The Deadly Embrace Hitler Stalin and the Nazi Soviet Pact

The Deadly Embrace Hitler Stalin and the Nazi Soviet Pact 1939 1941 An engrossing account of the mutual nonaggression treaty signed by Hitler and Stalin in 1939 and the historical events it produced Here readers will be able to view the dramatic story of the circumstances behind the signing and twenty two months later the breaking of this notorious pact

About the Author: Anthony Read

Anthony Tony Read born 21 April 1935 was a British script editor television writer and author He was principally active in British television from the 1960s to the mid 1980s although he occasionally contributed to televised productions until 1999 Starting in the 1980s he launched a second career as a print author concentrating largely on World War II histories Since 2004 he regularly wr

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  1. Mikey B. Mikey B. says:

    This is a tremendous account of this startling time period between two of the twentieth centuries great purveyors of evil The authors write well and at a very personal level describing the key individuals involved Molotov Schulenberg Ribbentrop among others Also recounted are the futile efforts of the British and French to reach some sort of accord with the Soviet Union One gets the overall impression that Stalin was never interested in this approach from Britain and France his priorities were the territories he could acuire through his agreements with other nations as is well illustrated by the secret protocols of Nazi Soviet Pact The two dictatorships spoke the same language and understood each others understated intentions as opposed to the negotiations with the democratic powersThis book can be uite sardonic in tone adding to its readability Almost half of it is concerned with the events leading up to the Nazi Soviet Pact Also most of the focus is on the Soviet Union The authors present the multi faceted points of view of the participants Britain France Italy Poland as well as the Soviet Union and GermanyBy signing the Pact the Soviet Union isolated herself further from the international community and tarnished her image by ruthlessly going to war with Finland Ironically the Soviet Union tried negotiating with Finland but did nothing of the sort when arbitrarily occupying Lithuania Latvia and Estonia Stalin and his country paid a terrible historical price for thisThis book is a brilliant narration of this crucial period and illustrates how dictatorships deal sordidly with each other

  2. Hatuxka Hatuxka says:

    Most histories involving the Soviet Union are formulaic attempting to attribute unlimited calamitous foolishness and naivety to the leadership of the USSR in its dealings with Nazi Germany There is always a massive amount of the story that is left out This amounts to historically criminal historical dishonesty yep that's how I wrote it This book exemplifies a genre that should have all its works recycled as waste paper ground to pulp and used for childrens books appropriate because the level of scholarship is inherently childish or juvenile Instead of reading this read 1939 The Alliance That Never Was and the Coming of World War II by Michael Jabara Carley and his paper 'Only the USSR has Clean Hands' the Soviet Perspective on the Failure of Collective Security and the Collapse of Czechoslovakia 1934 1938 in Diplomacy and Statecraft

  3. gargamelscat gargamelscat says:

    Unexpectedly well written narrative history and very objectively balanced

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