Cole Meet Ali White Rabbit Chronicles #15 eBook ê Ali

Cole Meet Ali White Rabbit Chronicles #15 ColeMeet Ali Cole melts my heart and other places Heh I always wanted to know what he thought I could read Cole's POV forever I always love reading these short little stories that have been embedded in trilogies and series alike like a special scene we aren't supposed to know about but are able to read it anyway I liked this one it was niceI'm ready for those babies Cole Marry me? Really interesting to see Cole and Ali's first meeting from his POV I really love it when authors give readers these little extra snippets I love anything to do with these characters and this world ANDTHERE'S GOING TO BE A 4TH BOOK IN THE SERIES FUCK YES A MAD ZOMBIE PARTY PUBLISHES IN SEPTEMBER WOOO I have to say that I can definitely see why this part was cut out It's obvious that the way the final book 1 was put out was much polished and better portrayed in this instance This was all over the place and even after having read the first book it was confusing to follow and fairly boring to read Alice in Zombieland is good this was cut for a reason Published on Gena Showalter's blogI promised to rewrite the scene where Ali and Cole meet in Alice in Zombieland from Cole's point of view and today I'm deliveringAre you curious to know what thoughts rolled through Cole's head when he first met Ali Read on “Say the word and I will get us signed up for homeschool” Bronx moves in beside me “I want out of this hellhole sooner rather than later”“Dude Shut your stupid mouth hole” Frosty punches Bronx in the shoulder Mouth hole? I ask“There are no chicks in homeschool” Frosty explainsI can't believe this is a thing And it is from the author WHATSorry couldn't take this seriously Cole takes himself seriously enough for both of us So much angst I can't believe I missed this when it was first posted but so glad I found it now I love to read things from other character's POVs in series that I love I've always loved Cole and Ali and to read how he was feeling when they first met was amazing I'd love to read of how he sees the world Thanks to Ms Showalter for this peek into the brain of one of my favorite characters

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