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AlterWorld Play to Live #1 I really wanted to try in this genre since I enjoyed Ready Player One and Sword Art Online After a lot of research I picked AlterWorld because it's the highest rated book in the genre and has the largest pool of ratings Unfortunately it's really disappointing Poorly written with really flat characters The RPG elements were good but not nearly enough to overcome the bad writing and lack of plotThe main character continuously gets into fights that he tells you he has no hope of winning and then he wins them with no explanation No clever thinking or sudden strategy or even deus ex machina to explain the twist of fate he just hit that there guy than the other guy done hit himHalfway through the main character invents virtual cigarettes and then the rest of the book just resolves around smoking and monetizing the invention Seriously There's not really any RPGing after the cigarettes appearAlso they are talking about killing Nagafen and going to the Fear Plane The first several chapters are spent fighting gnolls The author didn't even make up a game for this book it's just Everuest It's the 2030s and nobody invented a better MMO yetThere is one redeeming detail glimmering like a lone star in an otherwise dark night which is that the most famous player is named FuckyallFinally the book is ridiculously sexist Sometimes you encounter a book where the main character is sexist but it's apparent that the writer is not For example The Magicians in which uentin is a raging misogynist but the female characters around him are well rounded and capable This is not that kind of book The author doesn't seem to have anything but condescension for female characters Here are some gemsTaali smiled and turned on her femme fatale look Head up high hips swaying she walked over to the chosen point and began setting up camp What a child she was reallyI lowered my eyes playing the poor penniless JewThe sight of slim Elven maidens doing their corpse runs like some bikini beach joggers was too much for any red blooded male Damn those art designersEven Taali chose not to play the spoiled diva and logged in two minutes before time Finished in September 2014I think I've found my favorite sub genre within fantasySci fi if you will I really like this type of book This was a wonderful surprise I highly suggest you check it out if you like books such as Ready Player One I'm not even a gamer I have family members who game; I however do not I don't own a game console and even my computers wait for itdon't have any games I do read though and there's just something about imagining being able to immerse yourself in a world that according to all of your senses is just as real as real life and where you can do just about anything or be anyonething you'd like You're simply limited by your own imagination This book takes it a step further by transferring the users consciousness willingly though sometimes not permanently into that universe It is cleverly done and just a great read I think the translation to English creates few hiccups nevertheless I am purchasing the follow up after I finish this narrative I purchased The Crimson Campaign and The Broken Eye and am shelving both of those books to come back to later I want to read the next in this series right now to learn how things turn out The book is not perfect but its flaws are vastly overshadowed by its positives Excuse me but what the fk is this Women are apparently meek fragile things who can't do anything but curl up into fetal position and wait for a big broad shouldered man to come save her This is the largest pile of sexist shit I've had fed into my brain for the longest time The amount of negative affixes attached to women in this audiobook is astounding Women are portrayed like 5year olds who cry at nothing smile blush and shy this is an all together extremely unhealthy view it's like the author made them mentally handicapped or something Good thing they still look hot and function for sex cuz that's the most important part right The main character even speaks extremely condescendingly to his friendgirlfriend Calling her a child using a terrible demeanor which isn't helped by his greasy voice It's like the perfect wombo combo for creepy af sexist dude with a terrible ego complexwhich the author feeds shamelessly Oh and nothing says empowering women like throwing in a gang rape suicide just to ice the cake in case women weren't portrayed defenseless enoughAside from the blatant tarnishing of women the content of the book is really bad itself When it's not ranting about boring loot and stat gains like it's describing how to lvl up a character it's just ranting off hpdmg done to creatures The combat system is literally him just saying hit taken 10hp lost hit given 25hp taken Its the absolute cheapest form of combat descriptions I've EVER heard Please do yourself a favor and pick up Ready Player One instead of this steaming heap of # DNF at 53% she's such child really I'd seriously had it I'm embarrassed continued as far as I did So regret not reading enough reviews on this This was really bad Like watching someone play Warcraft while they explain the rules and details behind every strategic decision while leveling up their character how many intelligence points how much mana how many experience points per kill whether or not to buy a weapon or level up first etc etc It was so bad I can't even recommend this to hardcore gamers because they shouldn't be reading anyway They have crafting skills to level up DNF at 64% If you're looking for something like Ready Player One this ain't it This book interested me from two different perspectives On one hand I'm a gamer on the other I'm chronically ill I may not be dying from any of my illnesses but my uality of life is uite low because of them Would I choose to enter an MMO for all eternity if I could Honestly I'm not sure Maybe but probably only if my husband came with me Said husband is busy playing an MMO as I type but he says he isn't sure either If I could go back in time and ask my December 2013 self one of the lowest times of my life I know she would have said yes in a heart beat I enjoyed the blend of game description and plot in this story At parts it was like listening to a friend describe his latest DD adventures We have euipment stats and ability descriptions that might be hard to follow for non gamers but are uite familiar to those who have rolled a d20 once or twice Yet the book is only half game intertwined is Max's new life with other very real people and problems As you get farther into the story the immersion gets deeper until the end when you realize for some it is no longer a game at all I uite enjoyed this book and immediately upon finishing went to download it's seuel The Clan There is a third The Duty already out with the forth Inferno releasing June 20th According to Goodreads there is a fifth and sixth planned for the series I would give AlterWorld 5 stars and so far The Clan the same I would recommend it to other gamers and non gamers should give it a shot too Okayinteresting premise This is the second series I've started that is placed in a game world become real at least for those in it I liked the first series better that said there's only 2 of them This series gets a bit serious as it goes along and it took me a little longer to get really involved in itbut I did and I plan to follow it upIt seems a new phenomenon is sweeping the world Is it a plague Is it something else It seems people are being sort of absorbed into video games They become real digital characters as it were The bodies go into a sort of continual coma and separating them from their gaming capsule doesn't effect it They stay in the gameThis seems like a danger but to some the badly handicapped the aged any who's body has failedto them could it be a blessingIt seems so to Max as cancer has given him a fast approaching death sentence This story is a good one fast moving and will really appeal to any gameron line mmorpg er rpg er even table top player That said I believe others may be drawn in also The story takes place in a fantasy world so that may draw some in It's based on a science fantasy premise with the very real vehicle of fully immersive game playThe book does feel to me as if D Rus is very young I have to wonder if the apparently young Russian author is a fan of David Gemmell His attitude about game things seems that way to me anyway I guess see for yourself I can recommend this one highly Enjoy A new pandemic the perma effect has taken over Earth of the near future Whenever you play your favorite online game beware your mind might merge with the virtual world and dump its comatose host Woe be to those stuck forever in Tetris And still they're the lucky ones compared to those burning alive eternally within the scorched hulls of tank simulators But some unfortunates the handicapped and the terminally ill shell shocked army vets wronged crime victims and other society misfits choose to flee real life willingly escaping to the limitless world of online sword and sorcery MMORPGs Once a seasoned gamer and now a terminal cancer patient Max grasps at this final chance to preserve his life and identity So he goes for it goes for the promise of immortality shared with a few trusty friends and the woman he loves Together they roam the roads of AlterWorld and sample its agony and ecstasy born of absolute freedom DNF 56%I was looking for a good LitRPG and this seemed like a pretty famous one so jumped straight inI'm now having to stop at just over half way through Flat characters I could push through if the game and world building was solid but the sexism I'm not normally one to care much but damn the author majorly goes out of his way to be a neckbearding white knight sexist and confirms that everything women do is wrong Mildly terrifyingI did enjoy the grinding gnolls in the beginning It wasn't exciting but it was kind of mind numbing in the same way that actually playing an MMORPG is So that's a bit metaI've no doubt that LitRPG will be the next big genre so I'm determined to get my hipster credit in before it lands hard If anyone has any suggestions let me know I'll be trying Eden's Gate and Dragon's Wrath soon as I've heard good things A enjoyable and entertaining story AlterWorld is a Virtual reality MMORPG Very similar to Sword art online Legendary Moonlight Sculpture Ark Taking the concept of being trapped in a virtual reality a step further the protagonist abandons his cancer ridden body for the chance to grasp a potentially immortal virtual existence in the VRMMO of his choice in this case 'Alterworld'At time of writing this book is free on I recommend giving it a try Believe in everything Believe in the main character and believe in AlterWorld imbued vicarious pleasure to what is happening with the other characters Cool twisted plot don`t miss secrets and mysteries are mushrooming look forward to continue the third book

  • Kindle Edition
  • 441 pages
  • AlterWorld Play to Live #1
  • D. Rus
  • English
  • 11 March 2016

About the Author: D. Rus

D Rus is a young Russian author whose books took the Russian literary market by storm in 2013 AlterWorld the first novel of his Play to Live series made him a bestselling author overnight as critics now credit him with single handedly creating a new science fiction genre LitRPG Set in the virtual reality of MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games his books tell stories o