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Fire Colour One 35 stars Just a uick review as I don't have too much to say This book was good and I'm glad I read it With saying that something was just missing I feel like the whole story line was mushed into the last two chapters and I was left with a lot of uestions and no understanding of certain things Thurston's character confused me a little I didn't fully understand what his part in the story really was apart from the fact that he was the one thing that Iris looked forward to and made her happyTo me this book was some what relatable though I could understand Iris much better based off of her family life and understood her reasoning It was a good book but I didn't love it It actually reminded me a lot of the film 'The Forger' starring Josh Hutcherson near the end I don't know I might have missed something with this book as a lot of people seem to rave about it but for me it was just okay I received a copy of Fire Colour One in exchange for an honest review Many thanks to Netgalley and Harper CollinsWhen I finished Fire Colour One I was all set to give it a 45 star review But since finishing it yesterday evening I haven't been able to stop thinking about it Like not at all I'm still all feels y even now sitting at work writing this review So for that reason I've bumped it up to a fiveThe title Fire Colour One actually refers to the Yves Klein painting FC1 which is an amazing piece but the book is actually about a girl Iris Iris lives with her disinterested mother Hannah and stepfather in America until Hannah announces one day that they are returning to England to see Iris's father Ernest who is dying Hannah is desperate to get her hands on Ernest's art collection and to her Ernest is still alive when they get to England Gradually Iris and Ernest start to bond and Iris hears Ernest's side of the storyThis book was just beautiful Ugh I'm going to get all gushy now but bear with meFire Colour One doesn't have a whole lot of plot going on and for a car chases and casinos kind of girl like me this would usually be a turn off Also a lot of the plot is told as back story Again not something that generally works Except here it does It really really does It's a beautifully written story about relationships and how and why they go wrong and how we can mend them The scenes with Iris and Ernest almost had me in tears Considering it's a fairly short book the author builds the characters really well Iris is a pyromaniac Like an actual pyromaniac who loves setting fires and watching stuff burn She's also troubled and neglected and insecure Ernest is a very sweet character and I felt so sorry for him by the end and Iris's mum and stepdad come across as a pound shop BrangelinaAs well as Iris's relationship with Ernest the book also explores her relationship with her best friend Thurston who she's recently fallen out with on a fairly epic scale The relationship between Iris and Thurston is kind of ambiguous They'd been friends for years and I spent a while trying to work out whether they were just friends or if there was anything going on The L word gets mentioned but was it a platonic L word or a romantic L word I couldn't tell and actually it was uite nice to be kept wondering and I was glad we didn't have loads of corset heaving tortured glances because I think it would have overshadowed the main point of the book which was Iris and Ernest's relationshipAs for the denouementit is superb Absolutely superb I won't say anything specific about it because I don't do spoilers but it was good enough to keep me up reading way past my bedtimeThis review and others can be found on my blog wwwbookblogbirdweeblycom A father and daughter reconnect after a life spent apart to find their mutual love of art isn’t the only thing they shareSixteen year old Iris itches constantly for the strike of a match But when she’s caught setting one too many fires she’s whisked away to London before she can get arrested—at least that’s the story her mother tells Mounting debt actually drove them out of LA and it’s greed that brings them to a home Iris doesn’t recognize where her millionaire father—a man she’s never met—lives Though not for much longerIris’s father is dying and her mother is determined to claim his life’s fortune including his priceless art collection Forced to live with him as part of an exploitive scheme Iris soon realizes her father is far different than the man she’s been schooled to hate and everything she thought she knew—about her father and herself—is suddenly unclear There may be hidden beauty in Iris’s uncertain past and future if only she can see beyond the flames I read a lot of books so it means a lot when I say that this is one of the very best books I've read all year I also don't have time to do much rereading at all and so when I say that I finished this and immediately turned back to the beginning to read it again you'll understand how exceptional I think this is It's about art family love loss and burning bridges literally and it's brief glorious and lyrical I'm going to be raving about this one for uite a while What a book This review has also been posted on Xpresso ReadsFire Color One is usually not the kind of novel I would find myself enjoying but I was thoroughly swept away by it I love character development but I don’t really tend to enjoy books that are solely character driven Fire Color One is primarily character driven There is definitely a plot but it revolves around character revelations Not around actual happenings Yet it somehow managed to sweep me away till I had somehow run out of pages to read shakes fist at book for not being longerThis is a novel about grief about relationships and a little bit about some revenge and I am totes petty so I am all about the revenge life I think part of the magic of this book comes from how well the relationships are written Iris’s budding relationship with her ‘new found’ father is magical and made me wish I could hang with my fam I felt the warmth ness of it and I loved how different they were yet how they found all these things in common and could find ways to be together even though he lay in his death bed and they had a timer on how much time they could spend together I love that even though Iris’s mother was a shitty human being there was even a second layer to her She wasn’t just a caricature although she was still hella terribleI kind of wish art was a bigger part of this book but I do enjoyed watching Iris and her father connect through art and over art It was by no means the basis of their relationship but it was part of what made them such a great fatherdaughter pairThis book features no romance which was really refreshing I loved that through flashbacks we also got to meet her best friend and enjoy their relationship There were some romantic vibes I think but it didn’t matter one way or anotherIris is my other fav thing about this book She is a formidable character I love how complicated she is I love her reluctance I love her angst and I love her character arc She is flawed neither likeable or unlikable She just is She is frustrated and unhappy with her family and she doesn’t really know where she belongs in the larger scheme of things #sameI also really like the author’s writing style We open with a prologue set in present time and then dive back into the past in a way where we are also very aware of the happenings of the presents I feel like there is a word for this sort of narration style but I am not smart enough to know these things even though I am a lit major We are taken on a journey where we are aware of the end but where we need to piece together bits of the present to really understand the epic finale of the novelI love the emotional journey the book takes the readers on and I love that it is dispersed with bits of mystery and intrigue There is something so compelling about the way the book is written that it leave you wanting yet thoroughly satisfied I would definitely recommend this to lovers of contemporary lit that will take you on a ride Note that I received an advanced copy of this book for review Check out this and other reviews on my young adult book blog Here's to Happy EndingsFire Color One was an interesting little book with a uniue plot that combined a teenage pyromaniac the love for art and a father and daughter being reunited ahd sharing secrets It was also one of those books that I had a bit of a hard time connecting to the main character or the story even though it was definitely an interesting one It was a really uick read and I finished it in a few hours The twist at the end was one that I didn't really see coming at all so that made the book uite the delight overallFire Color One is one of those that seems to have slipped under the radar for most and I was really glad that I had the chance to read it thank you Penguin Teen Before I go through and mention the things I did and didn't care for with Fire Color One let me start off by talking a little bit about the plot of the book That's the thing about a good fire It empties your head completely It razes everything to the ground so there's nothing left It's the very definition of calm Iris has a love for fire She finds herself setting fires at first tiny fires in the park and eventually it escalates to almost burning down her school Her mother knows she has a problem and picks her up and moves her from her home to London where her estranged father is living While her mother insists that it is Iris's fault they are moving in reality it is because her father is rich and dying and because her mother and step father have racked up some much debt there isn't anything left for them to doWhen Iris's mother takes her to meet her father Iris isn't sure what to expect She has spent her life thinking that her father had abandoned her and her mother when she was a baby and while she doesn't like the person her mother has become over the years she doesn't think she will be able to face her father eitherAs Iris spends at first a few minutes with her father and then hours at the dying man's bedside she learns about her past than she could have imagined including the fact that her mother hasn't been very truthful with her at all While Iris's mother impatiently awaits his death so that she can claim the house along with all of the valuable artwork and furniture Iris finds herself wanting just a few minutes with the man who hadn't been in her life until now Just a few minutes to learn about him her past and the secrets that they shareThis book seemed kind of short and while I understand that it might have been written this way to keep the pacing even I feel like it took away from the ability to really connect with the characters in the story I didn't have a chance to get to know any of them To be honest the only character's name in the whole book I remembered was Iris because they all just felt sort of bland and not that interesting I crave a story that's character driven with plenty of development personality and of course characters that have dialog that doesn't feel forced as it did here I felt nothing for them and I felt like it made the book unmemorableHowever the plot was enjoyable a teenage girl who has a desire to set fires who gets swept away to London in order to visit her dying father even though it's only a ruse on her mother's account so that she can collect his home and all of his artwork furniture and money when he dies This is new I haven't read anything like this and I was pretty excited to dive in The plot was memorable enjoyable even I honestly felt like this book could have been spectacular had the characters been developed a bit during the storyFire Color One has a great twist at the end not something that I saw coming so I was pleasantly surprised by it that's for sure When I had closed this book I had to give the ending a round of applause The book was a uick read I read the whole thing in almost a single sitting I did get rather engrossed in it from time to time which is why I still gave it three stars The plot was definitely entertaining and for the most part really kept me guessingNote I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thank you I read this as part of the Carnegie shadowing scheme 2016 and although I enjoyed it and marvelled at the mysterious twist at the end I wouldn't say it shook the earth as I read With the cover I'm afraid like my students I might have passed it by it is the only shortlisted title NONE of the 40 chose as their first read what is life unless lived in dangerIris is a lost bewildered teenager struggling with her life overseen yet neglected by her narcissist and debt riddenmother and stepfather in America Her way of making sense of things and calming her nerves is to light fires increasingly large fires Her only friend is mainly absent in the narrative Thurston a young performance artist And then suddenly her mother uproots the family and drags them back to her long lost father Ernest who is dying from lung cancer in England in the belief that they will inherit his vast fine art collection Iris dwells on the abrupt and abrasive leave taking from her friend as she gradually learns about her family from Ernest's perspective He is weak and generous in his dying days tolerating Hannah and Lowell and telling his account with no judgement Revenge is saved for after his death And it is here the story becomes the mystery you never knew it was and I like a satisfying secretive puzzle And at 240pages it won't take you long Actually that was one thing I REALLY liked about this book its economy Too many books these days are weighty and become tiresome to many readers who are used to uick fixes in their modern lives Here we had a perfectly rounded story a small but varied cast and fairly well written and crafted The art and arson a refreshing change from eating and OC disorders themes worked well together and I learnt about Yves Klein But with many references to artists however well known and methods of painting I wonder if some teens will be put off if they haven't heard of them and I will be interested to find out what my students think when they finally do pick up the book People have criticised the purpose of Thurston but I read him as a friend Iris is in danger of losing like she nearly lost her father and I found the final relationship between the two a clever link However the characters of Hannah and Lowell are just too extreme and really make the cast uneven Ernest hints at another earlier side to Hannah but we are left wantingOverall a clever story but I doubt it will stay with me and outshine the other shortlisted titles this year I received this book for free by the book's publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewIris has no recollections of her Dad other than what her mother Hannah has told her She has grown up with the knowledge her father wants nothing to do with her Hannah and partner Lowell don't seemt to want to either Thurston however is her best friend and the only person who understands her love and desperate need of fire to calm herself in the midst of the chaos in her life But has Hannah been telling Iris the truth The power one of phone call can truly change everythingThis was a very unusual book to say the least but one I found myself enjoying immensly Iris is a likeable narrator and at times I felt a strong need for her to just be protected and loved Valentine has created intricate chacters and I loved how different they were from practically everything else I've ever read Discovering and revealing about Ernest Iris' father is well paced and intriguing His past comes to reveal even about Isis and in turn also HannahAn enjoyable and definitely different holiday read which is relatively short and relaxing to read Uncovering Isis' life is a fun journey with ups and down and eually sorrow and joy A good read if you enjoy mystery family drama and maybe just a little bit of arson As I said it's definitely different 25 this was an okay read but for me it wasn’t anything all that special I didn’t love the writing style and found the story as a whole to be pretty predictable and the characters not all that enjoyable However it was a very uick and easy read and I can see why people like it Unfortunately for me personally it just wasn’t my cup of tea or particularly memorableTW body shaming sexual assault Unbelievably good Seriously SO GOOD Based on relationships between family this book was refreshing to read and a treasure I consumed it as fast as fire consumes paper