forth with her not knowing immediately his identity while Rihad was very much aware and decided to play the role that Sterling thought he was which was chauffeur to get her away and escape Rihad pursuit of her It was very flirty Anyway both of them had preconceived notions about the other one another She thought he was a tyrant while he thought she was an amoral slut mistress of his brother Not the most winning of combination to eual true love yet set up the conflict and the road to happily ever after I did like that the misunderstandings on both sides were established early on and could see where friction would ensue from there and create this bumpy roadNow first couple chapters I was digging like I said and I couldn't wait to see what happened next and just all the drama and the hot sexual chemistry between the two come to light as they headed towards their fairy tale romance at the end I was really looking forwardAs the book progressed though it kind of petered out for me and got really slow after he kidnapped her and took her to his country Now that's not to say that things didn't happen uickly because it very much did between her arriving in his homeland to their marriage to her having the baby and that seemed uick and then it considerable slowed down It was like if blinked those events were over And even though there was much tension filled between the two them it was kind of flat I don't know how to describe it other than that There needed to of an edge to it I thought where I could feel that electricity between them and have it leap off the page instead of it just being words on the page It was like Yeah they both wanted each other and were dealing with their marriage ho hum kind of feeling I needed a bit angst to it That pull that would draw me into the story so I didn't feel like it was just dragging alongA big problem I think I had with the book was just their relationship dynamics and how their relationship built and grew over time Their whole relationship was a bit off and not good way which was strange being that their passionate love scenes where so hot and so good elaboration on that later that it almost felt like two different relationship between them that were two dichotomies of one another One outside the bedroom and one inside which just made their relationship together not fit and almost seem like it was two different stories For me the pieces didn't fit in the same puzzle but instead were two different puzzle altogether It was weird and I don't know if I am describing it in exactly the right way but that's the best way I can put itAlso aside from the dynamic being off between them and not exactly fitting right was how played off of each other It felt very repetitive and boring when they weren't in the bedroom Usually I like the push and pull dynamic between the couple because that what creates the friction tension and angst that is needed in a love story but in this one it was almost too much and I never say that Ever It just kept happening time and time again whenever they were on the same page together They would get closer then Sterling usually would pull away and vow to keep her distance from him and she just kept doing that for most of the time and it was tiresome and boring It was like enough already You want him You know want him and he wants you so just get over with a do it already Why prolong this It almost got tortuous at times and it was just like hurry up already Also felt very tedious when I full well got the point almost forty back There needed to be something new or fresh happen in order to make it exciting Or make their relationship less tiresomeAnd that came in the form of some hot foreplay love making scenes I don't get how their relationship can be so dull and unexciting yet the sex life was the complete opposite and it was totally hot Oh my gosh some scenes were bone melting and added the much needed spark to make this book enjoyable The love scenes were what saved it for me If they weren't written the way there were or played out they way they were played out I would have written this book off no uestion This was what I wanted of in the book That excitement and just all the feels that go along with it I felt emotion in those scenes then the entirety of the book combined In my view before they gave into their passion there was a lot of exciting build up or anticipation so I figured I was going to enjoy or like the love scenes as much as I did but boy I was wrong The steaminess was brought between the table scene the desert scene in the one of the pools and one up against wall made up for what I had to go through in order to get there It was worth it Yes the love scenes were worth it They just had that sexual connection that no one could argue with and that was were they fitted most in their relationship I thought and supported the fact that there were emotions going on from either side as well as they deep connection that they have for one another because outside the bedroom I didn't really get that I just thought they were just brought together by circumstances and only affected because of proximity and nothing This where the feels came in and that's what I really enjoyed in this book and the high point of the entire book Be warned when reading those scenes you will be sweating during the scenes but they were oh so satisfying That's all I'm sayingBut aside from those scenes the rest really pretty flat and they just needed a bit oomph to them There needed to be emotional tension and delve deeper into the darker emotions that surrounded Sterling's past which I felt was only dealt with at a surface level and I think it could have gone a lot deeper and showed how many scars that she had to deal with before she could allow happily ever to come in her life again True it was state upon and talked about briefly and was shown in a scene where Rihad learned for himself that she was in fact abused as a child but I don't think I saw how bad it truly got and would have liked to have seen of what she endured and how she found the strength to pick herself up and move on and live her life the best of her ability And it wasn't easy until she meant Omar who was truly her one true friend and always there for her and why she stuck by him for ten years and would do anything for him It made me understand her motivations better But I just wanted to see and feel a little bit surrounding her trauma In fact I would have liked to see how those scars effected her in having a relationship with Rihad but instead it seemed easy For example she didn't like people touching her with good reason I would have liked to see her struggle with him touching her and then slowing warming up to his touch and finding that touch could be a good thing not necessarily a bad thing like she always thought I would have liked to see him help her through her trauma and scars and just have that be part of their relationship and what they dealt with before they got their happily ever after Instead right off the bat she had no problem with him touching her and was excited about it though I guess it did confuse her but it still felt like it was too easy I just wanted to see of a struggle for her I wanted to see of how her abuse effected her And it did but it was explored as much as I would have liked I would have liked to see it than just a surface level kind of thing I think that would have just added angst and tension to their relationship and showed how strong their relationship was once they overcame those obstacles True she did have self worth issues but again it just felt all very surface and I just wanted Caitlin Crews to dig deeper I wanted to feel Sterling's pain and hurt over the years and just give some kind of feels I needed to feel bad for her and I did but just not in a way that made me it was real I guess the way to put it It wasn't realistic for me and usually that happens when I don't get the feels going and I need my feels Also by digging deeper the angst would have automatically increased and increased my interest and my ability to be sucked into the story and find it a great emotional angst ridden roller coaster love story and for me this wasn't itAnother problem I had was with both Sterling and Rihad Sorry to say but I wasn't overly thrilled with them and I didn't really like them Like most of the story they felt very flat to me and just not a couple I could root for I didn't swoon over Rihad I thought he was high handed judgmental jerk that didn't really deserve to have Sterling fall into his arms and especially so easily without much effort on his part aside from crooking finger in her direction And she just seemed like a totally push over that was going to end up in his arms no uestion despite the very lackluster protest that she gave him throughout book It just was almost laughable at time because I knew what was going to happen It was very predictable And despite them both going through painful events in their life I really didn't feel for them which was pretty bad I need feel for the characters so I can root for them as well as enjoy their story to their happily ever after and I didn't for these two I just didn't connect with either one of them and I wasn't engrossed with either one to be honestOn a side note the whole mystery with the brother that was built up for a majority of the book wasn't exactly a mystery I guessed it right away almost from page on of what they whole mystery was So when the revelation came it was no big shock and no big surprise and kind of felt ho hum and like so I already knew that I wish that could have been played up as well but again it was just a blip on the radarAs from the review you can tell the book was just okay for me and didn't really do a lot for me It slogged at times yet I was able to get through it without too much difficulty At least kept the pages turning though I will admit that some of it I did skim because it was just flat I wasn't in love with this book The only real highlight was the passion they shared in the bedroom together other than that they really didn't suited each other I didn't believe they were in love or falling in love at any time in the book It just seemed one minute they weren't love and the next they were Nothing showed me of the fact nor was any real evidence presented to the fact All I saw were two married consenting adults in deep lust ready to rip each other's clothes off at a moments notice with a few issue thrown in here and there to complicate matters Maybe if they had bedroom action I would have liked it since that was the best part of the whole dang book There was just no feels going on here and it was very much surface level not gutting wrenching and a roller coaster ride of a story I just needed a bit and I just didn't get itHopefully the second one of the duet with Rihad's sister and Kavian's love story is a better one and has a bit feels angst emotional tension and just gut wrenching feelings going on because this one definitely didn't have it We will see This started with kidnapping and did not improve appreciably from there At the start we meet Sterling who is escaping Rihad after being pregnant with his brothers child she mistakes him for her driver and we get a sense of real danger and that she needs to escape I did get a bit confused after all how can she mistake King Rihad for a driver especially the way he acts and talks to her but anyway maybe she's stressed ect ect While I did enjoy this book and the relationship and all that happens I do wish that view spoiler in the end Rihad learns of sterlings real name for me that ruins the story hide spoiler Caitlin Crews has written a great intense romance in Protecting the Desert Heir which hooks you right from the start There is so many things to look forward to that the reader is never bored and the exceptional chemistry the characters share makes the romance enjoyableSterling is a strong heroine who has an unfortunate past and does not want to give away her baby she is not meant to keep Rihad is an autocratic hero who believes in getting what he wants at any cost It takes a while for Sterling to trust Rihad and for him to realize that he won’t get his way every time The gradual way their relationship builds up is the best thing about their romance as it makes the reader believe in their storyIn Protecting the Desert Heir by Caitlin Crews Emotional obstacles have to be tackled trust has to be gained and the characters have to heal through each other to finally find love and a happily ever after This was just a little too out there for me Its' like the immaculate conception It was a uick and easy read and really predictable

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