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From a Drood to a Kill New York Times bestselling author Simon R Green “continues to deliver enjoyable fast paced and fun entertainment” SF Revu in his Secret Histories novels featuring supernatural arse kicker Eddie Drood—who’s about to play a most dangerous game in his latest adventure Some call me Shaman Bond but I was born Eddie Drood the latest in a long line of folks who chase monsters out of closets for a living to keep humanity safe from all that is dark demonic and just downright evil Needless to say we’ve made our fair share of enemies over the centuries—and made some uestionable bargains In exchange for the power to fight the forces of darkness my parents signed over their souls They’re not the only ones who’ve made deals with Heaven Hell and every otherworldly realm in between but now the bill’s due for several big names in the supernatural community Including my girl Molly She my parents and other major players have been kidnapped so they’ll pay up—or participate in the “Big Game” The rules are simple get from one side of the pocket dimension to the other and kill your competitors The winner’s debt is paid in full and the losers get themselves permanently lost body and soul forever To save my loved ones I’ve got to become a ringer in this deadly contest that’s undoubtedly rigged by the Powers That Be

  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • From a Drood to a Kill
  • Simon R. Green
  • English
  • 06 October 2015
  • 9780451414335

10 thoughts on “From a Drood to a Kill

  1. Ben Truong Ben Truong says:

    From a Drood to a Kill is the ninth book in the Secret Histories series written by Simon R Green It stars Edwin Drood code named Shaman Bond and he is a part of the Droods an ancient family that purportedly watches over the world and protects it from various threats including supernatural and magical onesEddie Drood has always fought for justice and the good of the family but this time his fight is for the people he loves the most His parents and his girlfriend Molly Metcalfe have made some uestionable bargains in the past and now their payment for their bargains is due The Powers that Be are ready for their participation in the Big Game – a deadly contest with eually deadlier conseuences From a Drood to a Kill is written rather well Green is an absolute master at world building and he continues to showcase his creative imagination Green's abilities to blend his various worlds together and show us a bigger overall picture as there are characters from his previous series he has written Green has taken the superherospy tropes and turns them upside down and does so rather successfullyAll in all From a Drood to a Kill is written rather well and is a good start to what would hopefully be a wonderful series which I plan to continue in the very near future

  2. Colin Murtagh Colin Murtagh says:

    Well Eddie and Molly are back This seems like a little schizophrenic book It feels a bit like two stories stitched together to make a novel The first story has the PM getting in touch with the Droods worried that the new listening post is being infiltrated Eddie goes off to investigate with a side trip to the land of Hammer Horror This would have stood alone as a short story although to be fair a couple of little pieces do feed in to the later parts The second and larger story involves The Game Powerful people are disappearing and being forced to fight by unknown powers When Molly vanishes there is no way Eddie is going to let her compete alone This isn't the best of the Drood books the ending feels rushed and there's too many little side diversions A few sub plots are finally wrapped up but so many are still left hanging On the plus side there are some lovely little cameos The Droods Nightside and Ghost Finders all make little appearances

  3. Ron Ron says:

    Be very careful what you wish for as you may get it could be the mantra of From a Drood to a Kill Eddie Drood AKA Shaman Bond and Molly the Wild Witch visit Drood Hall to get a search for his missing parents This confrontation leads to a mission which goes haywire for a variety of reasons Then Eddie gets word that his Uncle Jack has died At the wake Molly is disappeared by The Powers That Be The rest of the tale is Eddie's increasingly desperate search for Molly that leads him to the London Knights where he almost died the Travel Bureau for access to the Shifting Lands and finally the boss fight with The Powers That Be Does he survive? Well he is supposed to appear next in Dr DOA so read and find out PS Eddie's parents do make an appearance

  4. David David says:

    I gave this book 5 stars because I love Simon R Green and anything he writes I wish he would go back to the Nightside though

  5. Sally Sally says:

    Smugly self satisfied fantasy adventure with wit that comes off as self adulation

  6. Chris Bauer Chris Bauer says:

    Simon R Green remains one of my favorite writers of all time In From a Drood to a Kill he returns readers once to Drood Hall and the further adventures of Edddie Drood and Molly What I absolutely loved about this particular book was the introspection raw creativity and at times solemn pace and topics Eddie explores concepts of mortality growing old the importance of family and his own transformation I've always been a fan of the over the top action and pace of Green's work but for the first time in memory I was almost choking up with emotion over a scene in which a long standing character is given a wake to mourn his passing It was an uncommon side of the Nightside which resonated deeplyThis is a book which answers VERY long standing uestions and puts much of the past in its placeDefinitely not recommended to readers who wish to enjoy the Drood family secrets for the first time but long time fans will love it for what it is hugely entertaining speculative fiction

  7. Kathy Davie Kathy Davie says:

    Ninth in the Secret Histories urban fantasy spy series and revolving around Eddie Drood a crusading Drood who believes in fairness and honesty Yep he's a rogue Drood all rightMy TakeGreen caught my attention with Eddie and Molly’s invasion of the Hall I do enjoy it when the Family is discombobulatedIt figures that the government is really spying on everyone Their excuse that they’re only watching for terrorists is a scam In fact it sounds like our own Homeland Security and the government has no business arresting people for having minds and opinions of their own The military is consistent with the government's policies What the commander wants to do with Fantom is too typical of how they thinkIt’s a cruel bunch these Droods There will be no scandal in the family all secrets are need to know and acceptance is very very very tight However it only takes one act one death that turns Eddie The act that makes Eddie decide not to kill again ”It’s all about the give and take You give and I take” I want that Bentley All those fun gadgets and its ability to travel anywhere?Eddie wishes he'd asked about his Uncle Jack while he was still alive The T shirts the ladies his secret life outside the Hall I'm not sure what Uncle Jack would have thought about that whole scene in the Drood garage as Green describes the things oozing off that Bentley lol Probably invent cool stuffGreen has such a wicked and inventive mind Those names he comes up with lol I really do enjoy the different um perspectives he takes on monsters gods demons and fairy tales mixing it up by bringing in the Nightside characters Publishers kidnapping their old charactershmph No honor no honor a’tallThe real conflict of the story comes almost halfway through as the mourners talk about the old days and they come to realize just how many of their fellows have gone missing in actionWhoaaaa The forgiveness scene is scary Talk about some intense psychotherapy I do appreciate how Green worded Eddie’s thoughts about the past The perspective he came to understand It’s an interesting look back at past Secret History Nor is Eddie’s the only introspection as he forces others to examine themselves as wellArghhh Walker drove me nuts with his back and forth about who he truly was Too too typical of the Big GameA tiny bit of foreshadowing with the ancient Lone Rangeress And I have to wonder if Green is setting us up for a confrontation between Eddie and MollyThe StorySeems Eddie isn’t the only rebellious one when the Bentley Uncle Jack gives him goes off course and out of control into the subtle realms where nothing and no one can reach him It's only the start of deals and games for many many others have made pacts and agreements with Heaven Hell and every otherworldly realm in between and now their bill is due with only one way out If they can surviveIt's when Molly is taken that Eddie Drood gets involved and makes a horrific discovery when he ends up in that pocket dimension called the Shifting Sands There's only one way out through a Door that will only open for one And Eddie's parents are two of the competitors along with MollyThe CharactersEddie Drood aka Shawn Bond is one of the Drood field agents but of a rogue as he refuses to bow down to the Drood rules without uestioning them He’s already ripped the Heart out of it ahem and is determined to be the Family’s conscienceMolly Metcalf is his girlfriend and the Wild Witch of the Woods a supernatural terrorist who does indeed terrify most of the world Isabella of the skintight blood red leathers and the Laura Ashley wearing Louisa are her even terrifying sistersDrood Hall isthe ancestral home of the Droods from which no one really gets away They're folks who chase monsters out of closets for a living to keep humanity safe from all that is dark demonic and just downright evil The Sanctity is its hidden core where Ethel an other dimensional patron and protector is based Capability Maggie is the current Matriarch and she hates it Cedric is the terrifying Serjeant at Arms with a secret life The Armourer is Eddie’s Uncle Jack Scraps 2 is his mechanical dog He’s been grooming Maxwell and Victoria to replace him Kate is Eddie’s new handler Sandra is the garage chief and very annoyed about Uncle Jack’s I mean Eddie’s BentleyUncle James Jack's brother was the Grey Fox who tried to kill Eddie Melanie Blaze had been James’ true love lost on another mission to the subtle realms He's renowned for the bastards he sowed around the world including Maurice Levallier; Le Freak; Charlotte Karstein the Wilderness Witch; Monkton Farley consulting detective; and many many Ammonia Vom Acht is the most powerful telepath in the world and married to William Drood the Librarian Yorith is his assistant and sometimes his keeperThe Merlin Glass is a magical artifact with a mind of its own A number of supernaturals pay their respects to Jack including the undine in the lake and the dragonThe Wulfshead isthe impenetrable club where Jack’s wake is held Some of the mourners include Dead Boy; Julien Advent the Victorian Adventurer; Bruin Bear and the Sea Goat from Shadows Fall; Catherine Latimer representing the Ghost Finders of the Carnacki Institute; the cross dressing Waterloo Lillian; Demonbane the Soulhunter; and Nicolai Vodyanoi a retired ex KGB adversary He has two vicious grandsons werewolves Sergei and Gregor VodyanoiThe Department of the Uncannyhas been gutted Eddie’s grandfather Arthur the Regent of Shadows had led the department Turns out that Patrick the weaponsmaster had actually been Charles Drood while Diana a very special agent with shadow dancing abilities had been Emily Drood Eddie's longlost parentsMarcus Turner had been one of Arthur’s old Shadows and a bastard of a bastard Drood with anger issuesLark Hill iswhere the Prime Minister needs aid It’s a secret installation in which the Big Ear is installed Commander Donald Fletcher is in charge Gemma Markham is a psychic old lady with a true patriotismBlack Heir isan organization that cleans things up after unauthorized close encounters; they have an interest in taking over the Department of the UncannyAlexander King is the Independent Agent The Fantom is a legendary French spy and assassin who fears exposureThe London Knights area religious order based in London obviously at Castle Inconnu Sir Perryvale is the current Seneschal who used to go drinking with Jack and Cedric Archie is his proud stealth owl His photograph of his wife Elise and son Ricard is all he has left of them Their Oracle is the Lady of the Lake Lady Gaea but she prefers Gayle Sir Bors occupies himself with the Lady Vivienne who is psychic Sir Kae is the Grand CommanderThe Mighty Arguscom isa cybercafé Willy Fleagal is its proprietor interested in the information market Robot Archibald is a '60s mechanical adventurer moonlightingThe Big Game isthe bills coming due It’s The Powers That Be that run the games in the Shifting Sands Walker is the host who introduces Eddie around The Somnambulist the former Carrys Galloway who never slept is Walker’s protector Tarot Jones the Tatterdemalion is the Totem of the Travelling Tribes who bargained for the power to protect his people Chandarru Lord of the Abyss and Seeker After Truth was one of the last authentic Chinese conjurers who made many deals in return for secrets The Sin Eater sees himself as a preacher exorcising demons and taking them captive Eddie’s parents are here as well for the deals they made Crow Lee is the Most Evil Man in the WorldThe Travel Bureau isa wicked place of which I should think Gayle knew the truth It has a Door that will take you away let you disappear without a trace Miz Smith Mister Genuine Muscle and David Perrin work there but not for longHarry Fabulous is the Go to Guy for everythingThe subtle realms are the in between places unfinished realms where the laws of reality don’t exist The Arbiter sits in judgment upon you Honey Lake is the CIA agent who died in Eddie’s armsThe Cover and TitleThe cover is an overall green with the title in a burnt orange at the bottom The author’s name is in a blue green at the top with the same color used for the series information at the bottom The graphic is a back shot of Eddie with his ard right hand standing in front of Jack’s Bentley facing down a pack in an alleyThe title is Bond inspired and a convoluted way to express Eddie deciding From a Drood to a Kill will be him no longer

  8. Jenni Lathrop Jenni Lathrop says:

    I finally figured it out These should be short stories There are literally three separate stories in this book and by the middle of the third one I just didn't careThe Drood books are all about describing things that are literally described as unimaginable and telling us what Eddie is feeling and how he's always right and always good Dialogue is scarce So it's really just like a self righteous teenager's self absorbed diary But I guess they finish soon so I'll finish the series

  9. Jason Hardin Jason Hardin says:

    Another great secret histories book The book continues the 007 style secret organization and spy games As always the book is humorous and has a solid story line

  10. Jane Mercer Jane Mercer says:

    Too samey getting fed up of impossible situations where Drood rescues everone

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