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The Hacker Series 3 Books set Software mogul Blake Landon has met his match in headstrong Erica Hathaway While his controlling nature and her independent spirit continue to battle Blake has no intention of letting her out of his life again Erica has given Blake her trust and her love determined that they will conuer any challenges together But when he demands and tests the boundaries of her commitment she is forced to face the dark desires he's kept hidden As their bonds grow tighter their enemies close in With Erica's start up in danger Blake's frustration grows as he tries to protect her from those who would ruin her only to get to him Can their relationship survive when Blake's enemies cross the line and threaten than her livelihood

10 thoughts on “The Hacker Series 3 Books set

  1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

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  2. Stacy Solomon Stacy Solomon says:

    these books I couldn't put down Loved them when book 4 came out I down loaded it the first day now can't wait for the next one to come out but for me 200 pages just isn't enough but I will take what I can get Thank you Meredith Wild

  3. Melissa Hacker Melissa Hacker says:

    GoodThese books were well written and the story line was good but I guess I had high expectations because I was disappointed It lacked emotion and creativityI enjoyed other books by this author much But this is just my opinion

  4. Christina Wolf Christina Wolf says:

    I was introduced to Meredith Wild with this book series first A d I just love the way she captivates you into the story And how you don't ever what it to end I feel so in love with Blake and Erica Their love story is uniue and hot This series keeps you wanting And it sure satisfies your appetite Read it you won't be disappointed

  5. Catherine Adams Catherine Adams says:

    I would Not recommendI found this series boring and poorly written

  6. Victoria Colotta Victoria Colotta says:

    The Hacker Series is a sexy ride into the techie world filled with secrets lies and vices Once you start the first book you will stop until you have read them all I am always hesitant when I am presented with a new series to read Will I want to invest in these characters past one book? Will it be a cliffhanger that I will not be able to cope with? However when I got all four books at once I thought why not What I wasn’t expecting was finishing all four books in four days and then be eager to read the fifth that will be out this SeptemberThe series centers around recent Harvard graduate and entrepreneur Erica Hathaway and billionaire hacker Blake Landon To say that there are lovehate emotions between the two in the beginning would be an understatement Erica is a strongly independent and driven woman with very strict ideas of what should and should not be done in regards to business Blake is an Alpha to the umpteenth power He wants control and he is going to do everything in his power to make sure that he gets itAs we move through the series obviously Erica and Blake become a couple However things are far from perfect There are secrets held by both and pasts that neither of them can forget It will be a constant struggle for both of these two control freaks to be in a relationship where they are constantly testing each other by being who they are The real uestion is will these two make it through the secrets lies pain past transgressions rivals revenge seeking hackers and bitchy exes to make it to a Happily Ever After? I can tell you this by the end of book four this uestion is still not completely answeredIn this series Meredith Wild gives the reader characters that you can love and hate at the same time The dynamic between Erica and Blake is one that you will route for but still uestion if they are in fact right for one another Then you will forget your reservations and cheer these two on again Because Wild creates a world that you can live in with the characters you do become slightly invested in all the players in this book However what really grabbed me was the way that the author depicted not only the business that these two are in but how she weaved into the story a bit of intrigue deception family drama and rivalryI would be remiss if I didn’t mention the heat that radiates off the pages of this book The sexiness is present and accounted for in this series Blake is a man who wants control and as you read the books you will see how far he and Erica take their bedroom anticsThis series is an up and down roller coaster ride that starts in book one and will not finish until we all read the ending in Hard Love So what are you waiting for? Read detailed reviews at

  7. Amika Amika says:

    Super easy read Read all 3 books in three days Some cliches throughout but it's a fun entertaining and steamy read Certainly not thought provoking stuff but definitely simple entertainment Looking forward to the 4th installment in Dec

  8. Kiwi Kiwi says:

    I have to say I like this book much than Fifty Shades of Grey The story plots are exciting with twist and turns The characters are complex and interestingEnjoy reading it can't wait till next book comes on in September

  9. Angela Thomas Angela Thomas says:

    This is this first series that I have read by this author that being said I am thrilled with this series Blake Erica are awesome characters The thrillstwists turns have had me on edge I can’t wait for the next book

  10. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    Read so fast that I may have to read them again Can't wait for the next book Great series

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