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Reining in Justice Someone's trying to break in A frantic 911 call sends Sweetwater Springs deputy Reed Caldwell racing to the home of his ex wife But the kidnappers didn't come for Addison Their target was her two month old adopted daughter Except she isn't adopted And Reed is the father Now he has to grapple with the shock of sudden parenthood while finding a safe haven for Addison and their baby girl With desire reigniting—and the threats against mother and child escalating—the Texas lawman will do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves And the child who needs them both I've read every book in this series so far and this book was no different then all the others Full of action and of course romance I couldn't put it down for I needed to find out who wanted Addison killed and of course Reed who was married to Addison but divorced reconnected their relationship for she always wanted kids and Reed wasn;t ready but their's a baby in the mix now and of course at the end of the book Reed is the hero I love her books so Delores sure didn't disappoint me with this book This was a freebie from RT15This book has a seriously cheesy cover but it was surprisingly good It's annoying when the baddie is the only other character in the book and that is absolutely not the case here I don't usually try and figure out who did it and just go with the flow so when there's just one other character similar to the guest star in a TV show and there's no suspense at all there'd better be something else good about the book Reining in Justice doesn't fall into that trap and also has a lot of action packed into its two day time frameThe main characters Reed and Addison are as good as characters in a book that covers about two days are going to get They are mature and the reason for their divorce was amazingly normal He didn't leave to protect her he's a cop and there was no big mis involving another womanman They split because Addison was desperate for children and Reed did not want to be a father He reluctantly went along with IVF but when Addison nearly died from a fertility drug he left They had been fighting bitterly about having children for a long time and Addison nearly dying was the last straw Reed didn't want to watch her repeatedly risking her life for something he deeply didn't want in the first placeSince we're picking up these characters after they'd been together eight years and divorced one there was no need to go overboard on the relationship building and Delores Fossen doesn't In the beginning Addison and Reed seeing so much of each other brings up the pain of their divorce their reasons for the divorce and how separate those issues were from how they feel about one another I felt the resolution of the HEA was really uick and would have loved at least some conversation about building a family but there you goI think this is the seventh in this series There were a lot of characters from previous books which was pretty confusing at first The main family story is very convoluted with the family matriarch running away and leaving her sons and dead lover behind she's in jail awaiting trial I think the father raised the sons but there are daughters and a stepson all living on the same ranch The sons and Reed think the mother killed the lover and their dad is innocent the daughters and stepson and Addison think the mom is innocent I'm not sure exactly how all these people are related but since 90% are married I'm assuming they are in the other books None of this background affected the plot much in this book I loved this fast moving story It was filled with bullets car chases kidnapping and romance There was ever a point in the story to catch your breath It was action packed from the first page until the endThe love never faded between Addison and Reed The marriage ended and the two divorced because Reed couldn't stand by and watch what Addison was putting herself through The couple was having a hard time having a baby the natural way Addison wanted to have a baby no matter what she had to go through During one of the treatments she got sick and almost died After that Reed filed for divorce and the couple went separate ways Addison knew she had one unfertilized egg left and hired a surrogate giving Addison the child she had always wanted Addison was content with being a single mother Reed was a deputy and just finished the night shift As he was passing Addison's house on his way home a 911 call came through Addison had time to say one sentence asking for help before the phone connection went dead Reed didn't expect too much trouble for they lived in a small town He sure didn't expect to find blood spots or knocked over furniture on the front porch The sight of that kicked up his pulse as he reuested backup The book starts out with baby Emily being kidnapped and the kidnappers wants to exchange the baby for Addison They think she has information that could send them to prison I loved the suspense of this book and the large pool of characters I honestly couldn't guess on who was behind the attacks The twist and turns along the way kept the book interesting I also loved how protective Reed was when it came to Addison Protecting her was part of his job but you could tell he wouldn't have wanted it any other way This was a second chance love story that pulled at my heart strings Reining In Justice by Delores Fossen was a very good book Lots of suspense and romance Deputy Reed Caldwell's ex wife is in trouble Someone is trying to kidnap her Reed is trying to protect her and the baby that he didn't know was his Addison has always wanted kids but Reed did not He didn't think he was good father material That is why they got a divorce A lot of suspense in this book A must read Every once in awhile I read a book and for some reason just can't connect to a characterI felt this way about AddisonAddison places a 911 call and her ex husbandReed comes to her aidIntruders are in the house and Addison is worried about her babyNot knowing what they are looking for they get awaytaking baby Emily with themEmily is rescued but the danger is not overSecrets are revealedReed and Addison are not sure who is pulling the stringsthe investigation moves in different directionsThe team of Sweetwater Ranch helpI enjoyed catching up with charactersI did enjoy the story i didn't know that it was a series so this was my first novel in this series sufficient to say i didn't know any of the characters and it was very annoying but if it was a stand alone novel it would have been much better Reining In Justice is a great romantic suspense by Delores Fossen Ms Fossen has delivered a well written book that will keep you guessing who the bad guy is until the reveal Addison and Reed are divorced Without Reed's knowledge Addison hired a surrogate to carry her and Reed's baby Now the surrogate is dead and strange things are happening Reed and Addison's story is loaded with drama humor spice action suspense and a fabulous cast of characters I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading from Delores Fossen in the future Reining In Justice is book 6 of the Sweetwater Ranch Series but can be read as a standalone This is a complete book not a cliff hangerI read a print copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Deputy Reed Caldwell races to his ex wife Addison's rescue when intruders break into her house and attempt to kidnap her and her baby This brings up the revelation that the baby is Reed's and not adopted as he previously thought Their marriage broke up a year earlier because he didn't really want kids but Addison insisted on going through all sorts of tests in order to conceive Well she went ahead and used one of their eggs with a surrogate without him knowingMy jaw hit the floorAnyway because there has been known baby farms operating in the area Addison had a PI and a lawyer check everything out to make sure her surrogacy and the agency she used had no links to the illegal farms Although she was told there was no such connection that does not seem to be the case because now someone wants to find out what she knows when she doesn't actually know anything Who's behind it? The PI the lawyer or a powerful Judge?Despite being book six in a series this worked really well as a standalone and wasn't too crowded with characters from previous stories The plot was fast paced with action from the start There were a couple of good plot twists and Fossen gave us several suspects with eual reasons to be the one behind the mayhem The conflict between Reed and Addison is not explored satisfactorily however What she did to him is deplorableWhile I don't want to get too political I like to think of myself of something as a feminist and a firm part of that belief is that women should be in control of their reproductive rights But in saying that men need to be afforded rights as well Addison goes ahead and uses an egg fertilised by Reed without telling him a thing That is truly awful Where are his rights? Addison justifies it by saying she doesn't expect him to be a part of their baby's life if he doesn't want to be But her selfish actions have made him a part of that child's life whether he likes it or not The book glosses over it by having Reed instantly smitten with his child and still in lust with his ex wife but it left a nasty taste in my mouth and certainly made me dislike Addison a great deal What a vile selfish womanI really enjoyed the action oriented nature of the plot but I had to get that annoyance out thereMercy word count 8 Once again Delores Fossen delivers a very well written book From beginning to end this held me captive The entire series has been riveting I'm hooked I can't wait to dive into Surrendering to the Sheriff

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