Sedutor Indomável Bennett Family #4 eBook Ó Bennett

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  • 183 pages
  • Sedutor Indomável Bennett Family #4
  • Kelly Hunter
  • Portuguese
  • 03 March 2015

10 thoughts on “Sedutor Indomável Bennett Family #4

  1. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    Kelly Hunter is two for two now I tend to avoid the Modern Romances for Harleuin Presents but now I know I can get a satisfying read when I reach for her books She writes chemistry beautifully The attraction between her characters sizzle and the dialogue jumps off the page Her characters are layered three dimensional and have issues but they work through them and communicate I love the Bennett family just from the two I've read this and The Maverick's Greek Island Mistress I am especially fond of Jake and I am excited to read Red Hot Renegade She's already set the stage for the reunion between lonely warrior Jake and delicate but strong Jianne I wanted to meet the rest of the Bennett clan after the first book so I worked on acuiring the Bennett books that were published and I bought this one when I saw it was out expecting an enjoyable read However Madeline and Luke's romance took me by surprise I was expecting the story to be about a hot affair that slowly becomes love but there was a depth and an intensity to their emotions from the start They didn't fall mindlessly into bed right away They spent some time getting to know each other first Initially a compelling attraction drew them together but they weren't sure they liked each other and what the other person represented in each of their minds But respect developed very uickly They just had to come to realize that they could be together and not compromise who they both felt were integral aspects of their being I loved the touches about Luke's job He defuses bomb and explosive devices and he can be called to work at a mere moment's notice He's not eager to give that job up for any woman so he settles for casual relationships But he wants with Madeline even if he's not sure how to make that happen Madeline is considered an older man's trophy wife despite the fact that she brought his corporation back from the brink and expanded it in the time since his death I like that she freely admits that she didn't love her husband and married him for security After her tumultuous youth she deserved it I respected her for who she was Sometimes marriage is about things other than true love William loved her and gave her security esteem and devotion when she'd never had that as an orphan and ward of the state She showed William respect and devotion in turn and he had no reason to complain She didn't deserve being judged by anyone I'm glad Luke realized that he was wrong to judge her that wayI loved the Singaporean setting Something about Asia always calls my name I could see the appeal that drew Madeline Luke and Jake there despite them being Australian I loved how Madeline adopted Po a streetwise orphaned youth and provided a safe stable home for him with Jake and later Luke and herself And then there is Madeline's bossy savvy housekeeper who saw Luke clearly despite his tough warrior facade These elements just reinforced the feeling of family that this book resonated with in a delightful wayKelly Hunter has made it to my autobuy list after this book although I had previously made a note to read all her Bennett books after The Maverick's Greek Island Mistress and I am counting the days until Red Hot Renegade is in print I'd recommend her to fans of short contemporary romance

  2. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    Kelly Hunter's writing just seems to do it for me My favorite is still The Maverick's Greek Island Mistress but this was very good The plots of this series so far have not been typical of the Harleuin Presents line There is little melodrama no revenge and not a single secret baby yet The hero Luke and heroine Madeline here are as usual very well characterized Luke' character is dark and he is consumed with his job He tells her that he won't give up his dangerous job for her and he means it I like that even though he falls in love with her his character doesn't do a 180 At the end he is still rather dark and is still committed to his job but he has grown and is also committed to making room for a relationship with MadleineShe is also a good strong character She married her first husband for money and security and is unrepentant about it She is however a good woman and does a lot of hands on charity work She is willing to compromise for Luke but refuses to sell herself short Madeline has a dry and grown up humor She is 29 if I remember correctly and is not a naive girlGood strong secondary characters add to the plot but don't take it over The story is not rushed and you feel that by the end the hero and the heroine really love each other and that they'll stay together The heat of the love scenes was just right They didn't seem to be obligatory but rather the emotions seemed real and added to the romance of the storyThere is some action in the book but not a lot of going here and there to yachts and mansions and fancy hotels Most of the story is the two of them together getting to know each other and figuring out if they can each accept the baggage that comes with the other person So much meat than most HPs I love this series I'm looking forward to reading Jake's story and then I'll be sad to say goodbye to the Bennett family

  3. Ana Ana says:

    Kelly Hunter is fast becoming a favourite HP author next to Mira Lyn Kelly Another five star read from herI liked both Madeline Luke and the way that their issues are real not ridiculous ones that most RL people would solve in 10 seconds flatThe way that Luke had troubles with Madeline's wealth and her issues with his rather dangerous job is something that I understand Luke's relationship with his brother Jake is great and I love his patience when dealing with Po Jake's apprentice especially the scene with the toaster And the book is set in Singapore rather unusual there are a plethora of books with Greek Spanish tycoons so we see a lot of those countries so this is a nice change Here's a shot of the city

  4. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Untameable Rogue is the story of Madeline and LukeOur heroine Madeline is a successful businesswoman in Singapore Widowed at a young age after being married to the much older owner of Delacourte empire she now works hard to keep the struggling realm going and is known as a cutthroat opponent who also spends her time rescuing children off the street and giving them a new lifeWhen she rescues the vagrant child Po and whisks him off to Jacob Bennett to train him in martial arts she never expects to meet and be attracted to his younger brother Luke Luke works as a bomb detonator; and has a fast paced life filled with danger and no ties He initially judges her about her past and is hostile but both recognize and struggle to fight the onslaught of lustAs they become and involved in each other's lives they give into their carnal desires while vowing to keep their feelings out of the deal But as Luke is called away abruptly on a mission and leaves without informing Madeline their suppressed trust issues arise Can these two complicated individuals make this relationship work?I really really enjoyed this story Low angst romance between a strong survivor heroine with a heartbreaking past a adrenaline junkie hero with a caring heart which is given excellent support by an adorable housekeeper a misfit teenager and a separated couple The story was fast paced with minimal misunderstandings loads of love and easy confession of complicated feelings I love how bold the heroine was and how all the potential issues were addressed with good communicationSafe45

  5. Saly Saly says:

    Rating 35 starsNot my favourite of the series I kind of didn't get on board with the romance that much and like the other book this didn't have much humor and sexual tension What I liked was the unusual heroine she was tough and proud of herself after a childhood spent in foster homes and seeing her father and brother self destruct she married an older man who showed her love and affection she didn't love him but honoured him and after his death made his business successful She doesn't care that people look down on her instead she runs her business gives to charity and rescues children from the street which is how she meets the hero Luke Luke is a former Navy SEAL and does dangerous freelance work now and is visiting his brother Jake He doesn't plan of giving up his job and women generally are not fine with it but the heroine has her own life and jobHe is for most of the book wary about the heroine she is wealthier than him and her former marriage kind of needles at him and it takes him time to understand her past this bothered me in a way about Luke These two decide to keep things casual but it is really not and he chases her when he leaves without telling her which re awakens the uncertainity of her foster days We also see the return of Jake's wife whose book is next Overall I found the tone of this book to be heavier and darker than the others

  6. Ridley Ridley says:

    I really wanted to love this one but I just didn't I enjoyed the widow heroine who married her first husband for the security his fortune provided and the hero who disabled explosives for a living was intriguing As nice as their romance was the security starved heroine raised in the foster care system falling for a guy who risks his life with every job and the proud hero reconciling his need to provide for a woman with the object of his desire needing nothing from him materially I didn't feel like I got to see enough of it It had a bad case of series itis and the hero's brother and his estranged wife got way too much page time The longer the book went on the it felt like a prologue for the next book in the series Also there's a charming street urchin Those never improve a book

  7. Late To Romance Late To Romance says:

    The third book in the Bennett brother series that I have read is my favourite so far Both protagonists had a fragility that I found touching Set in Singapore multi millionaire widow Madeline and underwater bomb defuser Luke are pretty much instantly attracted to each other but then have to work out whether their lives can come together on a permanent basis Madeline has had a very rough childhood and embarking on a casual affair with Luke dredges up insecurities and feelings of abandonment Luke meanwhile is not sure whether he wants to be with a partner who is much wealthier than he is and who previously married for security rather than love The set up sounds rather ridiculous but I found the story heartfelt and touching the two articulate in expressing their insecurities as Kelly Hunter characters tend to be The Singapore setting was a winner for me and I know having another Bennett brother and his ex wife subplot was pure seuel bait but it totally worked on me and at the end I instantly bought the next in the series

  8. Estara Estara says:

    I actually read this after reading the final Bennett book which I had read to see if Hunter managed to write about the family without dropping a ball like that unnecessary death in the first bookThe most intriguing secondary couple in that book were these two the one brother who can fight with Jake when he loses his control at least for a time Whose passion in life is being a warrior who saves people and since your average soldier also has to kill people Luke has made himself into a freelance bomb disposal specialist for the really hairy situationsNow Madeline is a piece of work a self made one at that and she knows it and owns it and if you want her you better accept that She married a rich older man for security who doted and emotionally supported her till his death when she inherited his slightly crumbling empire and built it up again Anyone who wants to get with her better be aware of thatThe first bit of tension also rearing its ugly head near the end is that Luke who is massively attracted to Madeline when he meets her she brings a street kid called Po who keeps stealing the show to Jake Bennett's dojo to sponsor him getting a better life it's one of the things she does with her wealth on a regular basis but not always so hands on keeps probing why she married her husband It's never really spelled out but when Madeleine eventually talks about her brother and we get some interior monologue about herself I think she might have been either a beauty of a teenage pickpocket or a teenage hooker who simply had the luck that a rich older man wanted her as his Eliza Dolittle He did teach her to cherish the love she is offered even if she couldn't give it back in the way he had hoped forThe bigger bit of tension is that once Madeleine knows the kind of work Luke does and the first time he gets a call in the night to fly off now has to deal with the fact that a sexy hot fling and the sex was truly scorching in this one all they had previously agreed on just won't work for her with Luke and what is she willing to deal with now if she wants to make a full on attempt to win his heart Even the old Chinese housekeeper she inherited from her husband thinks Luke is a bad riskJake's estranged wife is introduced in this book and illuminates the role the Bennett family play in their interactions for Madeline and eventually both Luke and Madeline realise their feelings for each other are worth the risk even if neither of them will be completely tame in their interactions Really let me uote Hunter really makes it workview spoiler ‘Do you need me to come to Shanghai?’ offered Luke uietlyThis was how he must sound to the people he worked with she thought with pride Impossibly calm instantly focused and ready for anything ‘I’d love you to come to Shanghai’ she told him ‘For I’ve a powerful need for you and it’s only getting stronger But if you’re asking whether you should come here to protect Jianne I don’t think that’s wise This man doesn’t see me as a threat—not yet—but he’ll see you as one and he has far too much authority here Singapore would be better And he will come for her Luke He’s not going to go away’‘Don’t you dare put yourself in danger or so help me Madeline—’‘You know that’s rich’ she interrupted wryly ‘Coming from you Welcome to my world warrior Wallow in it a while and then we’ll talk I’ll show you a coping mechanism or two that I picked up while you were pulling apart warheads in Guam One of them was to believe with all my heart that you knew what you were doing and that you were the best man for the job’Silence‘Now you’re angry with me’ said Madeline on a sigh ‘Does this mean we get to have wild angry make up sex when I get back? Because you know I’m all in’‘Madeline’ he said tightly ‘Just get here safely Let me worry about the intricacies of the sex’‘Control freak’‘Control’s not really going to have a lot to do with it’ he said and a promise was born ‘You call me as you’re getting on the plane do you hear me? I’ll meet you at the airport’‘Impatient’ she said‘Protective’ he countered ‘And by the time I see you next there’s every likelihood in the world I’ll be insane Do not take stupid risks If the situation comes unstuck you go to ground and you call me and you wait for me to come for you’‘I have this insatiable urge to salute you’ she murmured ‘Why is that? Did you have some kind of high falutin’ Naval rank I should know about or should I just call you sir?’Luke hung up on her after that She guessed it was going to be wild angry make up sex after all Madeline put the phone back in its cradle shed her high powered businesswoman clothes and wriggled her way down between the thousand–thread count sheets and a duvet lighter than airShe closed her eyes and figured the timing good for a couple of hours’ sleep if she tried—Lord knew she was tired enough She willed her body to relax and smiled as faintly on the whisper of a warm jungle wind she thought she heard a thwarted tiger roar hide spoiler

  9. Li Li says:

    Fourth in the Bennett Family series and just as good as the previous ones I liked how Kelly Hunter inversed the usual MB tropes here with Maddy the heroine being the insanely wealthy one Luke was a very alpha hero which could so easily have gone wrong but I think it was pulled off perfectly hereThe unusual for an MB Singapore setting and the secondary characters also stood out especially Maddy's housekeeper with her hilarious pokes at Luke and references to the Chinese zodiac And there was a sly nod to events in the first Bennett book funeral vases which made me smileThe story also did an excellent job of setting up the fifth Bennett book Red Hot Renegade good thing I had that to hand and could start reading immediately

  10. Diane Diane says:

    the 2nd book in the bennett family series and for some reason i just couldn't get into it set in singapore which is nice but we didn't find out much about the country customs etc i know that's a bit much to ask for in a category book but

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Sedutor Indomável Bennett Family #4 Uma aventura uente em CingapuraA empresária Madeline Delacourte não tinha tempo e nem necessidade de um homem em sua vida Afinal seu falecido marido deixou a muito bem financeiramente Mas ela encontrou Luke Bennett durante a visita dele de uma semana a Cingapura Com seu corpo musculoso e atitude forte ele a desafiava ao despertar desejos desconhecidos Madeline sabia ue ele era cínico e sedutor E se ela se apaixonasse por esse bad boy seria melhor aprender a domá lo Caso contrário poderia se machucar

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