Dark Water and Dying Eyebrights PDF ☆ and Dying

4 thoughts on “Dark Water and Dying Eyebrights

  1. Magali Magali says:

    Es una pena ue la escritora solo publicara u Par de capítulos la historia era muy prometedora

  2. Henley Henley says:

    Waiting eagerly for updates and Bex's own story x

  3. Ashley Samuelson Ashley Samuelson says:

    I find most of Bex Chan’s stories to be creative and exciting reads I look forward to seeing how this story unfolds as each chapter is release So far it’s a good read see what I did there? Haha

  4. Cayce Kenedy-brabson Cayce Kenedy-brabson says:

    Wish t was longerfinished but an amazing start

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Dark Water and Dying Eyebrights One of them is desperately trying to remember their past while the other is forever trying to escape theirs It's seven years after the war and Draco has managed to avoid almost everyone from Hogwarts living a lonely life on a small island far away from the wizarding community But a familiar face in a cafe window capsizes his world into chaos Dramione EWE Memory fic Ongoing Chapters 3 Words 14027 Updated Jan 31 2015

  • Dark Water and Dying Eyebrights
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  • 22 September 2016