Einstein Theory of Relativity A Trip to the Fourth

Einstein Theory of Relativity A Trip to the Fourth Dimension “Oh what a delightful book This is the clearest explanation of relativity available—and the most fun It’s great to have it available again Whether or not you’re a scientist you will relish this book”—Walter Isaacson author of Einstein His Life and UniverseUsing “just enough mathematics to help and not to hinder the lay reader” Lillian R Lieber provides a thorough explanation of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity Her delightful style in combination with her husband’s charming illustrations makes for an interesting and accessible read about one of the most celebrated ideas of all times“A clear and vivid exposition of the essential ideas and methods of the theory of relativitycan be warmly recommended especially to those who cannot spend too much time on the subject”—Albert Einstein“If you know high school math are not afraid of euations and want to find out what Einstein really said read Lillian Lieber’s book She will lead you through special and general relativity helping you at every step to understand the essential euations including tensors with amazing clarity and conciseness This uniuely charming book remains as vivid as ever and even helpful thanks to the excellent new foreward and notes by David Derbes and Robert Jantzen”—Peter Pesic author of Abel’s Proof An Essay on the Sources and Meaning of Mathematical Unsolvability and Sky in a Bottle“Does the nature of time fascinate you Does gravity seem a mysterious subject Are you interested in learning just what it is that Einstein actually did that made him so famous Then this wonderful book is just the thing I read the original 1945 edition when I was a high school student in the 1950s and it had a tremendous impact on me I predict the same experience for you or perhaps a young friend with this new updated edition”—Paul J Nahin author of Time Machines Oliver Heaviside and Dr Euler’s Fabulous FormulaLillian R Lieber was a professor and head of the Department of Mathematics at Long Island University She wrote a series of lighthearted and well respected math books many of them illustrated by her husband Hugh Gray LieberDavid Derbes teaches physics at the University of Chicago Laboratory SchoolsRobert Jantzen is a professor of mathematics at Villanova University

10 thoughts on “Einstein Theory of Relativity A Trip to the Fourth Dimension

  1. Cassandra Kay Silva Cassandra Kay Silva says:

    Fucking brilliant book This is exactly what I was looking for I could feel myself getting excited as I started to mentally piece together Einstein's euations and logic for myself Then about three uarters into it the Math started blowing my mind and I felt my head exploding Perhaps I needed differential calculus to understand that bit I wanted to get out graphing paper and start calculating everything for myself but then again since it was all so well laid out in the book I just carried on and marveled at the beauty and simplicity of the findings The only thing that was kind of unnerving was the sweet kind of cartoon drawings peppered throughout the work As the math started to get harder the drawings felt like they were taunting you Almost like this is kiddy stuff why can't you get it You would look over at the bunny in the picture and think damn you rabbit what do you know about time in spacewhich inevitably led to thinking about the book flatland and imagining what would have happened in flatland had the bunny been introduced An entirely circular and unnecessary point Obviously the page with the bunny on it was absolutely grueling

  2. Emma Emma says:

    Wonderful If you're looking for a layman's introduction to Einstein's theory of relativity that doesn't completely gloss over the mathematical aspects then this book should be your go to The math itself is fairly easy to understand though perhaps not for everyone I think that genuine interest and some patience is really all that is reuired Thought if your math skills are rusty the book may provide a challenge I enjoyed working through this with my younger brother and the illustrations and word formatting were particularly enjoyable Though often the free verse yes I know it's not supposed to be poetry led to me a accidentally scanning a page instead of reading it and subseuently having to reread it But all in all a great book a bit whimsical very fun and VERY informative

  3. Robert Henderson Robert Henderson says:

    This is a strange and wonderful exposition of relativity for the intelligent layman and a uite uniue book I don't think there is anything like it I have a copy of the 1949 edition which is set in a curious bold sans serif typeface on thick paper and feels almost like a book of magic spells This modern edition is a bit easier to read and has some addition notes The line drawings by the author's husband are very surreal and reflect the air of mystery which surrounds the subject I suppose because curved spacetime really is weirdThe text is laid out in short lines like poetry to 'facilitate rapid reading' and this does help make the explanations clearer Special Relativity is well covered in Part 1 but the real meat is in Part 2No other popular book attempts to teach you the tensor calculus needed for General Relativity in this way and I think this book succeeds very well Lilian Lieber makes sure you understand every step Even I almost understand it now Inevitably there are one or two things introduced which you just have to take on trust such as the Christoffel symbols but mostly everything is stated clearly and derived before your very eyes It is nice to have the deflection of light near the sun and motion of the perihelion of Mercury worked out instead of just being given the resultsThis is a very special book and anyone with secondary school maths should be able to follow it easily The author encourages you at every step Even if you don't intend to follow the mathematics you should get a good feel for what General Relativity actually is and understand how calculations are done with it

  4. Calvin Tower Calvin Tower says:

    I wish this book was available while I was in school This book does an excellent job at explaining Einsteins Theory of Relativity while also providing and explaining the mathematics behind it rather than drowning you in a swamp of mathematical gibberish The first half of the book can be followed with an understanding of high school level math although if you are like me you might find yourself having to review than you expected however the second half of the book gets into non Euclidea geometry and probably reuires you to either be currently taking college calculus or in a career where you use it on a daily basis if you have any hopes of already knowing and understanding the math and concepts behind it Fortunately the author does a superb job of laying out arguments so that you can follow the concepts even if the mathematics are beyond you

  5. Alexander Pettry Alexander Pettry says:

    I would like to begin my review by saying that I have absolutely no knowledge of mathematics let alone Einstein's theory of relativity I just read this book for the sake of feeling smart Honestly for someone who has very little knowledge on any branch of mathematics this book is a gem In The Einstein Theory of Relativity A Trip to the Fourth Dimension Lillian R Lieber does a great job explaining the theory while offering illustrations This is going to be a short review for obvious reasons but all I have to say is that it's a terrific book that does a superb job articulating the very complex history of the subject as well as the final theory I highly recommend any mathematician or scientist to have a copy on their bookshelf or anybody who's struggling in college

  6. Sacha Sacha says:

    Who knew relativity could be made so readable? Lillian's joy is palpable through these pages and the math is real Also read Infinity and The Education of TC MITS by the same author; they are not in the GR catalog nor as good

  7. Ron Wood Ron Wood says:

    An attempt at a popular treatment of relativity including tensor mathematics Not for the lay reader but should be looked at by anyone with an interest in the subject A very unusual book

  8. David S. T. David S. T. says:

    I read about the first 50 pages and this book seems like a well written mathematically based advanced layman's introduction to relativity; but it reuires effort than I want to give at this time I'll revisit this later

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