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Amorality Tale When gangster Tommy Ramsey is released from prison he is determined to retake control of his East End territory But new arrivals threaten his grip on illegal activity in the area An evangelical minister is persuading people to seek redemption for their sins A new gang is claiming the streets And a watchmender called Smith is leading a revolt against the Ramsey Mob's protection racketWhen Tommy strikes back at his enemies a far terrifying threat is revealed Within hours the city's air turns into nerve gas and thousands succumb to the choking fumes London is dying An adventure set in 1950s London featuring the Third Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee and his companion Sarah Jane Smith This story was bound to become one of my favorites It had so many elements working in it's favor; it features my top favorite Doctor 3rd and 5th share that status for me it is a Historical setting set in a period that I find fascinating – the break between old school and modernity and it involves a real historic mystery – even one I’ve worked with myself at University Plus it took place in the area of London that I’ve lived Therefore overall it had to be really bad for it to fail in my books For a long time it really looked like it would become my new favorite Doctor Who book it didn’t hurt the story in my world that the alien elements apart from the Doctor took than a third of the book to materialize That is just proves that Doctor Who can be so much than sci fi But where the story took a hit in my opinion was when it turn horror in a matter of one page Suddenly everyone was dying – and in horrific ways too It was just too much I know that Doctor Who has always had a will to go dark with no warning and genocide is nothing new to the universe but this book should come with a warning; IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH KZ CAMPS DON’T READ THIS BOOK The inspiration from the death camps are crystal clear in this story and it comes out of nowhere Okay not nowhere in the historic events of December 1952 people did die from gassing but as a natural phenomenon so I really didn’t think the book would go there but it did – BIG TIME The Great Smog is one of those semi forgotten parts of recent London history Industrial smoke combined with smoke from the stoked up home fires of the populous keeping themselves warm in a particularly cold winter creating a smog that cost the lives of an estimated 12000 citizens It would be a great setting for a novel It would be a great setting for a Doctor Who novel Unfortunately this Doctor Who novel isn’t it It’s flatly written unexciting and has largely cardboard old school – love their mothers only hurt their own – Cockney gangsters It does manage to conjure okay versions of The Third Doctor and Sarah Jane but keeps them apart too much to be truly effective In short an interesting set up for a fairly uninteresting bookHowever there is one moment of amusement – when Tommy Ramsey the gangland leader at the centre of the story suggests to The Doctor that the two of them are very similar So is The Third Doctor like a London gangster? Well they both offer protection to their chosen environs in Tommy’s case Old Street London; in The Doctor’s case the Earth; they both like to have a uiet word with their enemies before moving on to forceful measures; and they both have their own private armies there to back them – The Doctor’s is of course called UNIT Suddenly your memory of Jon Pertwee’s crooked smile takes on a different flavour doesn’t it? Disappointingly the book never progresses the idea beyond that initial observation from a disreputable character – I’ve actually developed it further – which is a shame as this rather dull book could have done with a bit of cheeky subversion A really creepy tale with The Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Set amongst the backdrop of the London smog and West End gangs Bishop wonderfully transports the read back to the 1950’sA great Doctor Who novel While investigating the deady 1952 smog that killed thousands within only a few days the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane contend with mobsters and morality as they fight to stop the XhinnMorality was indeed lacking within this tale but so was a point The Doctor had strong opinions on morality in regards to the mobsters The mobsters had their own view of morals as did the cops and the church I have my own personal opinions on each of the characters and their actions and views I recognize everyone has their own opinion of the characters' morals and deeds but with the oversaturation of death among the cast does it matter? After everything was done and finished Sarah was content enough to look around and say they won up until hearing about Mary Only then did the numbers actually mean anything to her And then she condemns Tommy for saying they won something she herself was just saying before hearing of Mary Mary hid her daughters and walked willingly into her death to save them and now Vera is probably telling the little girls she took in that their mother Mary and their dead younger sister are both burning in Hell for not being baptized as she walks them to church each week Frank Kelly hadn't loved his wife since before he was forced into a shotgun wedding and creeped on Sarah Jane to the point that she didn't feel safe taking a bath in the house but in the gaschamber with Rose he tries to shield her from the crushing mass and truly feels affection for her And then they both die PC Hodge was a good cop who was brainwashed into being a cog in the murder machine helping to slaughter people his body carrying out horrifying deeds as his mind helplessly watched out of his control Once he was back in control of his body he risked himself to go back to save others but after the dust settled he couldn't live with what he did under the Xhinn's control and killed himself What was the point of it all? What is supposed to be the take away message of this story? Of the few survivors has anything actually changed? Was there some big picture to see?Honestly it was the blatant Holocaust imagery that was most off putting to me It was so vividly saturating the pages that it was uncomfortable to read The coppers in uniform dragging people out rounding them up sueezing them in their small transportations then literally herding them into actual gas chambers where not only the gas but the crushing mass of bodies killed the victims Then coldly stripping the bodies before putting them on the convayerbelts sp? to move them Was it necessary? The two little girls hiding away under the stairs trying to keep uiet from the policeman as their mother bravely goes to her death welcoming her end once she is in the gas chamber with everyone else who uietly ueued up to their death Honestly why? The work camp factory where armed guards beat and killed anyone not working fast enough replacing them with the next prisoner out of the cages to keep the flow of work from stopping Why Talking about Superior and inferior species The whole affair is just so overwhelmingly depressing that even after the day is saved it just feels dirty

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Amorality Tale
  • David Bishop
  • English
  • 20 September 2015
  • 9781849909044

About the Author: David Bishop

David James Bishop is a New Zealand screenwriter and author He was a UK comics editor during the 1990s running such titles as the Judge Dredd Megazine and 2000 AD the latter between 1996 and the summer of 2000He has since become a prolific author and received his first drama scriptwriting credit when BBC Radio 4 broadcast his radio play Island Blue Ronald in June 2006 In 2007 he won the PAG

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