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Darkdawn The epic conclusion to the internationally bestselling Nevernight Chronicle from New York Times bestselling author Jay KristoffThe greatest games in Godsgrave’s history have ended with the most audacious murders in the history of the Itreyan RepublicMia Corvere gladiatii escaped slave and infamous assassin is on the run Pursued by Blades of the Red Church and soldiers of the Luminatii legion she may never escape the City of Bridges and Bones alive Her mentor Mercurio is now in the clutches of her enemies Her own family wishes her dead And her nemesis Consul Julius Scaeva stands but a breath from total dominance over the RepublicBut beneath the city a dark secret awaits Together with her lover Ashlinn brother Jonnen and a mysterious benefactor returned from beyond the veil of death she must undertake a perilous journey across the Republic seeking the final answer to the riddle of her life Truedark approaches Night is falling on the Republic for perhaps the final timeCan Mia survive in a world where even daylight must dieNew York Times and internationally bestselling author Jay Kristoff’s writing has been praised by critics and readers alike and has won many awards including four Aurealis Awards an ABIA and David Gemmell Morningstar and Legend awards

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  1. chai ♡ chai ♡ says:

    I had thought my return to this series would be as easy as falling back in a friendly old dream as effortless as curtains parting and meeting again on either side of an opera performance a lever being pulled one set whisked to the rafters and another dropped to the stageYet when I finished reading Darkdawn I found myself moved by two contrary currents my love for this series appearing in the fragile wisp of my memory very much like its bright old self and the realization—like a shock of cold water—that it had gradually burned away like a sea fog beneath the sun There’s that distant feeling of familiarity still but it’s soft around the edges mushy like it’s crumbling away I almost wish I hadn’t read this book so I could remain within the circumference of the past—back when nothing could have persuaded me to believe that my giddy enthusiasm for this series would one day become vague entirely shrouded by the mists of time So what’s this book about? The need for revenge has been a violent fire within Mia Corvere for eight years and in the gladiatii arena its flames had flared hot and blue As a result Julius Scaeva is dead and her brother Jonnen whom she thought dead is alive and safe The world was supposed to work the way it had always been intended to work running smoothly on all cylinders But if Scaeva’s evil had been purely volatile he might have not been as deadly as plague Instead he was calculating and calculating men seldom dwell among the deadScaeva appears to his daughter with a placating offer to join his side and share his power and in anyone else it might have looked like kinship but Mia couldn’t see it as anything so benign Mia wanted to visit on him a cataclysm of nightmares that would leave him spinning through darkness forever But a new realization tiptoes toward her unfaltering and ugly Mia and Scaeva were as alike as leaves and maybe she was always meant to be as much of a monster and he was only the instrumentBut complicated than Mia’s unthwarted pursuit of vengeance Jonnen’s remembrance of his sister is muddied up below the waterline alongside his late mother and although his savior Mia now seems to him baleful and outlandish and cruel and even inexpiable his father’s murderess Tric it seems has dragged his mortal limbs through fearful darkness to come back for Mia carrying a destiny but his infantile hope uickly curdles into something jagged and despairing when he learns that Mia’s new lover is none other than Ashlinn the woman who killed him Tric and Ashlinn are like twin harpies of past and present hovering always by Mia and her heart was at war with itself And they were all on steel tracks thundering inevitably on into a perilous inky tunnel ahead YOUR VENGEANCE IS AS THE SUNS MIA IT SERVES ONLY TO BLIND YOU Darkdawn’s company is like a strong tonic Bracing—and best to eschew altogether if you can’t handle the kick Beguiled by the series’ theatrical unrepentance and intractable style I found myself falling under its spell This time however the same spell hung on me yet I felt weightlessThe stakes in this installment are mostly smaller than in the series' opener and seuel Darkdawn is a harrowing read but not even half as much so as its predecessors The unforced pace drags and the plot is rather such an unrelenting onslaught of fight scenes sex bawdiness it becomes numbing The result is an unbalanced unwieldy beast that could have been streamlined someThe acerbic angst the verbal excess the deadpan laughs—it turns out—are not an endlessly renewable energy source Like in the series books before it the author likes to drop in from the sky in his narratorial guise with cute self referential footnotes and dramatic asides even toying with the edges of meta and making fun of his own wordy tendencies—a habit I previously found illuminating charming and clever but which had worn thin like a scrap of limp rope thrown over a branch you can hardly grapple onto and begun to reuire a great deal of emotional labor Kristoff lays it on a little too thick too often and his efforts to transform nearly every observation into something either hilarious or profound yields many overwritten lines and dilutes the story’s power to persuade us Throughout I kept reflecting if this is how desultory I feel after three chapters then how desultory can I expect to feel after twenty ?Every now and then the story kicks into a new gear and the shift feels right only for a twist to happen sending the plot regrettably in a different direction away from I once most relished about the series the intricate plotting gallows humor and murky moral graysAlso a tad deflating in my memory the dynamics between the characters—specifically the romance—projected such an impression of solidity and wholeness which—to me at least—seemed to have been leached away in this book leaving them just pale noise The snide taunting edge of Ashlinn’s impenitence annoyed me Mia’s endless ping ponging between Tric and Ash aggravated me to no end and it’s nearly impossible to reconcile with Tric’s vitality as a character knowing how the story ends The only saving grace was Jonnen’s presence and the dynamics of two siblings who lived different childhoods yet were shaped in such similar waysThe conclusion once it settles feels—if not satisfying—than weirdly inevitable I think I would have felt strongly about it if the author has chosen instead to upend the board game and send the pieces flying—completely subverting all expectationsI guess you either die without having read the finale of your favorite series or live long enough to be sorely disappointed☆ ko fi ★ blog ☆ twitter ★ tumblr ☆

  2. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    Damn it's over I'm going to need some time to process this45 I think the last book of the series will divide the fans For my part I enjoyed it uestions are finally answered the characters continue to grow and to bring laughter and tears The magic system is so interesting and original and I hope there will be books in that universeCan't wait to discuss this one in details soon with everyoneOh and gotta love Kristoff making fun of his own writing

  3. Melanie Melanie says:

    ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review1 Nevernight ★★★★★2 Godsgrave ★★★★★ “I am a daughter of the dark between the stars” she replied “I am the thought that wakes the bastards of this world sweating in the nevernight I am the vengeance of every orphaned daughter every murdered mother every bastard son” Mia leaned forward and looked the man in the eye “I am the war you cannot win” Nevernight is about a girl desperate to learn the truth of her family and willing to do anything it takes to seek her revenge Godsgrave is about a young woman learning of her and her family’s past and willing to do anything it takes to survive Darkdawn is about a powerful woman learning what she wants in this life and willing to do anything to protect the ones she loves “As promised her birth you’ve witnessed her life you’ve lived All that remains is her death” Hi my name is Melanie and I truly think this trilogy is a masterpiece Most of you know this is a very beloved series in the book community and with good reason it truly is a story that somehow has completely bled into my very own heart and feels completely a part of me Seeing Mia seeing her struggles and defeats seeing her power and victories seeing everything ugly and beautiful in between it has been an honor friends A true honor and one that I won’t forgetThis is going to be a hard book to review mostly because it is the concluding book of a trilogy but also just because I am too emotionally invested Seeing Mia be a recruit for the red church to seeing her being a gladiator willing to risk it all to seeing her deal with what it means to get close to your absolution it’s all so beautiful and it all evokes so many emotions from me that are beyond wordsI guess I should take a minute to talk about all the side characters even though I truly could gush about Mia Corvere forever But Mia has so many enemies but just as many people who truly have grown to love her This series has such an extensive cast of side characters but they all feel so different and so fleshed out “But it’s a terrible thing Dona Mia when the ones who should love you best leave you for the wolves” Especially Mercurio You all know that I have loved this grumpy old man for many years but what a bright shining light in this final installment I love what was done with his character so much And let’s all be honest here we all love seeing when the hard grumpy one ends up being the soft sweet one Mercurio and Mia’s relationship and found family is the stuff of dreams And the constant theme of family being the people you choose is so beautifully executed throughout this entire series but it is especially highlighted in DarkdawnAnd not to get into anything spoiler but you all know I love reading about sibling relationships especially when it is an older sister protecting a little brother Also I have been very open about this series having one of my favorite ff relationships of all time and I was living my best life gentle friends truly All of the relationship dynamics are expertly done; romantic platonic familial all perfectionThe author has been very open about the ending of this book and how it was going to be pretty sad but the ending truly surpassed everything I could have imagined I find it very rare for me to be completely satisfied with the ending of a beloved series and somehow Jay Kristoff was able to pull off perfection “Sometimes the past won’t just die Sometimes you have to kill it” Overall this series just means a lot to me and I truly love it wholeheartedly And before you all ask yes I did cry a lot while reading First because I truly am still not ready to say goodbye but also because Jay Kristoff does not pull back the punches and this shit hurts friends But I was crying with a smile on my face this I swear And all the footnotes? I feel like I could write a separate review for the spectrum of emotions they were able to evoke from me I just love this series so much and I love Mia than any words I could string together for a sappy review Lastly anyone who loves the UK versions of this series? You all are going to geek out while reading this book Okay love you byeBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch The uotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publicationContent and Trigger Warnings talk of child sex slavery in the past graphic violence gore blood depiction torture loss of a loved one death murder a lot of alcohol consumption talk of rape in the past talk of pedophilia in the past talk of suicide many threats of rape sexual assault unwanted touching and abandonment This is a very dark adult book Please use caution while reading and make sure you are in a safe headspace Buddy read with Jules at JA Ironside ❤

  4. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    I have read my way through 315 books to bring you my Top 10 Books of the Year videoNow you know that this one made the cut check out my video review to see the others What doesn't kill me had better fucking run Mia Corere once a rich little girl experienced her entire world shift on its axis whern Consul Julius Scaeva murdered her fatherIn her uest for revenge Mia has leapt from lonely orphan girl to assassin to gladiatii And once she secured her position she managed to murder her enemy leader of the Republic or so she thought Turns out Consul Julius Scaeva murderer of her father and countless others escaped but not for long This is who I am I'm not a hero I'm a vengeful selfish bitch If there is one thing one absolute thing you can be certain aboutit's that if Mia decides to kill you nothing not friends family guards armies or even Gods will be able to stand in her way I am the war you cannot win What in the hell am I supposed to do with my life now??? Ahhhh let me dwell in my misery In short this book was truly and I mean truly an absolute stunner This whole series not a dud in the lot This round Mia takes her younger brother Jonnen under her wing and he is ever the spiteful brat that she was It was a fun humanizing dynamic that I'm forever grateful that Kristoff added to this series You never know what can break you until you're falling apart You never miss your shadow until you're lost in the dark I also loved how Mia despite her strength and cunning was heartbreakingly human Ashlinn Mercurio and Jonnen all rounded out her character beautifully And above all I loved her attitude If you wanted a saviour perhaps you should've picked a girl who believes this world is worth saving There's something so refreshing to finally FINALLY have a Chosen One who goes ehhh I'd rather not My only regret? That this series is finished I really have nothing left to do in this worldYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads

  5. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    THIS IS THE LAST DAMN BOX AND THANK GOD IT HAS SOME GOOD DAMN STUFF IN IT Click on the GOODIES LINK under the pic to see the GOODIES GOODIES LINKY’all I’m just gonna keep updating this bastard Here’s the artwork dustjackets I got framed put on my wall Sorry it’s not a good pic I have a bookcase in the way Also be sure to click the goodies links for the special Illumicrate Faecrate boxes I have ShelfLove Crate on the way so I will do an unboxing of it too Anyway this artwork is amaze balls FaeCrate's Darkdawn Hangover Recovery Kit Click on the link below the pic to see the GOODIESTHE GOODIES LINKIllumicrate DarkDawn Edition Click on the goodies link below the pic to see the GoodiesTHE GOODIES LINKWaterstone's Edition BelowEFF ME JUST EFF ME I THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE ANOTHER FIVE STAR 5 STARS FOR TRIC ECLIPSE BUT I CANT 5 STAR THIS BOOK BECAUSE IT WAS UTTER SHITE view spoilerTo hell with Ash Mia If you were going that route Jay you could have wrote the ending a lot of us wanted with Tric The hell you bring him back at the end of Godsgrave Oh yeah to make us want the next book I’m pretty sure I know why you did it but whatever hide spoiler

  6. Petrik Petrik says:

    O’gentlefriends Darkdawn concluded The Nevernight Chronicle trilogy on a bloody high note and it’s not implausible for me to say that this has become my favorite book in the series Don't fuck with librarians young lady We know the power of words Each installment within the series can be classified as Mia’s journey throughout her life; Nevernight as Mia’s book of birth Godsgrave as Mia’s book of life and Darkdawn as Mia’s book death Don’t worry if you’re reading this without any knowledge of the series that’s not a spoiler; the first page within the first book of the series has mentioned that Mia died Now the specifics leading towards it and whether Mia’s death is a lie or truth I’ll leave that for you to find out for yourself The Nevernight Chronicle in a way is Mia’s revenge story told by an unnamed narrator that the reader didn’t know not until they’ve read Darkdawn anyway I can’t tell you anything specific about the story in Darkdawn except that it continues immediately from where Godsgrave left off and Darkdawn really finished Mia’s story What I can tell you however is what made the book worked so well for me “And the I live it the I realize “deserve” has nothing to do with this life Blessings and curses fall on the wicked and the just alike Fair is a fairy tale Nothing's claimed by those who don't want it and nothing's kept by those who won't fight for it So let's fight” I personally think that Darkdawn is the best book of the trilogy I was on a short vacation for the past couple of days; let me tell you that putting this book down was an immensely difficult task to do There’s a ridiculously alluring strength within Kristoff’s writing that compelled me to find out whether Mia will truly die or not A barrage of revelations was forwarded immediately to readers—some of them being the identity of the unnamed narrator and the origin of the Darkins—within the first uarter of the book and there are so many characterizations plus developments happening to the characters throughout the trilogy this late into the series that I hugely enjoyed reading One of my most favorite changes implemented into this book is how the narrative has shifted into multi perspective rather than Mia’s only POV The multi perspective inclusion made the story felt bigger in scope and most importantly it definitely made me care for many of the characters within the series rather than only a few Kristoff really took every event from the previous two books into account; the characters even those who I thought would only serve as minor characters played a role in subtly enriching the scope and complexities of the series The banter between friends the camaraderie the in depth characterization and the gradual character development; all unified to make the book emotional than I expected it would be and I loved it “To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is to never die And to burn in the memories of our friends is to never say goodbye” Out of all the books in the trilogy Darkdawn’s story progression felt structured like traditional epic fantasy; filled with travels around the world gathering comrades for the upcoming final battle dangerous seafaring and heartwarming interactions between the characters—both returning and new—that displayed how far they’ve have come and grown to care about each other Although each book in the series felt a bit different from each other they never lose the themes that acted as a constant compass for the plotlines revenge familia friendship responsibilities and love persists even so within this book I also loved how Kristoff conveyed the lesson that pain shaped maturity and you don't know what you got till it’s gone A lot of creativities were involved in Kristoff’s storytelling style And I’m not just speaking exclusively about the unconventional page format found in Mia’s Shadowsteps usage or how well written the book was I’m talking about the incredible fourth wall breaking application within the narrative where Kristoff made fun of his own writing and The correlation between some books in Itreya and some books in our real life was superb These shouldn’t have worked but they did and every moment of reading them made me smile with glee Further I found the footnotes in Godsgrave too much to my liking; it fills me with joy that the freuency of the footnotes in Darkdawn has been reduced significantly compared to the previous two books “Pretty warriors can’t fight for shit You can’t know how sweet it is to breathe ’til you’ve had your ribs broken You can’t appreciate being happy ’til someone has made you cry And there’s no point blaming yourself for the kickings life gives you Just think about how much it hurt and how much you don’t want to feel that way again And that’ll help you do what you need to do the next time to win” Before I closed my review I would like to add that the action seuences in Darkdawn were by far the best in the entire trilogy Mia’s Shadowsteps continues to hook my attention amazing sea battles that exceeded my expectations; Kristoff has also painted scenes of obsidian carnage in the last uarter of the book Honestly all the action scenes were incredibly immersive well written and can be visualized vividly Full of stakes blood and ruin; Mia’s stormy waltz of vengeance in my opinion concluded satisfyingly If you look at the US cover art of Darkdawn you can observe glimpses of what’s to come here Expect unveiled hatred rage and palpable tension in this finale; you shall be satisfied “I am a daughter of the dark between the stars I am the thought that wakes the bastards of this world sweating in the nevernight I am the vengeance of every orphaned daughter every murdered mother every bastard son I am the war you cannot win” There’s nothing left to say other than to say that I loved Darkdawn very much I have a feeling the events that occurred in this book might divide the fans of the series; fortunately it only made me love the book and the trilogy even Darkdawn is an astonishingly brilliant conclusion to The Nevernight Chronicle Every page of this book was seductive compelling and I found this concluding installment to be greatly satisfying Without a doubt Darkdawn will be included in my annual end of the year list as one of my favorite reads of the year Well done Jay Kristoff I look forward to reading the beginning of your upcoming new series Empire of the Vampire next year Until then goodnight gentlefriends “Fear was Can'tFear was Won'tBut fear wasn't ever a choiceTo never fear was to never hope Never love never live To never fear the dark was to never smile as the dawn kissed your face To never fear solitude was to never know the joy of a beauty in your armsPart of having is the fear of losingPart of creating is the fear of it breakingPart of beginning is the fear of your endingFear is never a choiceNever a choiceBut letting it rule you is” Series Review Nevernight 455 stars Godsgrave 45 stars Darkdawn 55 stars The Nevernight Chronicle 13515 stars You can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

  7. NReads NReads says:

    me to this book Do it destroy us

  8. ✨ A ✨ ✨ A ✨ says:

    O gentlefriends it has taken me a while to gather my thoughts on this one“I am a daughter of the dark between the stars” she replied “I am the thought that wakes the bastards of this world sweating in the nevernight I am the vengeance of every orphaned daughter every murdered mother every bastard son” Mia leaned forward and looked the man in the eye “I am the war you cannot win”As some of you will notice I changed my rating from 4 stars to 3 SPOILERS FOR BOOK 1 2 ⤵We start off exactly where Godsgrave ended with Mia in the arena escaping after the murder of Scaeva and DuomoThis book was about both Mia getting her revenge once and for all and also her journey along with new and old friends to the crown of the moon You’re than just a killer If you open your arms to it you’re the girl who can right the fucking sky She discovers many things in this book finally getting answers to her uestions about the darkin And realising the cost of her revenge and not willing to lose anyone else because of it I don't want to go into too much detail about the plot because it will just spoil your reading experience “To live in the hearts we leave behind is to never die” Tric said softly I really enjoyed reading about Mia and Jonnen He was honestly the best part of this he reminded me so much of Matthias Helvar from Six of Crows duology And I loved how hard Mia worked to make Jonnen understand that they were siblings and that she cared for him This sibling relationship was one of the better parts of this storyA lot of this book was fantastic but there was a big amount of disappointment Mia's revenge plot was definitely the reason I was invested in this series but when Darkdawn took a turn into typical YA chosen one territory that's where it lost me What I loved the most about the first two books was the skill in which Kristoff managed to shock the socks off his readers with his twists and endings And while the ending of this book will satisfy many readers it just didn't do it for me Let me not even get into how bland the romance was huge eye roll I was not a fan of the TricAshlynn tension Trust me I was expecting this to be a five star read but there was too much lacking The ending was so disappointing and I was literally sitting and staring at the last page thinking ‘is this it?’ And while this finale was disappointing I'm still glad I read these books I will not forget these precious characters so easily and book 1 will always be a favourite of mine I just wished this book was executed better Special thank you to my good friend Fares for recommending this series and for reading Nevernight with me and for always being available for my rants and theories Fares if it wasn't for you this series probably would have sat unread on my shelf for a good couple of years ILY bro‹ Publication Date 3 September 2019 › « uotes might change after final publication » ARC received from publisher via edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewMy reviews forNevernightGodsgrave

  9. jessica jessica says:

    well gentlefriends how devastatingly mias story finally ends with it ruining me very gently and then ruining me very hard but each page was worth the release date being pushed back a year the countless tears i shed for tric the cunning brutality of kristoffs writingthe longing i felt for mias revenge and the acceptance of knowing this is the ending i got even if its not uite the one i wanted and so finally as i close the cover this story steps into the shadows of my bookshelf and waitsuntil my heart can handle a reread ↠ 45 stars

  10. amy ☂︎ amy ☂︎ says:

    this will be my doom and i welcome it

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