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The Perfect Indulgence I was excited to read about Chris and Zac's story but was slightly disappointed The romance fell flat for me mainly because Chris spent too much time forcing her to be something else and refusing to face how she felt about Zac; and then Zac spent too much time working up the courage to actually DO anything about what he knew he felt for Chris if he were real I would've told him to man up and get on with it already I enjoyed Summer and Luke's story way than Chris and Zac's and almost felt they had depth than Chris Zac Also the sickly sweet ending where everyone even no offense a narcissist like Bodie gets married slightly over kill I enjoyed this book very much There are something's that bothered me but overall it was a good read It kept me interested and I almost read the book in one day If I didn't have company for the weekend I would have Chris swapped her life in California with her twins so that both of them can experience each other life She works in a bar where her sister is and ended up with four guys eyeing for her attention But her attention is focused on one person; Zar Arnette Zac is also attracted to her but he is uncomfortable with all the attention that Chris has from her possible suitor He wants her for himself Chris is not looking for long term commitment or so she said hence Zac agreed to a friends with benefits kind of relationship There is nothing wrong with the arrangement but would they be able to let go when the time to part finally arrive? There is a mixed feeling for me in reviewing and to rate this book I love the story of Chris and Eva’s swapping life but not the subplot of others character which make it too crowded for my liking Though Chris may seems as forcing herself to do something that she doesn’t want to I like her for her opinionated self Overall it is a sweet read for me My Thoughts The Perfect IndulgenceI adored this title It was a great lure The cover picture was perfect The artist meshed the love chemistry romance tone with a sweetness that is hard to put into words The twin switch intrigued me I had an entirely different concept in mind about that but I still liked where the story went The laid back California vibe was way cool It's a state of mind I loved how the author remained consistent with communicating it The protagonists were funnyin a good way I liked their playfulness and their heat With that said I was not prepared in some instances for just how intense these two could get I adored the supporting characters especially Summer and Luke This was an okay read It was certainly entertaining Hot romance Loved it This is a story that really captured my heart Cute story Twin sisters swap places and manage to find love in the process What happens when the truth is revealed? A nice fun read Received an ARC for an honest opinion The perfect pick me up After swapping lives—and coffee shops—with her twin sister Chris Meyer is certain her New Yorker uptightness has melted in the hot California sunshine But finding inner peace is tough with four guys vying for her attention Including the one who turns her mellow zen into a way too sexy zing Zac Arnette doesn't mind a little competition because he knows the attraction he and Chris share is smoking hot They agree to a friends with benefits fling—which fits in with Chris's new laid back style But she might not want to give up her favorite new indulgence when it's time to return to NYC The cast of characters in this book are so uirky and great you are going to love each and every one Chris is a complete headcase from trying to breathe her way out of feeling anything to practically jumping Zac she is a hot mess In typical male fashion Zac pulls a few bonehead moves too but his heart is always in the right place There is such a fun vibe to this whole story it makes you want to keep on readingLototyReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreOfficial Review Coffee Time Romance More 35⭐ This was a sweet and easy love story I could've done without all of the side storylines that didn't really add to the progression of the main characters' storyline Though some of the supporting characters were really uite good I loved Zac's brother Luke and Summer the shop girl who turned out to be a lot I also thought Chris's sister Eva was great I'm gonna have to read her story too All in all this was a light fun read Aaw 3 cute stars Loved the multiple POVs Wasnt expecting that when I read the discription Plenty of funny moments romance and yummy naughty bits Chris and Zac were okay but I think it was Summer and Luke who had me turning pages Side note Unisex names such as a female Chris are not my thing at all

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • The Perfect Indulgence
  • Isabel Sharpe
  • 08 May 2014
  • 9780373798360

About the Author: Isabel Sharpe

Isabel Sharpe was not born pen in hand like so many of her fellow authors After she uit work in 1994 to stay home with her first born son and nearly went out of her mind she started writing Yes she was the clichéd bored housewife writing romance but it was either that cliché or seduce the mailman and her mailman was unattractive After than twenty novels for Harleuin and the exciting