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Celebrity Pass Cass Hartley reporter was ruing her day of horrid abysmal luck If anything could go wrong it did right up to the moment that Isobel O’Donnell drove through the pouring rain to rescue her and her ruined pumps Instantly star struck and unable to contain her pure adoration of the movie starlet Cass bumbles her way into the woman’s mansion her bath and maybe just maybe her bed Thank goodness her wife granted her a celebrity pass or there was no way she’d take the risk of fulfilling her fantasies with the woman the entire world wanted

10 thoughts on “Celebrity Pass

  1. Margaret Margaret says:

    As other reviewers have noted the set up for this short story is that the two main characters are having an affair And this is something I couldn't overlook even after 'the twist' Also for a book that is basically erotica I found the sex scenes repetitive and not particularly creative a problem when they're the focus of the bookIt's not bad per se but I've read similar things done much better

  2. Celina Celina says:

    Ok I will give it to Camryne she had my nostrils flaring because I thought they were cheating but damn it was all foreplay Hahahah I was Alamo shook

  3. Tara Tara says:

    I was really enjoying it until I realized there was going to be infidelity because the actress is the reporter's celebrity pass But I'm glad I stuck with it It turned out to be exactly what I hoped and was adorable I would love to read about this couple

  4. Alexis Alexis says:

    Just try thisI can imagine why some readers might be put off this book after reading the provided blurb especially if they haven't figured out right away what's really going on like I hadI actually thought this was a good read Sure infidelity is normally something that I hate reading about and absolutely don't condone but this is an exception Just give it a try and keep an open mind It's not what you think

  5. CLAR CLAR says:

    I believe most readers like myself would've enjoyed this better had not the author used infidelity as the medium to deliver the twist Although I got past that after the last chapter the bigger issue for me was how unrealistic the MCs acted in the first 23 of the book I spent reading those chapters laughing and asking What?

  6. Melissa B Melissa B says:

    YaaasssWow the most acceptable Celebrity Pass you could ask for It was erotic and left you wanting but also satisfied with this short story also

  7. Megan Megan says:

    This one is a little too much like watching someone partake in their fantasy life I'm a bit embarrassed to even say I read it

  8. lov2laf lov2laf says:

    39 starsCelebrity Pass is a play on the freebie celebrity list where a person can sleep with a certain celebrity without their partner getting upsetWe meet Cassie the reporter who is star struck with Isabel the celebrity with whom she's been granted an exclusive interview A day that starts off miserably turns into a dream come true when Isabel shows a sexual interest in Cassand the story continues from thereAs I read I inwardly cringed because infidelity entered the picture If this puts you off do keep reading There is a twist I was really really hoping there was a twist and was thankful that the author gave us one This story has erotica sweetness and humorWorth the read

  9. Teryn Teryn says:

    People as in other reviewers need to get over this idea of this story being about infidelity It's not When you have the consent of your partner to have sex with someone else it's consensual which is what a Celebrity Pass is all about I enjoyed the story It had enough plot to get me interested and to get me to the sex If you like lesfic erotica and won't get hung up on the consentinfidelity issue give this a go

  10. Nka300 Nka300 says:

    hmmm hot it's been a while since i've read a story in which i didn't skip the love making part out of boredomIt was a nice read wouldn't mind a preuel about how they met and became a couple It's like a short storysneak peak not like those 40 pages novels into the lives of a favorite couple or book that you've read

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