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Puck You Grace Gillman and Sebastian Evans have in common than they think Not only do they love hockey and live to tear up the ice but they also hate each other with a passion More importantly both Grace and Sebastian are humiliated by the attraction they feel towards one another After all you're not supposed to have the hots for your sworn enemy Since tryouts Sebastian has resented the girl that could threaten his spot as number one player on the hockey team Grace on the other hand can't stand that her captain is a sexist arrogant womanizer Can the two teammates make it through the hockey season without killing each other

  • ebook
  • Puck You
  • Peyton Novak
  • English
  • 24 July 2014

10 thoughts on “Puck You

  1. Laura Laura says:

    Reading books on Wattpad is a thrilling ride because I only add the good books that I read on Goodreads This eBook was by far the best I have ever read I loved the romance and drama I would read another book by Payton Novak in the future Sebastian is bae 3

  2. Anne Anne says:

    35 4 stars

  3. Mannat Kaur Mannat Kaur says:

    How do I read it


    I love Sebastian and his undying love for Grace I'm also glad that Matt didn't end up with Grace because he honestly got too clingy But over all this book is so AMAZING and I'm glad I read it

  5. Allysio Adams Allysio Adams says:

    I can't read this book i don't see where it says read anyone to help?

  6. Meg Meg says:


  7. Abbey Lawrence Abbey Lawrence says:

    Was a good story about a girl playing in a men hockey team However the book did drag and could have finished before they go to collage

  8. Leora Leora says:

    One again Payton Novak brings us a brilliant novel The plot is something that I had never read before at least in hockey and never was it as good as her The main female character Grace is a fun read because she is sort of a badass and cilled with sarcastic humor I also loved that this book was one where you saw that both characters felt something but didn't want to have feelings for each other which gave the reader something to push and root for throughout the book I would recommend this to anyone that loves a great strong female character and a romance story with a little action and rivalry Happy reading

  9. Amanda Fendryk Amanda Fendryk says:

    4 45 stars this book is separated into 2 different parts than are essentially different books The first part I was totally in love with the whole thing the storyline the drama and the characters The second part was not the same I understand the need to wrap up the story and finish developing the characters but for me something was missing I'm not sure if it was the lack of hockey being that both characters hockey was their way of life then grace is on the college hockey team at her dream college and we hear nothing about it

  10. Hab (bookishuniversee) Hab (bookishuniversee) says:

    Puck you is an amazing story written by Peyton Novak The story change perspective from the two main characters giving an insight on both view I was in loved with the characters as they had flaws like you and me They weren't build 2D The story wasn't filled with cliché people or was the plot too cliché It had originality It was well written and I recommend to anyone especially people who love a good teen fiction

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