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Blood Eagle En Muerte en Hamburgo Craig Russell nos presenta a un nuevo detective Jan Fabel mitad escoces mitad aleman un hombre con consciencia e imaginacion Russell ha creado tambien un escenario rico en texturas donde la ciudad de Hamburgo juega un rol central una ciudad llena de contrastes y sombras En la primera de seis novelas planificadas y desarrolladas en la ciudad alemana de Hamburgo el Hauptkommissar Jan Fabel investiga una serie de violentos asesinatos En todas las victimas los pulmones han sido extraidos de los cuerpos imitando asi un antiguo rito vikingo Mientras Fabel avanza en la investigacion va uedando claro ue se trata de algo mucho mas complejo ue el trabajo de un simple psicopata; esta sucediendo una historia compleja y extraordinariamente desarrollada Muerte en Hamburgo invoca el moderno mundo criminal de Hamburgo a la industria del sexo y actividades terroristas del pasado y del presente

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  1. Mark Mark says:

    This is yet another book about a serial killer and for somebody watching criminal minds you are always curious what a writer can come up with The strength of the aforementioned tv show lies not in the weirdness of the killers but the personal connections of the characters involved Also before I started reading the book I already knew what the term Blood eagle was referring too some pretty ancient way of punishment as delivered by our Northern brethren much earlier in our history The story is set in Hamburg were the leading character is leading policeman he himself being of Scottish decent partly He did study history once before becoming a police officer He is confronted by a series of uite gruesome murders that can be traced back to the Vikings While tracking down any possible suspects we find ourselves in a post war Germany which is also a post 911 Germany where the lines in policing and politics can be uite blurredThere is a serial killer on the loose there is an underworld dispute going on that the underworld seems to be losing against an incoming new gang from Ukraine and there is a series of rapes that carry some ritual aspect which also can be traced back to our brethren from the northThe main character Jan Faber does his best to find out what is going on and what direction to look upon He is once confronted with Germany's recent pastIt is not easy to be GermanYou carry the excess bagage of recent history while other Europeans travel comparatively light Ten centuries of culture and achievements had been eclipsed by twelve years in the mid twentieth century twelve years in which he most exceptional evil had become commonplace These twelve years had defined for the world what it was to be German they had defined for most Germans what it was to be German Now they were not trusted And they could never again trust themselves In this story we meet a new form of serial killer the weaponized version which is far scarier an idea than that lonesome person who feels the need to lay his stamp on the world around him It is also a pretty decent and uick history lesson about Northern Europe and their footsteps in time and creating the Europe we know today It is an interesting and mind opening thriller that is just than a book about a serial killer it has some depth and shows than one layer in its story It is also a very satisfying read that makes me want to read the next three installments which I bought along this one and make me look forward to reading them Weel worth your time a very gripping and well grounded thriller that could use attention and should be read by people

  2. John Wiltshire John Wiltshire says:

    Sometimes it's very frustrating being a clever clogs Or perhaps just someone who reads too much This is a brilliant crime novel so far but gosh they need me on this case Women discovered cracked open and with their lungs displayed? Police have no clue Errblood eagle? UmVikings? Does anyone seriously not know this sort of stuff? And then a victim half remembers men with strange smooth faces all with one eye oh come on Vikings plus one eyed men? Think about it Odin? ODIN the God of the Vikings They were wearing Odin masksSigh Shouting at books doesn't do any good I've discovered It doesn't help that the guy with this incredible lack of knowledge about anything is the main detective Jan Fabel and he's supposed to have a degree in history And he's a book collector Clearly not ones that have actual information in them But I'm being a bit disingenuous I'm about 25% into this exceptional crime novel and absolutely loving it This is a series I'll definitely pursue As ever I'll complete this review when I'm doneFinished Well that kept up the high energy excitement right to the end This is an excellent crime novel Other than being ludicrously PC which to be honest I'm coming to expect in every single novel these days I highly recommend this first in the Jan Fabel series I can't vouch for the authenticity of the setting in the Hamburg police force but the novel is packed with background and facts about the whole post War German situation although this interesting fleshing out never comes over as laboured This was gory exciting and very well written Recommended

  3. Daniel Daniel says:

    I've actually had the pleasure of writing the German TV adaptation for this novel Did I like the novel you bet I like dark and twisted I like grisly and Craig's delivered on that and ever so much He's created with Hauptkommissar Jan Fabel of the Hamburg police a truly iconic cop A man in the middle of life a good man for once not a torn broken or morally corrupt cop he's a good man all around thoughtful smart of course always tries to think of everyone The novelist loves Hamburg and that love is beautifully woven into the pages If you've never been to Hamburg after reading this novel you'll want to explore itThe case as all of Jan Fabel's cases is steeped in Northern mythology I absolutely love that In this and subesuent Fabel tales there's always an additional layer of murky dark myth riding along In Blood Eagle the myth is Viking in Origin but Craig makes it highly relevant when he illiminates that Northern Hamburg was no than a stone's throw from the Vikings A bloody Viking ritual an elusive serial killer a dark Nazi past linked with it all there's several layers of dark mystery to unravel until Fabel ends the reign of the Blood Eagle killer

  4. Ilija Ilić Ilija Ilić says:

    Amazing journey thrue the mind of the killersI think i've become fan of this writer sometime thrue this book the first book from him that i've read but i hope its not the last one

  5. Cerisaye Cerisaye says:

    The last crime novels I read set in Hamburg were Cay Rademacher's Inspector Stave books set in the devastation and deprivation of the immediate aftermath of Germany's defeat in WWII so I was very interested to try Craig Russell's Jan Faber series a modern era take on crime and punishment in the city Interestingly Russell is a Scot author of the Lennox crime novels set in Glasgow my home town Both cities have a certain reputation and don't appear automatically in lists of places people want to visit I am intrigued by this novel's mix of gruesome serial murder multinational crime syndicates mythology politics and history It fits in too with my current preoccupation with Germany I recently watched on Walter Presents from More4 Nick's Law featuring Til Shweiger as Nikolas Schiller a Hamburg policeman who uses unorthodox methods against underworld criminal gangs in the city a German Dirty Harry part of German TVs long running Tatort series So I have some familiarity going in to the Jan Fabel books which helps with terminology and suchlike Some common themes too I can see alreadyI'm not far into the novel but it seems odd Fabel and his colleagues have never encountered the 'blood eagle' before their current murder investigation Or does my familiarity with the concept derive from an unhealthy interest in serial killer fiction and historical novels featuring Vikings that's not widely shared?Jan Fabel is an interesting character known as the English detective for his mixed Scottish Craig Russell is making a dig here one all Scots have a sensitivity to and I speak as one and German parentage He has the usual broken marriage and guilt about how his job interferes with his personal life He's good at it though the job that is A clever and intuitive detective I look forward to getting to know him betterFinished the book today Very much enjoyed it though sensitive readers might find the violence and gore too much The ending is abrupt and seems like a setup for the seuel Or perhaps it's just ambiguous and open to readers' interpretation There was one particular twist seemed so obvious to me it made Jan Fabel appear too slow for a supposed clever detective especially since he's half Scottish Anyway the climax is tense and exciting and I like how Russell brings his narrative threads together It's much than a typical serial killer novel exploring right wing mythology and the way charismatic leaders can manipulate others to their will A good start to a series I will definitely be continuing to read Also I really want to visit Hamburg now

  6. Monica Monica says:

    “Blood Eagle” is the first book in Craig Russell’s series featuring Principal Chief Commisar Jan Fabel of the KriPo in Hamburg This book is really a thriller than a mystery in some ways closely mimicking the sensational thrillers that are usually set in America A serial killer is on the loosea killer who leaves behind victims who have been murdered in what seems to be a brutal and ritualistic manner Add to this the politics of Germany the Ukraine and Turkey and you’re left guessing what direction is the right one for Fabel to be taking so that he can put an end to the killingThe writing flows nicely the characters are well developed the plot is solidthough a bit confusing at times I had to use my usual way of keeping track of character connections by sticking little notes at the front of the book I liked the descriptions of Hamburg of the city and of the people who live there All in all a fun read that kept me guessing and wondering I’ll read of Russell’s novels after this one

  7. Thomas Edmund Thomas Edmund says:

    With Blood Eagle Russell pens a classic police thriller complete with gruesome murders organised crime police corruption and a driven yet flawed detective The only thing missing is by modern standards the pacing is a little slowNonetheless Blood Eagle is a compelling piece on par with Thomas Harris and James Patterson's earlier novels Probably not for late night reading if you want safe dreams

  8. Zhana Zhana says:

    Once in a while I take my time and read some mystery books As much as I would like sharing some really whimsical thoughts about them I always find it hard to describe what they are all aboutThe plot is not very different from every other mystery novel I'm afraid but the writing style was drawing me in so I ended up finishing this novel in less than two daysFull review here

  9. Labijose Labijose says:

    A Very good thriller and a beautifull description of Hamburg It kept me reading non stop It's the first of inspector Fabel series and for me it won't be the last I also liked Lennox the first of the other series I think Mr Russell is a Very good writter

  10. Thomas Strömquist Thomas Strömquist says:

    Thriller with the only difference to all others is that it is set in Germany Uneccessarily gory and unbelievable not recommended

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