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Healer Sixteen year old Billy Anderson’s short life has been full of daunting challenges A birth defect and the death of his parents force him to live with his Aunt Staci That situation becomes untenable for Billy and he chooses to live on the street One day things change dramatically when Billy receives the “Gift of Healing” Not only does Billy’s own life take a dramatic turn but his new gift also affects those around him Is this gift a blessing or a curseEarly Readers Say “It’s a talented author who can simultaneously break your heart and lift it This is a great pick me up read for all ages and it’s definitely made my Christmas shopping a lot easier this year” Amy Bennett author of End of the Road and No Lifeguard on Duty

12 thoughts on “Healer

  1. Janis Hales Janis Hales says:

    Uplifting novelThis was a very uick read just because I could not put it down This was the second book of Mr Wills that I have read and am looking forward to his next

  2. Lorna Collins Lorna Collins says:

    An inspiring story to challenge your basic beliefs Young Billie encounters a dying woman who gives him a curious message Shortly afterward he discovers he has the ability to heal But this brings other problems The church is threatened Some people don't believe him Others nearly worship him How is a young boy supposed to cope? John Wills writes a compelling tale which will challenge your thinking

  3. Nancy LiPetri Nancy LiPetri says:

    Healer will give you goosebumpsand hope Young Billy's amazing journey reminds us how the rituals and mystery of faith can comfort and carry us

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