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Don't Drink and Hex This is a sexy hot and short read Milly taiden has an awesome way to tell a story That makes you want for the next short novella or novel this was no exception by the amazing Milly taiden Selena Azul made the mistake of drinking and promising to help a friend with a potion She asked her mom for help when Lucila turns her down she takes a try at it herself while drinking and Gage black big sexy and funny with women turned up to see him Selena didn’t stand a chance at the hot as sin wolf or does she Once the potion was made she wakes up in the best dream ever; Gage’s arms What happens when she remembers what she did Will the council come after her for hexing a shifter Will she ever learn “Don’t Drink and Hex” “That did it she could with stand a lot of things but him promising her a lifetime of amazing sex was hard” Amazingly HotThis short story from Milly Taiden is so hot and amms amazing that I look forward to If you love smut and killer hot steamy scenes you must read this short story The plot was well put together and the characters are meant for each other Don't Drink and Hex is a uick erotic read featuring a spunky witch and her sexy wolf neighbor Selena is mentally lusting after her new neighbor Gage when she casts a love spell for a friend Selena's drunken behavior draws Gage over and some sexy high jinks ensueEven though Don't Drink and Hex is a short story Milly Taiden writes an interesting plot that left me feeling happy and not short changed at the end As I've said before in other reviews it takes an extremely talented writer to be able to convey a complete story with such few words Highly recommend to fans of paranormal romance Every now and then I just have a craving for short and sweet fill every hole smut and this series has so perfectly hit the mark on a stormy Sunday arvo tucked up in front of the fire I just can't put them downBe sure to check out our reviews on the link below Selena is a witch she is going to cast a love spell for her friend but is drinking while she starts Drinking a lot She keeps thinking about her sexy new neighbor Gage a werewolf Next thing she knows she wakes up with him next to her Is it the love spell Or is it real Read for free in the box set editionSelena is a witch with the hots for her new werewolf neighbour CageDidn’t like the drunken stupidity of Selena Her mother told her not to do anything whilst drunk but she doesn’t listen and then wants her mother to fix it What a WoosieThen she has sex with Cage a guy she knows has had a parade of women through his bed since he moved in two weeks ago Yuk Where is her sense of self worth Hex and Sex Box Set Milly Taiden is easily one of my favorite authors These books are always perfection in my opinion and I only wish they were longer Drinking and Hexing is never a good idea Selena Azul decides to help out a friend by creating a love potion Only problem is she’s doing this while getting real friendly with a few bottles of wineHer hex goes wrong and suddenly her neighbor Gage is in her dreams It takes a few minutes to realize she’s not dreaming And her love potion has disappeared She now has what she believes is a hot as hell hexed wolf wanting to take her in every way possibleIf only he weren’t so sexy and naked she might have an easier time keeping him at arm’s length while trying to figure out how to fix this mess I already got used to the werewolves and I actually thought that every story was made for the same author so when I realized it wasn´t like that I felt a little bit anxious and afraid it wouldn't be as interesting as the ones made for Mina Carterbut I'm alwasys open to new experiences and I must say Milly Taiden got me pretty fast wrapped around her little finger and making me pay a lot of atention to a story pretty funny even though kind of make me remember that movie of Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock about love spells maybe that was the name of it I don't knowThe story well the tale is about a curvy withch who was already exceeded with drinks and she passed out right after thinking about her sexy as hell neighbor who actually is a shifter even though we only got to see a partial change in his claws and of course for some motive beyond reason this neighbor who is also very attracted to her felt that she was in some trouble so he went right straight to her house in order to do that But we all know what could happen when a very horny girl wakes up after having a few drinks and realize she is in the arms of a very hot guySo that was pretty much the summary of this little taleAnd I'm lookinf forward too read about this author althought I don't know if it's because the story is short; but is filled with a LOT of dirty talk at least ten dialogues per page of course when we got in the hot parts Ah well the good thing is that I'm not against it hehe

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