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Into The Abyss Turns out The Demon Weed really is a Gateway Drug Who knewTom Perkinje certainly didn't He had never smoked anything in his life but as the new kid in town trying to make friends he'd gone to a party and had foolishly let his new buddy Reggie talk him into trying a joint that he'd picked up from a new dealer Before he knew it Tom was having a seriously bad trip; a total out of body experience where the world had dissolved around him A few puffs in and he'd gotten this massive case of tunnel vision where the entire party seemed to be happening at the other end of a long tunnel; soon it was like he was having this weird out of body experience looking down at himself The next thing Tom knew there were these deranged myopic wizards from some place called Astlan calling on him in some sort of pig Latin mumbo jumbo They had somehow mistaken Tom for a demon He tried to flee but the wizards were relentless and were determined to conjure him into their world and bind him as their demon slave for all of eternity Oh yeah and those crazy wizards Turns out they were going to war and planned to use their new demon slave as a secret weapon to obliterate the enemy Jenn was a journeyman Thaumaturge at Lenamare's Academy of Wizardry School was a living hell Oh she was learning a lot thanks to Master Trisfelt but the Head Master and Head Mistress were insufferable egomaniacs Head Mistress Jehenna seemed intent on making Jenn's life a living hellIf this wasn't bad enough the Head Master Lenamare had gone and got in a suabble with another wizard Exador and now Exador was marching his army on the school And to top it off during what was supposed to be a routine classroom demonstration on demon summoning Lenamare and the class had stumbled upon what they thought was a minor demon and tried to bind it But unfortunately it wasn't a minor demon It was a Greater Demon something so powerful and Evil that they were almost never conjured onto the Planes of Man Naturally being an egomaniac Lenamare insisted on trying to bind it to his will and use it to destroy Exador and his army So the uestion was Would Exador's army ravage and kill her or would the school's newest defense consume her immortal soul This book could have been terrific It had a good concept the author had a good start he could have made a good fantasy seller But he screwed up on the editingThe problem with this book is it's length I don't see how people can keep stuffing up the simple fact that just because you stuff a lot of pages together they think it makes for a enjoyable book It does not work that way LanglandOne main problem is that Langland is constantly repeating the same scene multiple times from several points of view Good for a mystery not fantasyI'm not kidding here Half the book is repeating itself Langland I know it is painful but you need to cut the fat out of this thing and sell it for a smaller versionI uit after reaching the last five percent of the book because I was grinding my teeth This was an enjoyable coming of age fantasy that lived up to the promise of its super fun sounding blurb This was set in a fun fantasy world and was a character driven story packed with action humor and great characters The story was fun In a attempt to seem cool and fit in with the crowd 16 year old Tom Perkinje decides to try a joint offered to him by his new friend Reggie Big mistake as it turns out the new weed really is a gateway drug A gateway straight to the Abyss The new drug caused Tom's spirit to cast into the astral plain Which seems pretty cool at first but becomes a lot less so when wizards from the far off reality of Astlan mistake him for a demon and cut his souls cord from his regular body and bind him into the form of a demon As if being stuck as a demon in a world straight out of a crazy fantasy tale was not enough poor Tom finds that his masters intend to enslave him for all eternity and that when he is not at their beck and call he is cast back to the Abyss The whole book was a ton of fun Tom was an easy guy to root for He was mostly a good guy but was often left with little choice but to take action in ways that he disliked either due to wizards compelling his obedience with magic or because he had to defend himself or his friends from those who attacked him on sight We got a mix of drama and humour as Tom had to deal with how all the various characters he encountered reacted to him Even the demons were not sure what to make of him There was also plenty of plotting as the complicated politics of both Astlan and the Abyss meant that various different factions and players were all causing chaos that Tom got caught up in The characters were neither overly good or bad There were good and bad guys in the story for sure but all were very human in their motivations and desires even those who were not actually human in appearance I felt like that believability gave the story that bit of depth it needed to help me invest emotionally in the characters We met a lot of fun secondary characters over the course of the story and they all played a part in making this 24 hour audio an engaging listen from start to finish J L Langland's writing had a slightly simplistic and YA feel to it but the story itself had enough depth and Langland's writing was still super engaging All in all I was uite happy with this one Rating 45 starsAudio Note Stephen Bel Davies did a good job with the audio He got the tone of the story and did a good job with the character voices It took me about an hour to warm to him but once I did I enjoyed his performance a lot Great StoryDespite the many typos this is one of the best books I've read for some time now in terms of story and characters It would be good to see some romance in the next book but this was thoroughly entertaining and very fast paced There was a good combination of humour and serious elements The characters were interesting and well thought throughAll in all I would definitely recommend reading this book and I am eagerly awaiting the next book I have to admit there was a point at which I was considering dropping the book It was one specific part where I felt like the protagonist had just chosen to make a huge mistake about something no spoilers here so don't bother and he absolutely knew it would come back to bite him It came at a bad time I prefer a bit of a romantic interest in books I read and this book has very little in that regard nearly non existent But then I sort of pushed through it I dislike leaving a book behind and there was plenty of action And do I regret reading it Idk does an ice cream addict regret going to Coldstone Would a demon slave regret ripping his accursed master's heart out using tweezers In all honesty the book tied up amazingly with what could be termed as a 'cliff' hanger But I definitely cannot wait for the seuel

  • Kindle Edition
  • 522 pages
  • Into The Abyss
  • J.L. Langland
  • English
  • 09 April 2016

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