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A Mothers Duty I love books set around the war Kitty is bringing up 3 sons and also runs the Arcadia hotel Life is very busy for her and I loved reading all about their lives there When she gets a chance of happiness and romance the course of true love doesn't run smoothly for her and she has some hurdles to overcome The story had me engrossed all the way through This was the first book by June Francis that I'd read and it led me to order Kitty Ryan has to raise her three boys on her own and she also has a hotel to run She doesn't have the time to meet anyone and is surprised when she feels something as soon as she meets John Mcleod a Scottish man who leads a free life He soon becomes a member of the family which isn't easy because her oldest sons aren't ready to accept it It also doesn't help that John is strong big and protective Even though her boys try to resist him John thinks he acts in their best interest He helps Kitty around the house and she's happy she doesn't have to do everything on her own any longer When something unexpected happens John becomes even strict and rigid and the household is in a state of constant conflict There will be a war and Kitty's sons can't stay home Kitty can't bear to see them go without having made peace with them and she tries everything she can to make things right again Will she be able to succeed? A Mother's Duty is a beautiful story about a strong woman who works very hard to feed her sons She wants the hotel to be their legacy a place where they can all work together as a family Things aren't going according to plan though and Kitty keeps having to adjust her expectations It isn't easy for her to live in a house filled with so many egos but she's doing very well I loved her character and spirit A Mother's Duty has over 500 pages and I found myself wishing it would be even longer I liked it so much I didn't want the story to end at all I enjoyed every single page and it was fabulous to read about Kitty and her men It was also great to read about life in the years before WWII If you like books set in this period I highly recommend A Mother's Duty I loved this book and am very happy I had the chance to read it I was totally swept away into the lives of Kitty Ryan and the family running the Arcadia Hotel as the shadow of WW2 looms ever closer Looking forward to reading the seuel A Daughter's Choice A family at war Raising three boys and running the Arcadia Hotel almost single handed are enough to keep widow Kitty Ryan busy She has no time for romance – unless it’s in the form of a rare evening out at the local picture houseThen along comes John Mcleod bringing with him a second chance at happiness However Kitty finds her sons unwilling to accept another man into their householdUnless she can reunite her menfolk the future looks set to be that of a family in conflict in a world on the eve of war

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