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Chloe Plus Olivia An Anthology of Lesbian Literature from the 17th Century to the Present In Chloe Plus Olivia Lillian Faderman seeks no less than to radically redefine four centuries of lesbian literature filling a need that has long been neglected a literary anthology of lesbian writers over the past four centuries with each piece set in historical and literary context This landmark work of scholarship offers an enlightening review of the shifting concept of lesbian literature followed by examples of six different genres Romantic Friendship Sexual Inversion Exotic and Evil Lesbians Lesbian Encoding Lesbian Feminism and Post Lesbian FeminismFaderman examines works as diverse as Willa Cather's My Antonia and Virginia Woolf's Orlando; poetry by Gertrude Stein and Amy Lowell; fiction by Carson McCullers Helen Hull and Alice Walker In addition Chloe Plus Olivia contains writing by men who focused on women's relationships These writings are included in the early section of the book and were in various ways important to the development of lesbian literature since men were far likely than women to achieve publication in other centuriesIt would be impossible to identify a single great tradition of lesbian writing since it is in constant metamorphosis reflecting changing social attitudes and women's voices Chloe Plus Olivia with its historical scope enhanced by Faderman's own personal search for a definition of lesbian literature makes this the first book of its kind; it is certain to become the point of reference from which all subseuent studies of lesbian literature will begin

10 thoughts on “Chloe Plus Olivia An Anthology of Lesbian Literature from the 17th Century to the Present

  1. Emily Emily says:

    this anthology was left at my house by a friend before she moved a few states to the east as a women's studies and english student in my undergrad i enjoyed this collection greatly i read it as background for a senior independent study project on ueer lit very useful also as i make a habit of naming my chickens after lesbians who lived and loved on the west bank of france in the 1930's this anthology is also a useful reference

  2. Megan Megan says:

    This anthology is thorough though not always entertaining Academically it's an excellent collection; the contents are in chronological order and split into sections named by the general type of representation in literature predominate for lesbians in each period covered You can really see the spectrum and evolution of how lesbians and ueer characters were viewed in different eras of literature But as far as merely wanting to read early lesbian themed literature there's certainly a lot of it in this book and if you're reading it merely for informative purposes or historical context this is perfect However if you're looking for romance happy endings positive or at least neural images of ueer characters and women in relationships with other women I would honestly suggest trying a modern anthology instead From reading this anthology it seems early ueer literature was about demonizing diagnosing or in some other way attempting to 'explain' lesbians and bisexuals rather than really representing them And that includes some things written by lesbians and bisexuals themselves It's only positive if in reading it you can hold onto the thought that well at least we've come a long way

  3. Miranda Miranda says:

    This collection has something for everyone I found new gems such as Amy Lowell who like Gertrude Stein was writing in a time when it was wisest to obfuscate I get great pleasure out of imagining certain of Amy Lowell's contemporaries reading The Weather Cock Points South and sayin' oh that's just lovely I love flowers too

  4. Kat Wasberg Kat Wasberg says:

    I enjoyed the organization and scope of this anthology The book is split up into themes based on the way lesbianism and bisexuality was being represented in writing at the time romantic friendship a man trapped in a woman's body exotic and evil lesbians etc A brief biographical sketch precedes each excerpt by a female writer giving historical and personal context to the piecesNot all of the writing is gripping but overall it's a good review of the evolution of lesbian writing and a great insight into the lives of lesbian and bisexual authors

  5. Michele Chamberlain Michele Chamberlain says:

    I fell in love over and over reading this book It is stunning captivating gripping and emotional Every page take the reader into a new place Sometimes grabbing you wanting to clinch the book and not let go I took my time reading this book I was on a uest to fill a void of purpose This book taught me everything I know and love about being a woman A must read for any woman open to experience

  6. Sonnydee Sonnydee says:

    This is my new Bible I'm gonna keep it on my bedside table A great collection kinda Euro centric and by no means definitive but Faderman explains why she made the decisions she did with what to include A damn good entry probably first entry in the field of lesbian literary tradition Glad to see my fave Joanna Russ included Faderman is the best

  7. Mandy Mandy says:

    Willing to lend this one out if you are asked to select a reading for a lesbian wedding but you have to give it back because it was a gift

  8. Vasha7 Vasha7 says:

    My journal entry

  9. Korri Korri says:

    bought this at the uatrefoil Library in St Paul

  10. Kathy Kathy says:

    Well written anthology

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