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Wes Denial Tease and Denial #2 Novel 103000 words 301 pagesGenres Gay Erotica BDSMWes has spent his life looking for that one special guy who will understand and love him—all of him From his tender vanilla side to his darker debauched sideThroughout high school his successful career in the Marines and as a BDSM Dom he’s remained confident his partner is out there waiting to be foundHowever several events shake his normally unflappable self–assuranceAnd even after he finds Grif will his past catch up with him and possibly drive his soul mate awayTags GAY EROTICA BDSM Ds DEGRADATION SPH BITTERSWEET

  • ebook
  • 301 pages
  • Wes Denial Tease and Denial #2
  • Joseph Lance Tonlet
  • English
  • 28 January 2016

10 thoughts on “Wes Denial Tease and Denial #2

  1. Jan Jan says:

    5 Stars Although I’ve had some reservations with Grif’s Toy ref a character who already left the plot Wes’ Denial was a much anticipated story to me I finished book 1 totally invested in Wes and Grif’s storySo I have to confess that I felt a bit disappointed when the story barely started and Grif decided to disappear for two bloody months It made me think that the story would be filled with unnecessary drama regarding Grif’s insecurities Thank Lord I was wrong Soon Marcus Grif woke up for life and stopped resisting WesFrom there on Wes’ Denial become an amazing journey Their relationship has evolved slowly with lots of talk where the guys had the chance to know each other and most important in these conversations they worked out their kinky as a couple Something that was big for both of them “We talked intellectually about sadism and masochism and about why each of us thought we enjoyed the things we did” “It was during that conversation that each of us discovered that same truth about one another neither of us knew why the things that turned us on turned us on Neither of us could identify some event in our lives as the point where the kink was born” Grif had a deep need for denial and humiliation and his small dick was the thing that allowed his masochistic pleasure to bloomWes was a sadist who loved to torment and see Grif in tearsSumming it up they were made for each other Both guys were incredible portrayed giving a real feel to the story But a big BUT Wes stole the show Wes was a force to be reckoned with He had a way to deal with Grif that has done my head in like this Treating Grif with a steady hand being strong for them both as a friend as a husband and as a DOM At the same time being so careful and treating Grif’s as if he was something very delicate and precious Wes disarmed me completely I find so rare to find a story in this genre where the author has the ability to transmit to me as a reader the beauty of this balance Besides the fascinating story about Grif and Wes the author gave us chapters about Wes’s past These chapters have left me in awe They were like parallel short stories and at the end of each of them I was craving for like an addict The characters that made part of Wes past came to make a strong impression And their job they did It took Wes’ Denial to another level of greatness To meet Phillip Conrad Paul Henrik and Thomas Marcani was my absolutely pleasure Thank you so much Mr Tonlet for this giftI am ignoring the epilogueWes Denail is a brilliant read

  2. Joseph Tonlet Joseph Tonlet says:

    Goodreads MM Romance Member Choice Nominations All Time Favorite MM Series Tease and DenialAll Time Favorite MM RomanceBest BDSMBest Book of the YearBest ContemporaryMainstreamBest Dark ThemeBest Established Couple Wes and GrifBest KinkFetishBest Main Character WesDiverse Reader Top Pick 2016Paranormal Romance Guild 2016 Reviewer's Choice Nominee BestsellerTour StopsTHE BLOGGER GIRLS Strength In SubmissionTHE NOVEL APPROACH Sexual humiliation KIMMER'S EROTIC BOOK BANTER My Year In DenialLOVEBYTES Monikers in BDSMMMBookEscape Personal InterviewAttention Is Arbitrary Personal InterviewDiverse Reader Personal InterviewOJHESAY Personal InterviewThe Goodreads MM Romance Group is holding Buddy Read Discussion HERE If you have uestions comments etc where spoilers are hidden behind tags come over and join in NOTE You must be a member of the group to participate view the tread If you're not when you click the above link you'll be taken to the group's main page where you can easily joinMarketplace LinksSmashwordsLuluGoogle PlayRegular PaperbackSigned Paperback USA ONLYSample ReadThe first two chapters on my website with either the option of reading online or downloading to your favorite eReaderPreview the chapters with this LinkPeaceJLT#pleasurethroughdenialJosephLanceTonletcom

  3. Ariana Ariana says:

    Reread in April 2019 I can't believe I made my way through this yet again And before you ask I did NOT reread the epilogue As I said before once in a lifetime is than enough But the rest is positively riveting The dynamics between Wes and Grif are beautifully explained and explored and it is amazing to see how their relationship evolves over the years How their kink changes and allows both of them to be fully themselves during their Chocolate sessionsI haven't read a massive amount of BDSM but this two book series is not only brilliantly written but also highly educational It really gives insights into Ds relationships and how they work That's at least how it feels to me but I'm not an expert And I have changed my mind about the BDSM in this book on this second read I still feel uncomfortable about some scenes but I maybe get a little bit better where everybody is coming fromAmazing bookOriginal review45 starsThis is the hardest review I’ve written so far which comes down to the fact that there is a gaping dichotomy between the uality of this book and the emotions it stirred up in meAt one point I wanted to chicken out but then decided to ‘cowboy up’ after all If you asked me “Was this a good book? I could look you happily in the eye and say “Yes It was blooming amazing in fact” Brilliant writing in depth characterization a dramatic plot and two MCs I already lovedIt starts where book 1 left off not taking the interwoven timelines into consideration and deals with two things1 How Wes becomes the man he is at present2 How Wes and Grif’s relationship evolves over the course of years1 We knew from book 1 that there were things Wes kept secret from Grif and when I got to them I could see why he couldn’twouldn’t share them view spoiler I understood the reasons for his actions in the first incident much better but was having a very hard time forgiving him for the second There really was no justification for his violence not that he was looking for any hide spoiler

  4. Jack Pyke Jack Pyke says:

    Disclaimer Editor's reviewSniffles I love Wes; he walks such a delicate balance between brutal decadence and that finely tuned tender side Both whisper in Grif's ear calling out everything in him the lover the sub the businessman and in his own uniue and ultimate way the master of all of Wes's kink and control Take Grif away Wes wouldn't be the same take Wes awayOh maaaan I can feel the draw so badly to Wes Tonlet has such a vivid way of not only creating dynamic partnerships but then also isolating each partner building their own world and giving every single soul depth dimension and colour And this is where the dark master of his writing comes in When emotions or kink for good or bad stir all that colour together oh boy the sex is hot but the Ds dynamics? It's just so uniuely Tonlet PerfectHowever you do need to have read Grif's Toy before reading thisAnother fantastic story with that walk into the epilogue that well in the mean spirit of hating crying left me somewhere all But the twist with Junior and Wes himself frickin' pricelessDisclaimer I edited Wes' Denial but I do so at no cost to the author which means I dig my heels in and threaten kidnap when he DOES offer payment in my direction I have my reasons for this which Mr Tonlet welcomed so beautifully I also edit to NOT solicit work from other authors as I mostly edit for publishing companies As I gain nothing financially from this work I reserve the right to review This is my opinion as unbiased as I can possibly be especially when it comes to Mr Tonlet Mind you when I say I don't charge this author I'm damn well sending him my bill for the tissues I got through

  5. Moony Eliver Moony Eliver says:

    This is one of those ratings that's an average of the book's highs and lows The problem I often have with reviewing in this situation is that I end up in a diatribe about its flaws when the truth is that I recommend it and I loved reading itIn an effort to avoid that I'll just say that I had many of the same issues with this volume as I had with the first The dialogue and character development were average and the editing needed another pass or two See me not ranting about all of this? I've said it; I'm gonna let that be enough this timeThe second half of this book was by far the best part of the duology with scattered moments of full on brilliance There were some elements of Wes' backstory that were so intriguing and well crafted that I wanted MORE PLEASE Wes If the relationship between Wes and Grif had been less idyllic and as interesting as the one view spoilerbetween Wes Thomas and Henrik hide spoiler

  6. True Loveislovereview True Loveislovereview says:

    5 EPIC journey The openings chapter was one that shakes you and keeps you right inamazing My GodWes and Grif The way they treat each otherso delicateso deeply imbued with loveNow and then a little crack of uncertainty which has to be confirmedso openvulnerableThe storyline is one of high leveleverything was rightflawless And then the humorsometimes subtle sometimes prominentI loved it allAll the details in their interactions were fascinating Wes was perfect and GrifGrif was master read servant in his being To see how their relationship grows and deepen is the real satisfaction I love the feeling in this story that they were made for each other That they even met and than so compatible Fulfilling each others deepest desires with no reserve or restraint A perfect couple They grow and in their experience they overcome themselvesThe Wes' experience with Thomas and Henrik read it yourself All the side characters were part of this journey they had to be thereAgain Wes' did grow immensely I loved it so much that he wasn't perfect he had his flaws It made him human But he does it so well he learned from his mistakesAnd then at some point there is some little revelation from Wes' side Again read it yourself it's so worth The back and forward is really well done Bit by bit the gaps are filled The journey was whole detailed and full with story No dull moment I just loved it The writing style was excellent captivating and on a great levelThe build up in this story is one you will never forgetAfter I finished this journey I was utterly speechless The end was EPIC

  7. Donna Donna says:

    I loved this book so much Especially the ending and the epilogue Yes it had some sadness but also so much love Grif and Wes are one of my favorite couples Both books in this series were very well written especially the characters

  8. Baba Baba says:


  9. Helena Stone Helena Stone says:

    Some books shouldn’t be allowed to end But because stories invariably must come to a conclusion and I really didn’t want to say goodbye to Wes and Grif I did something I almost never do and rationed my reading In fact it would be safe to say that in keeping with one of Wes and Grif’s preferred kinks I denied myself the pleasure of reaching the end as uickly as I could have And still I’m sorry I didn’t manage to make the book last longer Because while Grif’s Toy was a fantastic read this one is even betterIt was uite a journey because dear God Joseph Lance Tonlet sure knows how to draw his readers in and shatter their hearts at the same time Chapter one is short but it packs a punch hard enough to leave you breathless and devastated But after that first chapter the story settles down and as was the case for Grif in Grif’s Toy we are shown both Wes’ past and his and Grif’s present in alternating chapters In the process we learn how Wes turned into the man we met in the earlier book and how his relationship with Grif grows develops and gets ever closer and kinkierThese two men are so perfect for each other Their desires and needs are mirror images of each other They complement each other fit together like two halves of the same coin and yet there’s a part of himself Wes is afraid to share with Grif You see Wes’ Denial is a most appropriate title for this book because the story isn’t ‘just’ about Wes denying Grif his pleasure and orgasms It is also or maybe so about Wes denying a part of himself a part he’s afraid of a part he doesn’t trust a part that has led to horrific conseuences in the past a part of himself he can’t show to Grif although—or maybe because—he loves Grif than life itself Like Grif’s Toy this is a very sexy and kinky story I have to admit I’m surprised at how much the kink affected me despite the fact that I’d run a mile if anyone would even come close to playing with me the way Wes plays with Grif But while I loved all those scenes I adored the depth of their feelings for each other even The trust necessary to maintain a relationship like these two men have is staggering and a thing of beauty And yet at no point is either man portrayed as perfect Wes in this book is shown to be all too human and fallible and he’s all the beautiful for itI don’t think there was a single word in this book I didn’t love Over the almost twenty four hours since I finished the book Wes and Grif have never been far from my mind Images phrases and ideas keep on swirling through my head making me smile and reigniting some of that excitement I experienced while readingPushing boundaries is a huge part of BDSM and if there is such a thing the books by this author are my personal boundary pushing reading experience I’m enjoying scenes and descriptions I feel I maybe ought to frown upon and yet I can’t JLT has managed to make me appreciate admire and even feel curious about something I don’t understand and can’t begin to wrap my head around and that in and of itself is a five star achievementI’m not going to say anything concrete about it but I do want to finish this review by saying that for me this book ended perfectly In fact the ending could have been written for me And while I hope that the author will at some point tell us about uinn and Gage I won’t complain too hard if he doesn’t because Grif and Wes’ story is perfection exactly as it isLong story short Wes' Denial is almost certainly the best book I have read this year so far And if it wasn't impossible for reasons than I can count I'd ask Joseph Lance Tonlet to marry me just for having written that epilogue

  10. Debra Debra says:

    Review originally posted at Sinfully45 starsInitially dropping the reader into Wes’s past for a shocking opening chapter the story uickly picks up where Grif's Toy left off and you really must read that before this one Wes’ Denial is similar in style to the first book taking us back in forth in time to tell Wes’ story and continue moving his relationship with Grif forward but there is of a darkness to this tale We already knew that there were a few secrets Wes wasn't ready to share with Grif and he struggles with trying to keep them hidden throughout the story There are two events in particular that have haunted him for years and have shaped the Ds relationship he shares with Grif and the way Wes views himself as both a Dom and a manFrom the start of the story we get a glimpse of a different Wes Not completely the confident Wes we came to know in Grif’s Toy but a Wes that harbors uncertainties who is guilt ridden and pained by the secrets he is keeping and his past actions This Wes is prominent in the book but we still do get plenty of the dominant loving and fun partner that Grif brings out These two are like yin and yang; just the perfect match It is in fact Grif’s desire to give Wes that leads to his fears coming outThe chapters showing us a younger Wes discovering his kink for control helped me to understand that particular need of his a bit better We see him as a teenager getting ready to enter the Marines and just starting to practice his kink during boot camp and his early Marine days where couple of events start to rock his foundation and as a Dom looking to better understand the whys behind both his need and the needs of subs he encounters The references made in Grif’s Toy to the two times he may have been in love are played out here and I’ll just say neither ends well These events that are haunting Wes are severe and it is no wonder he is so torn upGrif knows that Wes is keeping things from him but he does everything to assure Wes that he loves and trusts him implicitly Their relationship moves forward in both the Vanilla and Chocolate areas of their lives and while Wes may be having trouble trusting and forgiving himself Grif has no such doubts and once again shows his strength when he decides to take matters into his own hands in a way I never would have seen coming and absolutely adoredThe kink is heavy in this one yet again Their Chocolate sessions get intense and evolve along with the couple Both Grif and Wes seek to add new elements some of which go incredibly well and others not so much The bond that they share continues to grow and there is never any doubt of their love and commitment I laughed I cringed and got a bit hot at their escapadesThe secondary characters that are introduced are all there for a reason From Wes’ high school lovers Phillip and Conrad to Thomas and Henrik the Dom and his sub who took him on to train and the Marines who touched his life in different ways They are all characters that are as complex as Grif and Wes and add layers to the man that Wes became I can only hope for a Tease and Denial Book 3 that focuses on uinn and Gage Although we meet them only briefly they made uite an impression Gage especially and I can only imagine the story JLT could tell about themAs heavy as the book can get Grif’s light and the absolute devotion Wes has to him and their life together is staggeringly beautiful It’s an emotional journey that leads to the bittersweet Epilogue Yes there will be tears but I bet you will also manage a smile at the absolutely perfect last few sentences

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