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Pompeii Pompeii #4 Book FourWhen a member of the household is found dead many surprising secrets come to light Everyone is a suspect and there is plenty of guilt to shareTay and Marcellus must follow a deadly maze of deception which will lead them to unexpected dangerAfter a perilous search for answers the gods might intervene but to whom will they show their favor

About the Author: Robert Colton

I became interested in Roman history at a very young age While always reading or writing I didn’t know that my true passion would be the invention of my trio of fictional characters attempting to make their way in Pompeii until I was reading The Robe by Lloyd C Douglas I am a fan of the happily ever after conclusionsand The Robe did not offer that I put my other unending writing proje

5 thoughts on “Pompeii Pompeii #4

  1. Sekhar N Banerjee Sekhar N Banerjee says:

    Not a bad readThough boring at places this was not a bad read The only reference to history were a few names of early days of the empire and thus should not be mistaken for a historical fiction

  2. Katherine Katherine says:

    I've been reading a number of novels on ancient Rome and Colton's mysteries set in Pompeii are among the best in my opinion The tales are in the form of letters from Marcellus writing in old age to his friend Appian recounting a time in his youth when in hiding he played the part of a slave to his own slave Tay who is passing himself off as a patrician Tay is one of the most engaging characters I've come across since discovering Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond The books are in need of careful copy editing but the content shows vast research and an extraordinary ability to bring the reader into a humane version of the Roman mind set circa 62 AD via the sensitive patrician Marcellus

  3. Joanne Mary Crecco-Davis Joanne Mary Crecco-Davis says:

    Kept me guessing I have read this book out of order but no matter the mystery kept me guessing the whole time When you are introduced to a whole plethora of characters all of which are false you have a problem trying to figure out the mystery All this is under the baleful eye of Vesuviusready to destroy everything outright There is a little foreshadowing of the future destruction but only a little We know Marcellus survived

  4. Kathy Kathy says:

    Phew all caught up now This filled in the blanks for me having already read the book that comes after this one whoops This is a very good murder mystery series set in Pompeii Now all I have to do is go to the beginninga book of short stories that will reveal of the history on the two young men featured

  5. Katie Katie says:

    A well done fourth installment in this series The author is really beginning to focus the plot which increase the readability While the ruse of Marcellus and Tay is at times wearying I still enjoy the pair A decent who done it I thought the ultimate culprit to be a reasonably good surprise

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