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  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Collar Submissive #6
  • Tara Sue Me
  • English
  • 09 June 2015
  • 9780451474537

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  1. Jacqueline& Jacqueline& says:

    5 Collar Me StarsThe Collar is a standalone and is part of the Submissive series Here is the breakdown of the series and the spin off series Partners in PlayThe Submissive #1 – Nathaniel and Abby’s story Told from Abby’s POVThe Dominant #2 – Nathaniel and Abby’s story Re Told from Nathaniel’s POVThe Training #3 – Continues Nathaniel and Abby’s storyThe Enticement #4 – Continues Nathaniel and Abby’s storyThe Collar #5 – Dena and Jeff’s storyThe Exhibitionist #6 Continues Nathaniel and Abby’s storySeduced by Fire Partner’s in Play – Spin off series – Julie and Daniel’s storyYou do not need to read Seduced by Fire to read the Submissive series You also don’t have to read Nathaniel and Abby’s story to read The Collar but I highly recommend you do to get the full benefits I love this series so much and I’m so glad we are getting Jeff and Dena’s story This one reads a little differently from Nathaniel and Abby’s story but it’s just as goodJeff and Dena were once lovers actually Jeff collared Dena and they had a good relationship Then something happens and the couple never moves past it Slowly the two break apart and go their separate ways It’s three years later and Dena is getting threating phone calls and she doesn’t know what to do She wants to hire the best security Jeff is the only person that can discreetly protect Dena but Dena is reluctantly to ask Jeff and Dena’s story is told with flash backs and to my surprise I loved this I know slap me now As I was reading I loved uncovering their story I needed to know what happened and how did everything fall apart The sexual tension between Jeff and Dena is off the charts I love finding love again reads Jeff has to protect Dena and the best way for him to do that is if Dena is with him 247 I am not sure if I could be with my ex lover for that time period but it must be done As Dena stresses out she asks Jeff to “play” with her Of course Jeff has a complex because he wants to be the dominate he is so use to but he doesn’t want to cross boundaries Jeff plans to move once he is finished protecting DenaI also like the damsel in distress story line and to my surprise this one wasn’t too steamy It wasn’t as steamy as Nathaniel and Abby’s story and that was okay I loved reading the gang and even Julie and Daniel make an appearance If you are a fan of the series you must read Jeff and Dena’s story I loved it An ARC was provided REVIEW | REVIEW | REVIEW | REVIEW |

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThe Collar by Tara Sue Me is the fifth book of the Submissive Series I found this book to be one sensual sexy emotional and touching read that focuses on the couple Dena and Jeff and their second chance at love Though this book had every aspect of an erotic BDSM the author did an amazing job intertwining the past and present with it's sensual emotional and erotic scenes Ms Tara Sue Me elouently allowed readers to gain a better perspective of the history between the two characters hence giving us a better understanding where these two stand on what truly happened in the past between them The connection between Jeff and Dena took on an emotional deeper undertone in this book Though chemistry was tangible and palpable between them the author allowed readers to see what issues that they had to work out with in and outside the bedroom Their past history played a crucial role on where they stand as a couple What I loved about this book was that the author showcased major growth between the characters She allowed readers to see that the LOVE between them never died but only needed the nurture and attention from both of them So can Dena and Jeff ever recover from the hurt that they caused each other in the past to move on?The Collar was a well written book that had emotions and sensuality pouring off the pages I loved how the flashbacks played an integral role in this book and was inserted at right moments in the story line The characters Dena and Jeff were like any normal couple trying to work out their issues but the only difference is how they like to explore their sexuality and control through BDSM The only issue I had with this book was the unraveling of who was threatening Dena I found that scene in the book rushed and didn't understand why the man wanted to threaten Dena But other than that I really enjoyed The Collar and I look forward to what's in store for Abby and Nathanial in the next installment Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Sue Me

  3. Bj Bj says:

    45 2nd Chance to Submit Stars for the story and 4 stars for the narration Lovers of BDSM titles will not want to miss the Submissive Series Reminding me of one of my favorite BDSM Series The Club Sin Series by Stacey Kennedy The Collar had me enraptured from the very beginning From its attention on the push and pull between the main couple who although perfect in the bedroom come from polar opposite upbringings to its detailing of the numerous friendships that have been built from their shared interests in domsub play at a local club I loved all aspects of this listen Further the talented narration by Angelica Lee also makes this a perfect choice for a hot and steamy listenFor those of you who are wondering if this titled can be enjoyed as a standalone the answer is yes it can In fact this is the only book that I have listened to in this series though I now plan to remedy that soon In that regard I will note that although listening to this series in order is essential to a complete understanding of all of the secondary characters in this novel Dena's and Jeff's love story is fully contained within The CollarSeeking relief from her otherwise overly controlled life Dena Jenkins the daughter of an influential politician who is short listed for the vice presidency and a powerhouse lawyer in her own right decides to try her hand at relinuishing control at a BDSM club There she meets Jeff a blue collar raised dominant who after earning his GED became a personal investigator Irrespective of their differences outside the playroom Dena soon finds herself calling Jeff master as his collared submissive However when a personal tragedy and family pressures culminate in the termination of their relationship both remain involved in the BDSM club and occasionally even play in training sessions together but they otherwise keep their distance Living in this limbo has its own pressures and after several years Jeff finally decides that before they can both fully move on he will create some distance between them by moving out of the area for at least a short whileWhen a personal threat however arises Jeff puts his moving plans on hold in order to fulfill Dena's wish that he personally investigate the threat Soon they are forced to reevaluate their past decisions as their mutual chemistry once again becomes undeniable But can they get over the past hurdles that caused their relationship to end prematurely? Moreover will Jeff be able to pinpoint the cause of the threats against Dena before its too late?The narration of The Collar is provided mostly by Angelica Lee with a small cameo appearance at the end by John Michael Morgan which basically seems like an introduction to the next Submissive title Given the brevity of Mr Morgan's appearance I will limit the review of the performance to Ms Lee's roleMs Lee excels in a number of the factors that I look for in a good audiobook production In that regard both her male and female voices sound authentic and are easily distinguishable from one another making the reliance on dialogue tags unnecessary and allowing you to sit back and enjoy the story Additionally Ms Lee also did a great job at producing slightly different intonations for each of one of the large cast members of the same gender thereby also allowing you to know who was speaking just by listeningMs Lee also does a relatively good job at conveying the particular mood of the scene just by her inflection and delivery For example you could feel the heightened suspense in the scenes where Dena and Jeff are dealing with the potential threat against Dena Perhaps the one area where I did feel that the delivery may have been slightly dramatic although arguably any BDSM scene is naturally heated was in the passionate scenes Nonetheless I still found the narration in general to be enjoyable and to add to the story as a whole All in all I thoroughly enjoyed both the extremely erotic hot BDSM scenes as well as the personal struggles and suspense element of this listen Now I can't wait to listen to of The Submissive SeriesSource Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review

  4. Milica& Milica& says:

    I love this story This one is the best in the series for me

  5. The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog says:

    Review Jo Facebook this fifth instalment of The Submissive it was time to take a break from Abby and Nathaniel's story for a short time and focus on another couple from the world of BDSM Jeff and Dena had been a couple in the past Dena had even worn Jeff's collar so things had been pretty serious between the pair However something had happened that resulted in the breakdown of their relationship In this story Dena and Jeff were reunited following a few years apart Their feelings for each other were reignited and the couple gained a second chance of love For a brief moment in time she'd believed she had all she'd ever wanted Then the moment had passed and now she was alone I have enjoyed every book from this series so far but this one was a little different focusing on a new couple I did get the opportunity to catch with Abby and Nathaniel which I was pleased about however it was time for me to meet another Dominant and Submissive I really liked Dena and Jeff and I enjoyed their story however it took me uite sometime before I was fully engrossed in this book Throughout the first half of the story I was transported from the past to the present with each new chapter as I learned about Dena and Jeff's history I found it difficult to follow what was happening and I had to keep thinking whether I was in the past or the present day I felt that constant flitting from past to present affected the flow of the story leaving me a little confused I was well over half way through before I really became invested in the story and began to enjoy what I was reading Letting you go ripped a hole in my heart so big it aches every time I breathe Dena and Jeff's story was an emotional one and there were moments that pulled at my heartstrings I felt so sorry for the couple and for everything they had been through together I understood the reasons behind the couples break up and it broke my heart to see how they had been affected by their past I really hoped that this time around Dena and Jeff could work out their issues and move forward together I was rooting for them to take the second chance that they had been given No matter what happened between them whether they were able to start again or not no one else would ever make him feel the way she did The series continues with The Exhibitionist which sees a return to Abby and Nathaniel's story and I can't wait The Collar gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️ from me

  6. Bon Tom Bon Tom says:

    There's one aspect of this series that I didn't mention until now I simply wasn't sure if I was imagining or was it really there Turns out it was realThis is first and foremost erotica of extremely high uality variety It's hot because it reveals itself to the reader in its natural visceral form And yet in ways that come out unexpected Because it's like we forgot what natural really is during our upbringing Natural socially acceptable It's clash of concepts It's sort of a mindfuck gameThere's a lot of psychology here In the form of discrete lessons I would say It's being served from subspace of unlearned social responsesIt's BDSM in its best high grade responsible form If you're interested in the lifestyle you can take this complete series skip book 2 that is only a filler as your BDSM 101 classAnd it's not in the form of trivial wisdom nuggets popular hacks don't you hate that word? found in lesser books and yellow pressYou're not even noticing you're being taught but after your reading session you somehow end up with a new knowledge I'm not even sure why I'm surprised like it wasn't to be expected Because when you think about it it makes perfect senseIt's all about self exploration and mind expansion via living the existence on verge of pleasure and pain and expanding your world so that it includes the other human being in harmonious mutually beneficial manner Sounds like a regular paperback romanceSo what is on surface niche lifestyle reserved for people with uniue mindframes and needs is maybe not too different from ordinary dance of life

  7. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    Kitty's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsThe Submissive Series took a turn with a story that I never saw coming Yes Dena and Jeff have been in past stories and I honestly thought that it was just a bad break up I never imagined what really happened between them and just how much they really needed each otherI cried I was sad but I knew that Tara Su Me would not keep me that way The flashbacks and the way the story was told was absolutely amazing Dena was an amazing woman for what she went through and Jeff finally made sense to me Apart they were shells of themselves but together they were unbelievableAgain Tara Sue Me brought us into the world of BDSM showed us the difference between punishment and a sexual flogging Her description of the wax play had you waiting and wanting of it She brought these two lost souls together again and made them realize just what the other needed wanted and craved There may have been other play partners but nothing would complete them the way the other one didYes there was a little bit of a mystery surrounding Dena and a little bit of match making on the part of their friends But it was still their decision to move forward with their lives It took a lot of trust that they didn't have in each other but in the end they found that working through their issues was a whole lot better than walking away from themI am always amazed at the stories that Tara Sue Me brings me She brings everything to life the good the bad and the ugly She lets us into the life of her characters and makes us see what they see and feel what they feel In the end you're disappointed that it's over and wish that you could be with them as their lives move forward This is a sign of a wonderful author an author that has you waiting and wanting Review copy provided for an honest review

  8. Liz F Liz F says:

    Review copy courtesy of the publisherI've read a couple of this author's books I loved one and hated one so I never continued on with this series after that second book The Collar is the fifth book in the series and it was pretty goodI'm not totally sure how I felt about Dena On one hand I really like her lady balls There are times when she really stands up for herself and makes clear what she wants or needs But she can also be very abrasive I guess it's not that surprising since she's a criminal prosecutor She'd have to be pretty damn tough to do that job And I admire ANY female who works in an industry rife with the Good Ol' Boys Network Anyway I liked her ballsiness but she was also kind of a dick to the hero We all have bad days I get it But it occasionally made her unlikable for a while and when I was already on the fence about her well it didn't helpI liked Jeff well enough What I loved was his cabin It sounded so awesome and really gorgeous Plus he has two dogs So I was pretty much in love at cabin and dogs He seemed like a very demanding Dom I don't think he reuired perfection buuut it was close He was a little scary but it was that delicious kind of scary you know? I feel like I kind of identified a little with Jeff's side of things so it's possible that my perception of his awesomeness is a bit skewed I was glad that he held back with Dena but then I was also glad when he gave in and gave her everythingAnyone who has read any of Tara Sue Me's books should know that they're hot and filled with plenty of BDSM I would say that this is middle of the road BDSM not too light but not too crazy Spankings were the main kink along with some bondage with rope I ended up enjoying the relationship between Dena and Jeff It felt like a real relationship with ups and downs fights and breakups I don't think I would have liked it as much though if I had been following along with the series I don't like rehashing romances over and over and I'm thinking that some of Dena and Jeff's relationship woes were mentioned in previous books I thought this book was pretty decent The characters were likable enough and the writing was pretty good The reason I couldn't give this a better rating is because this is former Twilight fan fiction Well maybe not THIS book but the start of this series was So the Nathaniel and Abby side characters in this book but the main characters from Book 1 were originally Edward and Bella I have an issue with fan fiction that gets published as an original novel I mean it's sort of cheating since these characters weren't original They were taken from another book Even though THIS book and the main characters in THIS story may be original for me it feels like fruit of the poisonous tree territory For readers who don't care about all that this book would probably be great For me not so much

  9. Anna& Anna& says:

    Whoa I was NOT expecting a different couple That was uite the change up I loved it though Heartbreaking and lovely at the same time Just enough steam great characters unimaginable heartbreak and finally finding a way to heal from it happy sigh Yes I enjoyed it And can't wait for Full review to come

  10. Noel Noel says:

    I think I am too partial to Nathaniel Abby's journey as I always want of their story I liked Jeff Dena's story but it didn't leave me wanting I am extremely interested in Cole's story however ;

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The Collar Submissive #6 In her seductive new Submissive novel Tara Sue Me introduces a sizzling hot new couple into Abby and Nathaniel's world and explores the red hot passion between Jeff and Dena that won't be denied Fans of E L James Sylvia Day Maya Banks and Beth Kery will be seduced by New York Times bestselling author Tara Sue Me's enthralling Submissive series Nathaniel and Abby West are struggling to navigate the challenging waters of their own relationship when they get a surprising phone call from their partners in play Dena and Jeff who are in need of a helping handSeven years ago desperate for something exhilarating to help her escape the pressures of her carefully controlled life lawyer Dena Jenkins joined a local BDSM club as a submissive There she met brooding Dominant Jeff and despite Dena's doubts they couldn't stay away from each other But as the years have passed their blazing connection has proven difficult to maintain and resulted in a history they'd rather forget To save their passion Dena and Jeff will have to rediscover what it means to trust and give themselves to each other completely Before there was the fan fiction that became Fifty Shades of Grey there was The Submissive Indulge in the series that started it all The Submissive The Dominant The Training The Chalet T he Enticement The Collar The Exhibitionist and The Master

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NEW YORK TIMESUSA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOREven though she graduated with a degree in science Tara knew she’d never be happy doing anything other than writing Specifically writing love storiesShe started with a racy BDSM story and found she was not uite prepared for the unforeseen impact it would have Nonetheless she continued and The Submissive Series novels would go on to be both New York