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Captive of Kadar Desert Brothers #3 Enslaved by their desires Kadar Soheil Amirmoez couldn't keep his eyes off the blond haired beauty strolling through Istanbul's ancient marketplace So when he sees her in trouble Kadar is only too willing to act Amber Jones has never met such an intensely commanding man as Kadar Her reactions to him both scare and excite her—maybe that's because he is at first her hero then her captor This wasn't the journey of exploration Amber came to Istanbul for but as the exotic atmosphere seduces her she soon becomes his willing captive and he a very attentive keeper Heroine is not a virgin not what I like when I read a HP Kadar Soheil Airmoez's brain is working extra time trying to figure out the true character of the beautiful woman he is aiding Is she a damsel in distress? Or is she a thief? Whatever she isKadar knows one thing very clear without him having to contemplate hard and earnestly She'll grace his bed for sure even before the stunning Turkish sun sets Amber Jones is than meets the eyes Yes she is one helluva beauty but her life hasn't been a smooth obstacle free road She has been betrayed and is seeking to follow in the footsteps of her very very great grandmother On her adventure Amber meets a very sexy stranger Sparks fly and romance brews and it isn't before long that things steam up between the sheets In CAPTIVE OF KADAR author Trish Morey paints a vividly descriptive picture as she captures Kadar and Amber's romance perfectly even whilst the magically exotic Istanbul adds decadence to this beautiful storyRecommended 45 out of 5 Stars Captive of Kadar by Trish Morey was a well written romance with an intresting plotline set in the exotic and very beautiful IstanbulAmber is a damsel in distress type of heroine who in my opinion did not stand up enough to Kadar She was likable because was warm hearted but a stronger stand against the hero would have made me respect her Kadar is an alpha kind of hero who wants Amber but the way he behaves with her half of the time shows the feelings are mostly sexual and based purely on lustThe romance started as lust at first sight but slowly the characters developed deeper feelings for each other but after finishing the story I still believe their relationship was tending towards the lust side than loveOverall I enjoyed Captive of Kadar but it didn’t really stand out compared to the author’s previous books and the other presents released this month Morey’s lust at first sight romance comes with a past mystery and harmful secrets that affect the present The visual narrative brings everything to life especially exotic Istanbul This is one couple who deserve their happily ever after and have the physical chemistry to back it up RT Book Reviews 4 starsMiniseries Desert Brothers Amber Jones visits Istanbul to follow the steps an ancestor took many years before She runs into trouble in the marketplace when she is picked up by the police for theft Kadar is in the marketplace at the same time and realizes she has been set up and comes to her aid She is released to him but he must be accountable for her which is difficult because he truly believes she is a thief What starts as him keeping her near because of responsibility turns into much as feelings he never had come to surface Through all the beautiful places their visit their relationship grows and Amber falls in love Kadar feels deeply for her and decides he is going to ask her to stay but another incident that happens makes him doubtful and it forces her to leave Without trust their can be no future He finds out that some things are not what they seem and the reality makes him search for the truth A beautiful story that takes you to beautiful places in Turkey and a wonderful journey that makes two people fall in love All lovers of romance will enjoy this book and the scenery is fantastic You almost feel like you are there Great romance Exotic Istanbul I loved Amber and Kadar Great romance Great chemistry Loved this one it is so very sensual and sexy you will need a fan and tissues as you journey through a very scenic Turkey and this is a place I now want to visit thanks to the descriptions in this story I do love my arm chair travelling but this story is beautiful heart warming and so very up lifting as Kadar finally opens up to someone other than his Desert Brothers Amber is the first woman ever that Kadar has felt he can talk to open up to and eventually fall in love with but he still does not fully trust her till the end Amber Jones is on holiday in Turkey after being let down horribly by her ex and after reading part of her great great great grandmothers diary she decides to follow in her footsteps and see if she can find any clues to what really happened to her all those years ago all she has is a very pretty bracelet and part of the diary but when she arrives on her own and the tour she has book is cancelled and there is problems in the market she meets a man that she is so attracted to and she ends up in his care for the time that she is in Turkey This story is hot and steamy as Kadar and Amber spend the days sight seeing and the nights in passion filled enjoyment be prepared for a journey that is filled with ups and downs as these two fall in love and open up to each other but trust is the last to come and it takes the insight of Mehmet Kadar's friend to make Kadar see the truth Don't miss this one it is the third book in The Desert Brother's series and all of them have been wonderful and I am very much looking forward to Rashid's story 45 Stars

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