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The Secret Son At first glance this may look like just another secret baby book It is yet it is much It is full of complicated relationships among mature loving people something you don't see very often It is a compelling story of an extramarital affair with conseuences But things aren't uite the way it would seemI found this to be a very interesting book that led me to read it very uickly It is easy to see why this one was a RITA finalist Hard book to read because I felt so sad for the little boy He needed help he was so busy trying to be grown up that he had no idea how to be a child Yes it was cute he was imitating his father up to a point It was bordering on obsession and needed to be addressed by the adults way before it did 375 Erica has a little boy and a big secret Her son Kevin is not her ex husband's child In fact Kevin's real father doesn't even know he exists She's carried the guilt of this for than five years Now to her complete shock the man she fell in love with hostage negotiator Jack Shaw the man she expected never to see again is back in her world Her world and Kevin's

About the Author: Tara Taylor Quinn

Tara Taylor uinn began her love affair with Harleuin when she was fourteen years old and picked up a free promotional copy of a Harleuin Romance in a hometown grocery store The relationship was solidified the year she was suspended from her high school typing class for hiding a Harleuin Romance behind the keys of her electric typewriter Unaware that her instructor loomed close by Ms uinn

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