The Knight's Broken Promise PDF/EPUB ☆ The Knight's

  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • The Knight's Broken Promise
  • Nicole Locke
  • English
  • 05 October 2016

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The Knight's Broken PromiseLove this book The dynamic between the two main characters is so much fun Plus the heroine swears a lot Gaelic which really adds to the dialogue The mood and setting feel authentic which was nice The author has clearly spent a lot of time studying the period The heroine is no shrinking violet and takes charge of her fate but terrible circumstances lead her down a different path The hero is trouble moody but kindhearted So many authors fall down the rabbit hole of turning the hero into a jerk but not our hero here The backstory for both characters in fully realized and the secondary characters are well written Overall this is a fun read that really sweeps you off to a different time and place Black Robert The most feared of all King Edward's men When an English knight approaches the charred ruins of her sister's Scottish village Gaira of Clan Coluhoun knows better than to trust this fierce looking man Yet struggling to set her war shaken world to rights she has little choice Robert of Dent will see her to safety He can promise nothing Never again will he make a vow like the one he broke years ago even though Gaira's fierce resilience makes him long to protect her But what will happen when Gaira discovers exactly who Robert is Another entertaining read from Nicole Locke Great characters on a road trip of discovery set in the gritty medieval world Black Robert The most feared of all King Edward's men I actually read In Debt to the Enemy Lord first But I liked Robert Aye I love it when they are a bit of mysterious And I could not not read this book with an accent This was the first book I have had the pleasure to read from author Nicole Locke and I absolutely loved it I will definitely be reading her other booksThe Knight's Broken Promise is the first book in the Lovers and Legends Series Robert of Dent is an English Knight fighting for King Edward in Scotland Gaira of Clan Coluhoun is a young scottish woman who has run away from her betrothed to her sisters village Robert and Gaira meet in the massacred village of Gaira's sister and oh my what a meeting This story was so much than just a romance Nicole did a wonderful job of pulling you into the story and I honestly had a hard time putting it down I absolutely adored Robert Gaira as a couple two people who start out as enemies but under extremely harsh and unusual circumstances end up helping each other and eventually fall in love With fascinating secondary characters drama humor and of course a fabulous romance this has everything you could want in a book Highly recommend and look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series I have not read a medieval romance in many years I was hesitant to read one since I have been on such a regency or victorian romance kick Nicole Locke's book was a great book to get me started again It tells the tale of Gaira of the Clan Coluhoun and the English knight Black Robert she falls in love with during the time of King Edward I and his wars with ScotlandNicole keeps you engaged in the story and the struggles the two have because of the differences in their lives and loyalties I would suggest this title if you want to return to medieval times There is much to like in this book and so much to dislike Loved Gaira and the swear words she used which I couldn't pronounce that made me laugh; specially loved the children who made the story Did not care for Robert till nearly the end nor the violence or the steaminess Really was about 35 stars but rounded up A new author for me Received her first three books of the Lovers and Legends series as Christmas gifts Have enjoyed this book very much Interesting characters set in a time when the world was changing too fast I was super nervous when I got this book out as it's based in Scotland like I am Sometimes when it's not Scottish authors writing about a historical romance it doesn't always workhttpkristalmckerringtonsblogspot Page turner Page turner with well drawn characters and a sizzling plot The journey feels real the decisions weighty the emotions alive

About the Author: Nicole Locke

Nicole first discovered romance novels hidden in her grandmother's closetConvinced that hidden books must be better Nicole greedily read them It was only natural she should start writing them but now not so secretlyIf she isn't working on the next book in her historical series she can be reached at NicoleLockecom Facebook and on Twitter NicoleLockeNews