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Kiss Makeup Bartender Shandi Fossey is mixing cool cocktails temporarily at Hush the hottest hotel in Manhattan The place practically oozes sexhas sexual fantasy written all over it For Shandi it's a stopover on her way to finding her dreams And a very long way from pulling beers at the Thirsty Rattler in tiny Round Up Oklahoma So what's a girl to do when sexy uentin Marks comes by every night offering to buy her a drinkTo music producer uentin Shandi is one part sweetness and two parts sass with a dash of the unexpected thrown in He wants to taste every inch of herbury himself in her soft skin He can open a lot of doors for Shandi yet the only door he wants to lead her through is right upstairsat HushBut will everything change the morning after

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  1. Maura Maura says:

    Shandi Fossey works as a bartender at Hush in the evenings but is a student at the Fashion Institute with the goal of being a makeup artist during the day She overcame difficult odds and an unsupportive family to come to the city and live her dream so she has something to prove She meets famous record producer uentin Marks someone who also overcame those odds and still managed to be a success They have some serious attraction and flirtation going on uentin is intrigued by her optimism and her drive and wants than just sexbut he isn't uite sure of what exactly Shandi knows this can only be a fling since uentin has plans to open a studio in Austin TX and her life is in New York As the fling continues it becomes but the future potential hasn't changed now they're just setting themselves up for heartbreak unless they can find a compromise that allows them to be togetherThis is overall a pretty fun and sexy story I loved the chemistry and the emotional buildup between uentin and Shandi Despite only knowing each other a short time their chemistry and interactions were such that I had no trouble believing their fall into loveit felt uite natural and well done And their repartee was very sexy I also liked that these people felt real not like charicatures or anything uentin found success only to become a cynical bastard while Shandi has a family waiting for her to fail which spurs her to work even harder and prove she can accomplish her dreams on her own Nothing in this felt contrived apart maybe from their epic struggle to be together in the face of their separate dreams And in regards to these separate dreams all I can say is Compromise shmompromise That was my struggle with this storywell that and the completely pointless Evan and April secondary plotline but I could get over that Except how do two friends agree on a decision for their own life that effectively screws over the third without at least discussing it with the third friend and still call themselves friends? I digress Back to the compromise or lack thereof It seemed an impossible situation Shandi's life and future involves a degree from a New York Fashion Institute and making her way as a makeup artist while uentin's sanity depends on his moving back to his hometown of Austin and being a low key record producer there So how can they be together? Something has to give And in this case it's entirely Shandi's goals It bugged me to no end that uentin kept holding Shandi's willingness to set aside her goals as some sort of proof of her love for him But what did he sacrifice? Absolutely nothing So what was his proof? I mean couldn't uentin be willing to put his plans on hold and relocate to New York for the year it would take Shandi to finish her schooling and then they could move to Austin together? Why should Shandi have to uit school with the possibility of going back in the vague future leave her friends and move to Austin to adjust her values in using uentin's connections to take the shortcut he offers and she's uncomfortable using? I hated that he gave up nothing to be with her though I did honestly believe in his feelings for her So it was the ending that messed this story up for me the rest of it was really good

  2. Gnome Claire *Wishes she was as cool as Gnome Ann* Gnome Claire *Wishes she was as cool as Gnome Ann* says:

    It was a uick fun read the hotel was a bit gimicky but not too much Definitely erotica rather than romance exactly what you'd expect I don't particularly think the aprilevan thing added much I could definitely have lost that subplot

  3. Victoria Victoria says:

    It is a great book to read

  4. Mandi Morgan Mandi Morgan says:

    Could bring myself to care She was so awful to him How could he like her? They get their HEA but I think he could do better

  5. Kathy Kathy says:

    Setting Hush Hotel in Manhattan – Erotiue; bar supply closet; hotel room; library at Hush; her shared apartment in aunt’s owned building; his brand new houserecording studio in Texas; Thirsty Rattler Oklahoma bar;One Sentence Summary working as a bartender at the sex hotel to put herself through art school to become a makeup artist to the stars she meets and falls in love with a famous recording producer just as he is ready to step out of the lime light and settle down in Texas to open his own recording studioCharactersShandi Fossey left Oklahoma – her family’s Thirsty Rattler bar – against her family’s directives; making her way on her own in New York where she “used her face as a canvas using the tools of her trade” – with the dream of an emmy for make up; living rent free with platonic friend who’s aunt owns the apartment building; working at Hush – a hotel seeped in sexEvan Harcourt Shandi’s platonic roommate – in his aunt’s apartment; in love with April – and agrees to no sex until though he spends many night on her couch; wants to be important to her than her family;April Carter rich family high expectations; in love with Evan but afraid to jinx things by sleeping together; by end of book realizes that she has to put herself and Evan above her parent’s expectations – cutting the strings – and money; they go to Vegas to get married;uentin Marks famous producer of music – but is tired of the lifestyle and has built a home and studio to start his own recording label – and staying at Hush to orchestrate funding and he falls for the bartender;Summary a sweet sexy lusty story – of attraction that is acted on and love born and compromise? She postpones her last year at school to go to Texas hmmmmMemorable scenesAll he wanted was to be the number one man in her life the same way she was the number one woman in his

  6. Lou Lou says:

    Good book esp if you're looking for steamy think porno in words Too bad once the characters fell in love instead of lust that the author cut back on the sex and the descriptions Still if you're looking for a book that will get you in the mood this is it

  7. Lenore Kosinski Lenore Kosinski says:

    I don't knowsometimes I really enjoyed the characters but most of the time I spent not really knowing what to make of them It just felt like a strange relationship and sometimes things were so contradictory Not my fave

  8. Latte Latte says:

    I tried really hard to like this since I'd liked another story in this series But this just dragged for me and felt endless And not in a good way

  9. Beautiful_Jade Beautiful_Jade says:

    I liked Shandi and uentin Their attraction felt real and together they were hotI didn't like the Evan and April side story What was the point in that? The ending felt a bit rushed

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