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The Unfairest of Them All Wow Cannot wait for the next book to come Cause seriously this was really wonderlandifulMost of all I really love how Apple matured a bit in this book First she was allbut in the second book she finally started to understand the point of Raven's rebellionSo now I'm stupidly happy for that splendid character developmentAnd seriously need the next book NOWBUT I WILL WAITBut when I get it I will be unstoppable This was a pretty good read When The Evil ueen's daughter Raven ueen rips out her page of the Storybook of Legends at Ever After High she ruins the chance for the children of the other fairytale characters to fulfill their destinies and follow the path of their parents Can Raven ueen and Snow White's daughter Apple White make everything right again and find out who is the unfairest of them all? Read this and find out This is the second book of the seriesI actually enjoyed this book and hope to find books of this series when they are written and find out what happens next If you like the show Once Upon a Time and are fans of fairytales you'll enjoy this YA book series Definitely check it out This book is available wherever books are sold These books look cute yes They're adorable The covers are pretty and marketable and they come with matching dolls and you know what? I don't care that these dolls look like Bratz dolls any Why? Because the books have amazing important messages that I love First Apple and Raven don't agree Raven believes in freedom of choice and Apple wants nothing so much as she wants to fulfill her destiny and they fight and they argue and Apple doesn't know how to see Raven's side and Raven is struggling with all the arguments but do you know what? They are still friends They still care about each other and their school and they want to close the rift between people even if they don't know how to do that yet They're willing to fight without hating each other And I love that It seems to me that every time two girls are on the opposite side of an argument or belief they have to hate each other and tear each other down in outright or perhaps even worse passive aggressive ways and I despise it These books don't do that You might think you're going to hate Apple or hate Raven but the book really doesn't allow you to do either even if you disagree with one or both of them at any given point When their friend ends up in trouble they have to set aside all their disagreements and bring everyone on both sides together to help make it right Apple learns to draw on the strength of others and Raven learns that she has strength she didn't know she had They're both clever and smart and they love their friends fiercely This story shows time and again a girl saving her own day and being the hero for the damsel in distress by being a strong leader and a good friend It's beautiful It shows so much about how people can do the wrong thing when trying to do something good for the right reasons Further it shows how sometimes doing the right thing for you is important even when other people will call it selfish It shows how evil is selfish but selfish isn't always evil It's important to stand up for yourself and your friends but that doesn't mean you have to stomp on other people in the process I just hope that people can look past the cute pretty trappings and the little cutesy jokes to the heart of these books I really really REALLY enjoyed this book I liked getting to know Cerise better and looking into her family's past I also found out the Apple isn't as flat and shallow as I originally thought Turns out she's just a girl afraid of the unknown and used to a sense of concrete knowledge of what's to come Raven as always was incredible and absolutely one of my favorite characters I hope that in future books we delve deeper into the back stories of the other Ever Afters One of the only things I regret about this book is that there wasn't enough Dexter I need DEX That's about all I came here to say Now you've got my opinion but don't take my word for it Read it for yourself I promise you won't regret it Ta Ta Ciao for now Very seldom do seuels surpass the original but The Unfairest of Them All was a most hexcellent read It featured of the side characters that comprise this enchanting world and a substantial plot Instead of just focusing on Apple and Raven the entire school was involved to further the story One of my favorite scenes in the entire book that occurs within the first few chapters is a food fight in the Castleteria Everyone is throwing fairy tale objects and I can't help but appreciate the cleverness and cuteness Curds whey peas porridge both hot cold and nine days old baskets of goodies just right cakes and are thrown between the Royals and RebelsI love all the special holidays that Ever After High celebrates such as Yester Day where the students get to visit former fairy tale characters for advice Apple visited Old King Cole The Emperor's New Clothes and her own mother Snow White on how to be an effective ruler Apple White is not my favorite character but she is a good friend who listens well Her kindness towards Humpty Dumpty was noted especially since she wasn't just using him for his technology skillsRaven who decided to follow her own destiny on Legacy Day chooses to visit those who went off page She had a brief visit to the Gingerbread Witch who was a loving mother and found a shortcut in her story She had an escape hatch to her oven and was able to have her daughter Ginger She tells Raven that you shouldn't have to follow your story exactly the way it is written I love how everything is not black and white that you have to make your own decisionRaven also got to visit the scandalous Red Riding Hood who married the Big Bad Wolf and gave birth to kickass Cerise HoodIt was so interesting to read about one of my favorite fairy tales twisted into a new story Cerise had to be hidden and didn't fit in with the Hoods nor the Wolfs She used that to her advantage to placate the feuding rivals by winning the Basket Games in a uniue way Cerise is such an interesting character that I love to read whenever she is mentionedThe rest of the story is about how Maddie Hatter daughter of the Mad Hatter and Ever After High's most beloved student is about to be banished because of a misunderstanding involving the infamous JabberwockyAll of the students rally together to prove her innocence by collecting ingredients for an Irrefutable Evidence potion The day is saved but ends on a cliffhanger I can't get enough of this adorable series As Goldilocks would say these books are just right Seriously you cannot get me to shut up about these characters If books are food this is a flakey pastry It is sweet and light but not very filling It is a good treat to tide you over to the next meal This is book 2 of the Ever After High series This is a middle grade read and is so very delightful This was not a planned read for me for this month but I am so glad that I continued with this storySynopsisIt's the aftermath of Legacy Day the day when the students at Ever After High are supposed to pledge to follow in their fairytale parents' footsteps and everyone is in a huff and a puff Raven ueen daughter of the Evil ueen has refused to sign the Storybook of Legends rejecting her story and putting everyone else's in jeopardy The Royal Apple White doesn't want to think Raven is being a rebellious pain but Raven's choice means Apple might never get the poisoned apple Prince Charming and a kingdom to rule Behind Apple stands the Royals those who want to play by the book and embrace their stories The Rebels supporters of Raven believe in breaking free from destiny and writing their own stories But when the chaos and rivalry land wonderlandiful Madeline Hatter in trouble Raven and Apple must bring the Royals and the Rebels together to shut the book on their feud before it threatens to end all of their Happily Ever Afters once and for all Mirror Mirror on the WallWho's the Unfairest of Them All?I just love the plotlines of these books This one was even better than the first and I think it is such a great read for middle graders highlighting the importance of making our own choices and what happens because of those choices I just think that it is brilliantly written where readers especially middle grade can grasp the meaning of what is being said Everything is written with such great imagery that makes the entire story come to life There are so many great adventures to go on as readers turn each and every page This would be a make believe place that I would have loved to have escaped to when I was kidThe characters are amazing colorful and so full of life They are very easy to relate to even though they are deemed 'make believe' both in the story and out of the story I can see a lot of kids being able to relate to every one of these characters They are a lot of fun to read about and they make me wanna jump right into the story and be a part of themI recommend this bookseries to everyone because we all need an escape and a little fun in our lives If you love all the great children's fairy tales then you will love this series Chock full of fun and adventure for everyone I look forward to the final book of this series and maybe even the novellas as well Espelho meu espelho meu uem é mais rebelde do ue eu O Dia da Sucessão o dia em ue os alunos de Ever After High juram seguir as pisadas dos seus pais já terminou e todos andam numa azáfama Raven ueen a filha da Bruxa Má pôs em risco todas as histórias Para Apple White a filha da Branca de Neve as escolhas de Raven podem uerer dizer ue ela nunca virá a comer a maçã envenenada ou ue nunca irá governar um reinoApple White é apoiada pela Realeza constituída por aueles ue juraram ser fiéis à sua história e cumprir o destino ue lhes foi traçado Com Raven estão os Rebeldes ue uerem libertar se das amarras do destino e traçar o seu próprio caminhoO ue ninguém esperava era ue Realeza e Rebeldes tivessem de pôr de lado as suas diferenças e juntar forças para conseguirem salvar Maddie ue no meio de todo o caos e rivalidades se viu num sarilho ue pode acabar com todos os Felizes para Sempre Raven ueen daughter of the Evil ueen of Snow White lore is in high school at the exclusive Ever After High where fairy tale creatures both beloved and besmirched rub elbows and learn their craft and their place in the world Raven has created uite a stir by rejecting her destiny of taking her mother's place and becoming the next Evil ueen in an endless cycle of repeated fairy tales She wants her own life her own way Which would be fine except one of her pals at Ever After is Apple White Snow's daughter and she WANTS her destiny in tact So do a lot of the other fairy tale teens But Raven's not alone in her rebellion There are others like her and because of her daring and strength she has divided her high school She is part of those considered Rebels Apple and her destiny hugging crew are the Royals Too many lines cross and too many emotions run wild as all of these teens try to adjust their mind set and come to terms with what may be because Raven wants her way Is she really just being evil too? Then Madeline Hatter is accused of a heinous crime and she is threatened with expulsion Both Rebels and Royals love their dear Maddy and they find themselves united in trying to save her and keep her at Ever After High As Raven and Apple race against time they pull in both royal and rebel friend to save Maddie and break than a few rules in the process This is a wonderful read a loud or read alone My daughter loved having her fairy tale world reshaped and the novel has wide appeal from elementary to middle school because of Shannon Hale's ingenious reshaping of fairy tales sometimes surprising parentage of the Ever After High students witty play on words and references to modern culture from MirrorPhones to One Reflection We can't wait for the next installment Appropriate for age 11The characters had surprising depth and I liked the main character a lot I think it's an important lesson for kids in choosing their life instead of being told how to live

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