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Prater Violet Scrive Manganelli nella nota finaleSe Isherwood scrivesse musica, la sua predilezione ha qualcosa di infantile andrebbe ai fiati romanzi per oboe, clarinetto, per corno di bassetto Il corno di bassetto aereo di quella ariosit serale e boschiva che s accompagna ad una solitudine insieme pittoresca e irreparabile un precario sorriso custodisce una delicata risonanza, l allucinazione dell eco, una sonorit pensosa, e insieme elegante la sonorit delicata di una angoscia ostinata ma inafferrabile l imprecisa, cattivante angoscia dell esistenza Londra, anni Trenta Chatsworth sogna di realizzare una Tosca scritta da Maugham, con Greta Garbo come protagonista, invece alle prese con La violetta del Prater A dirigerlo il regista ebreo tedesco Friedrich Bergmann, sceneggiatore il giovane e promettente scrittore Christopher Isherwood Si lavora in un clima di esaltazione, di entusiasmo, ma in Europa incombe la catastrofe A Berlino in corso il processo per l incendio del Reichstag in Austria gli scontri con le masse operaie sono aspri, seguono arresti, condanne, uccisioni Gli inglesi non vogliono credere Non ancora Meglio illudersi che non accadr Meglio non A wafer thin parable Isherwood in London writes, on assignment, a trite film script while Europe prepares for W2 Get the ironyHis writing is clean and crispy clear, as usual, but only the last couple of pages crack anything personal or profound The real irony about Isherwood, whose reputation continues to rise today, is that until a hit 60s musical Cabaret was produced from a play by someo A masterpiece Does in 128 pages what contemporary or recently deceased masters can t do in a thousand pages Every word, every sentence perfect.The narrator, Christopher Isherwood, who is not the author but is the author, is hired to work on a film that is directed by an Austrian Jew in London during the fall of his country to Hitler This slim book shows you everything that s wrong and that s right in the times and tells you all Isherwood, himself in the novel as novice scriptwriter, and his new acquaintance the German film director Bergmann, during their first lunch with the studio head Chatsworth The cigar somehow completed Chatsworth As he puffed it, he seemed to grow larger than life size His pale eyes shone with a prophetic light For years I ve had one great ambition You ll laught at me Everybody does They say I m crazy But I don t care He paused Then announced solemnly Tosca With Garbo Bergmann turned, and gave me a rapid, enigmatic glance Then he exhaled, with such force that Chatsworth s cigar smoke was blown back around his head Chatsworth looked pleased Evidently this was the right kind of reaction Without music, of course I d do it absolutely straight He paused again, apparently waiting for our protest There was none.Very funny and very sad In the mid30s, Bergmann has fled to Vienna with his family, leaving all his money and possessions in Nazi Germany He s come to England in 1938 to prostitute his art in directing a corny musical Prater Violet, leaving his wife and daughter in Vienna he needs the money Mid film, the Germans take over Austria Bergmann, already as amazed and frustrated as Zweig was that these English can t see the evil and duplicity of Hitler, is frantic about his family.Al This is one of my favorite books My uncle gave me a copy when I was in high school, and I have re read it every couple years, ever since.Isherwood is better known for Berlin Stories, a semi autobiographical work on pre Nazi Germany which became the basis for Cabaret.Prater Violet is a semi autobiographical account of the young Isherwood was hired to write the screenplay for a relentlessly fluffy Ruritanian musical comedy, Prater Violet, to be shot in London in 1934.The director, Friedrich Bergmann, is a Jewish intellectual who has left his family back in Austria Upon first meeting Isherwood, Bergmann remarks, I am sure we shall be very happy together You know, already, I feel absolutely no shame before you We are like two married men who meet in a whorehouse Prater Violet, the novel, is largely a character study of Bergmann, who sees both the tragedy and absurdity of his situation, pouring his energy into a ridiculous comedy while danger looms over his family and the world It is also, quite genuinely, a hilarious backstage comedy about filmmaking, so the movie within the book and the book itself are perfect reflections of each other The character sketches are dead on, and the prose is marvelous.If that was all the book was, I would have liked it a lot But it s than th I found PRATER VIOLET an engaging novella that effectively satirizes the making of movies in the 1930s The first person narrator, Christopher Isherwood, is a close adjunct to the author, and not above having a bit of fun with the making of a cloying studio movie set in Olde Vienna whose director is worried sick about the onslaught of fascism in the real Vienna, where his close relatives are marooned The movie studio is set in Lon POST READ Christopher speaks There is one question that we seldom ask each other directly it is too brutal And yet it is the only question worth asking our fellow travellers What makes you go on living Why don t you kill yourself Why is all this bearable What makes you bear it Could I answer that question about myself No.Yes Perhaps And so Christopher does answer the question s In that lucid, revelatory and directly simple fashion of his But you will have to read it for yourself in the final few pages of this brief but varied novel.Hitler s war is looming England dithers Austria faces social unrest and a voracious Germany The Jews exist perilously posed And a trite Viennese musical is undergoing production in London under the baton of a larger than life Austrian Jew who detests his fairy floss creation,while his wife and daughter face peril in the real Vienna Disparate worlds co exist and Christopher is our observer and guide.Isherwood never disappoints Humour and drama tilt in the scales.Read it PRE READ This is a reward book given to myselfshort and well written, by a favourite author who has never disappointed.Having just read The Hare With Amber Eyes ,I feel I am in very familiar territory with this one,since it concerns an Austrian Jew, Friedrich Bergmann,a larger than life character,who is in England directing a fi First LineMr Isherwood Yes, the protagonist of this book is Mr Isherwood himself Quite unusual, but also quite brilliant The story takes place in London just before WWII, where Isherwood is working on a screenplay with Friedrich Bergmann We follow the writing process and part of the movie production of Prater Violet probably inspired of Isherwood s i.e the real Isherwood own experience as a screenwriter in the 1930s.The story is also about the friendship between Isherwood and Bergmann Their relationship was very amusing to follow What a character we have in Bergmann Just take a look at what Bergmann utters after meeting Isherwood for the first time I am sure we shall be very happy together You know, already, I feel absolutely no shame before you We are like two married men who meet in a whorehouse. I LOVE Isherwood s writing To me, he s one of the best And I always love his description of the 1930s and 40s He knows how to create a interesting setting about to be destroyed by the Nazis lurking in the background Take another look at what he says about the Nazis again, speaking through Bergmann That is how they wish you to imagine them, as unconquerable monsters But they are human, very human, in their weakness We must not fear them We must understand them It is absolutely necessary to understand them, or we a Prater Violet Is The Most Charming Novel I Have Read In A Long Time Diana TrillingOriginally Published In 1945, Christopher Isherwood S Prater Violet Is A Stingingly Satirical Novel About The Film Industry It Centers Around The Production Of The Vacuous Fictional Melodrama Prater Violet, Set In Nineteenth Century Vienna, Providing An Ironic Counterpoint To Tragic Events As Hitler Annexes The Real Vienna Of The 1930s The Novel Features Vivid Portraits Of The Imperious, Passionate, And Witty Austrian Director Friedrich Bergmann And His Disciple, A Genial Young Screenwriter The Fictionalized Christopher Isherwood. Free ↠ Gender in Psychoanalytic Space By Muriel Dimen – 9facts.co.uk Christopher Isherwood S Prater Violet Is A Stingingly Satirical Novel About The Film Industry It Centers Around The Production Of The Vacuous Fictional Melodrama Prater Violet [[ Download ]] ➵ Insight and Interpretation Author Roy Schafer – 9facts.co.uk Set In Nineteenth Century Vienna [Epub] ↠ Good People in an Evil Time Author Svetlana Broz – 9facts.co.uk Providing An Ironic Counterpoint To Tragic Events As Hitler Annexes The Real Vienna Of The 1930s The Novel Features Vivid Portraits Of The Imperious ➼ On a Day Like This Free ➲ Author Peter Stamm – 9facts.co.uk Passionate [ PDF ] ✎ Heart to Start Author Derek Handley – 9facts.co.uk And Witty Austrian Director Friedrich Bergmann And His Disciple [Ebook] ↠ Light without Fire Author Scott Korb – 9facts.co.uk A Genial Young Screenwriter The Fictionalized Christopher Isherwood. This book completely revitalized me It s economy of language and precise plotting were refreshing and educational I highly recommend it to anybody interested in novels that revolve around a central absence, here the impending outbreak of WWII as told through the sieve of a meaningless

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Christopher Isherwood was a novelist, playwright, screen writer, autobiographer, and diarist He was also homosexual and made this a theme of some of his writing He was born near Manchester in the north of England in 1904, became a U.S citizen in 1946, and died at home in Santa Monica, California in January 1986.Isherwood was the grandson and heir of a country squire, and his boyhood was privile

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