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  • Irreparable Lives Irreparable #2
  • Sam Mariano
  • English
  • 08 February 2016

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Irreparable Lives Irreparable #255 starsThis is a case where the seuel is even better than the original I've been waiting to find out what happened to Willow and Ethan and I must say I'm very pleased with the way their story played outI love the witty banter between the MCs The dialogue throughout is realistic and very well done It also takes the edge off an otherwise very tense storyline Willow For me she is a very believable character She is eighteen and she sometimes makes poor choices; other times she seems uite mature for her age I liked that she stays true to herself throughout the entire book and that she doesn't let others tell her she's too young to know what she wants or what she should doAnd when she said this despite the fact that she was playing her parents I had to cheer a little bit Because YANA characters always know how to delay gratification not what would I have done if they weren't bluffing i didn't have anywhere else to go or any of my own money it seemed smartest to roll over let them think they were winning and start building my escape tunnel with a plastic spoonEthan For most of the book I was not team Ethan I'll admit I would probably react to EthanWillow the way Ashlynn did I'm a mother of four and it would be very difficult to see anything good coming from this It's not just about the age thing either He was still caught up in his sorry excuse for a marriage and his desire to be a part of his kids' lives And I get it But time and again it was Willow who was sidelined If Willow was about playing it smart Ethan was about risk taking to the extreme At times it seemed like he was going to wind up in jail dead or possibly castrated by any number of adult figures Willow's dad his estranged wife or Ashlynn The author then rehabbed him in a way that made me change my mind about EthanWillow as a couple Yes it involved making his ex wife the bad guy but hey she did some crappy things too She deserves a little of the blameI would be remiss if I didn't say something about two stand up guys in the book Brian and Aaron Brian is so chill and although I'm slightly concerned about his ability to stay sober and actually earn a living he is the kind of book boyfriend I would like to see of Not a jealous rager but just an all around good guy I don't want to see you get hurt physically or emotionally I don't want to see you get used and I feel like maybe you're not looking at things clearly because of your feelings for him Brian tells Willow to let Ethan know he is only a phone call in case things go south Aaron Willow's boss at the restaurant where she's a server When Ethan's ex wife deliberately has Ethan and her family seated in Willow's section Aaron offers to take their order and let her take a break That is an offer I would have totally taken him up on I like that he has her back I know it's not my business but you deserve a hell of a lot better than thatI'm your boyfriend's age you think I haven't seen this shit beforeParading his wife in front of you classy He's a keeperI have to commend the author for taking a risk on a type of story that is a hot button issue for a lot of people Well done I look forward to reading from Sam Mariano Willow Kensington hasn’t had much say in her life lately None of her relationships have recovered from the fallout six months ago and she still finds herself missing EthanAfter six months without contact she doubts he’d even want to hear from her Deciding to find out once and for all she finally reaches out to the one man she can’t get off her mindPrivate investigator Ethan Wilde’s days of going undercover are long over but they’ve left his life in shambles Kicked out of his home by a wife who can no longer look at him whiskey is his only companion as he mourns the loss of both his former lives—and lives neither Until suddenly Willow reaches out to him and Ethan must decide whether to open the door to the fire that torched his life in the first place or keep it firmly shut Warning adult content You're in love he said simplyCrossing her arms frustrated she shook her head It's not that simpleNothing simple about love he told her smirking Irreparable Lives is the continuation of Ethan and Willow's story It has been six months since the end of Irreparable Damages and while Ethan and Willow have been apart they certainly have not been far from each other’s minds Reconnecting after Willow's high school graduation the two jump right back into a relationship but things are far from easy and settled Willow and Ethan continue to face obstacles those that they created themselves and those from their families I continue to be impressed with author Sam Mariano's ability to write such realistic compelling characters There were moments when I both loved and hated Willow and Ethan Poor decisions were made emotions ran high and at one point I didn't even know if I even wanted them to work out Even now a part of me is still not sold on the relationship and if it was the right or wrong thing for them but I certainly enjoyed the ride I know a lot of people waited a long time for this story wanting closure after the first book and needing to know that everything Willow and Ethan went through was for something I truly believe it was worth the wait I love that Sam Mariano did justice to these characters by not turning their story into a cookie cutter romance She kept true to who both Ethan and Willow are as well as the themes she started in book one the turmoil confusion desire and love were executed so well There was also some really wonderful and playful banter between several characters that was unexpected yet delightful I got a lot out of this series it certainly made me think I am so happy that I had the opportunity to find Sam Mariano and I look forward to reading from her in the future That ending Sigh Definitely romance in this one than the first book yay and I was pleased with how everything turned outNow about Salvatore ; I'm going to review both books in this series bc one makes no sense without the other Let's start this review by saying i'm confused About a lot of things Mostly my own feelings A large percentage of my issue arises because i came to this book straight from Accidental Witness just the first book the second book isn't out yet DAMNIT that's an unrelated issue Accidental Witness had me fucked up as a football bat I left that book half in love with a very very bad man And completely unsure that love was justified I still don't know who the hero is and i don't give a damn #MateoForeverAnywho Willow gets kidnapped Bad things happen Ethan is involved And then Willow and Ethan are involved Nothing is black and white the grey area of goodbad in all of us is a major theme in this story one i found enjoyable Willow and Ethan don't make sense to me but that didn't detract from the story as much as i thought it would To say this is an unconventional love story is putting it uber mildly Plus Mariano is showing herself to be a true slowburn ueen even while her characters are gettin it on there's this emotional distance that leaves you waiting for the love I appreciated that most of the impediments to their relationship came from outside their own heads one of them was unexpected dramatic and awsomeawful I liked Willow for being kinda weird both in ways you'd anticipate given what happened and othersAt times i wanted to punch both of them in the face i'm looking at you Ethan for like 70% of the second book you freakin indecisive bitch But the aggravating things they did were reasonable within this created world i went into this book hoping for a fix bc i was an addict after Accidental Witness Instead i got something sweeter less intense and unexpectedly great in it's own way I'm going to check out by this author while i patiently seriously i looked for her email today to send her a desperate plea the second Accidental Witness book it was ugly and going to involve bribery for Mateo 3 3 Got to finish the duet StarsI just had to figure out how it ended It didn’t have all the bangs and whistles as the first book but if you are like me and you need to see how it ends then there you goI’m not sure I’m still on board with the whole cheating thing but that’s what makes the book taboo I feel like Ethan had a lot of issues in this book and you feel for the guy He’s not the greatest guy but he does have heart It’s six months later and Willow and Ethan are trying to figure out where they are Willow to my surprise is in a relationship and that does add some mild tension to the storyI wouldn’t say this was my favorite book by Sam Marinao but like I said I needed to finish the duet and glad I did I loved the story line of these two books I love dark or forbidden romances This is one of the lighter dark readsbut still good I was a cheerleader for Willow and Ethan from the start Who cares if it's unconventionallove is messy It never fits inside a box The heart and body wants what it wants At times Ethan killed me with his back amd forth In the last book it was Willow how was back and forth I understand the decisions he had to make because he had a familybut we could all see it was over Very happy with the outcome Willow and Ethan 3 Sam Mariano does it again I loved this book Loved it I was hooked right from the beginning I felt so bad for Ethan and I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen I love this story because it's so uniue I've seriously read nothing like it and it's so nice to read something different sometimes And this one was a ride You could totally see them being pulled in different directions and to be honest I wasn't positive how it was going to end but I'm so so so happy with the way Willow and Ethan's story turned out It was perfect 5 forbidden stars I don't know how Sam Mariano does it but just know she is excellent at making you fall for characters that you didn't think you'd fall for and making you understand actions you didn't think you'd ever understand Her writing is seriously amazing The second book follows the first seamlessly very good written very believable characters with lots of flaws but strength too Is their relationship unhealthy Oh yes it is Is it destructive Sure Are they good for each other Oh hell yes They are cheating They are fighting They are struggling But love is what love is and I couldn't but root for themAnd once again the author made me uestion my beliefs Made me think about myself and realize that I am not as tolerant as I like to believe I am Because she made it crystal clear What you do with your life is your thing No matter what others think Especially if you are a survivor And it's true if you want to hate the one who hurt you you're entitled to do that If you want to forgive him it's your right And if you want to live with him and love him that is totally up to you It's your life it's your body it's your decision And noone should try to tell you what to do how to feel how to cope Shame you or lecture you or rant at you as I am prone to do sometimes shame on me You are not to blame for what happened and you are the one in control of your happy ending It's up to you what you do You and only you And I wish you the best And them coming back to the story I loved the end and I never thought I wouldAnd in my heart of hearts now I spin a story for his little daughter So she finds a way to cope with what she had to see and now live through and find strength and happiness Which I am sure she foundGreat story Riles you up and makes you think I loved it

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