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Android Tips and Tricks Covers the two latest versions of Android Phones should come with a manual or at least a link to a comprehensive explanation of how to use all of Android's many features Assuming the interface is completely intuitive is wrong and this book fills the gap that the phone manufacturers should have never left unfilled It's not 100% complete and I had to go searching for specific answers on the web when I encountered a term in the book or a mention of a feature that wasn't fully explained Overall though this is a good book if you want to learn about almost everything your phone is capable of doing Covers All AndroidTM Smartphones and Tablets Running Android 44 KitKatR or 43 Jelly BeanUnlock the Power of Your AndroidTM Smartphone or Tablet Discover hundreds of tips and tricks you can use right away with your Android device to get done and have fun You'll learn how to use your Android smartphone or tablet as a powerful communication organization and productivity tool as well as a feature packed entertainment device You will dig deep into the settings and capabilities of both Android itself and the preinstalled apps developing the knowledge and skills to exploit them to the fullest Easy to understand and non technical Android Tips and Tricks is perfect for beginners and for experienced users ready to get productive or move to newer devices It covers all new and recent Android smartphones and tablets running Android 44 KitKatR or 43 Jelly Bean with bonus coverage of today's top Android skins Samsung TouchWiz and HTC Sense Here's just a sampling of what this book's tips tricks and strategies will help you do Connect to wireless and cellular networks keyboards and Bluetooth devices and even VPNs Transform your device into a portable Wi Fi hotspot and share Internet connections via USB or Bluetooth Secure Android with screen and SIM locks location settings and encryption Sideload apps from any source and keep bad apps from loading Take Gmail to pro level with signatures vacation responders labels archiving advanced search and secure two step verification Manage multiple email accounts together POP IMAP web mail and Exchange Get out of your Google Chrome browser and share bookmarks across all your devices Chat via text audio or video on Google Hangouts and customize it to work just the way you want Enjoy your music everywhere whether it's stored locally or in the cloud Easily capture edit and share top uality photos and videos Transform your smartphone or tablet into a total social networking hub Sueeze battery life from any Android device Guy Hart Davis is the co author of My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and My HTC One and the author or lead author of nearly 100 computer books

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