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Suirmy Wormy This colorful book captures how overwhelming sensation can be to children with SPD through gorgeous imaginative pictures The reader will learn about SPD and learn strategies to help calm the nervous system of a child who experiences a disorganized sensory world

  • ebook
  • 48 pages
  • Suirmy Wormy
  • Lynda Farrington Wilson
  • 09 March 2014
  • 9780986067365

12 thoughts on “Suirmy Wormy

  1. Corinne Corinne says:

    A good book that describes what so many children on the spectrum go through and how they are able to self soothe or what they are looking for when demonstrating certain behaviors It was uite accurate based on my experience with ASD; however we all know that every child on the spectrum is uniue

  2. Jessica Hall Jessica Hall says:

    Meet Tyler a young boy with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder SPD Explore what he experiences with SPD This book captures how overwhelming sensation can be and allows others to begin to understand what its like with SPD The book acts as Tyler's own self help action plan listing the behaviours he sometimes shows and what he can do to help this behaviour 'Sometimes I watch the ceiling fan go around and around or spin the wheels on my car SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN But what I really need is a long ride on the merry go round at the playground A a h h h much better' Each behaviour provides alternatives that might also help with the sensory experience in brackets at the bottom of each page In this case it suggested a Sit n' Spin toy spinning on a swing or a game of 'Ring a ring o roses' The book is beautifully written in child appropriate language and the illustrations show a happy Tyler experiencing all these sensations This book is fantastic for teachers that have students with Autism or SPD in their class as it offers lots of tips to relieve anxiety from sensory overload in the classroom For example 'Sometimes there are so many sounds in my ears that I can't understand what my teacher is saying because sounds that other people can ignore are really loud to me BANG CLANG YADDA YEE PSSST B B R ING CRUNCH CLICK And I know this is when I need a uiet spot break to listen to my music or look at a book H U S H Hthat's better'This book can be read by all children with Autism other pupils in their class teachers and parents It raises awareness that not everybody experiences the same sensations as you do and that some things will be too noisy for others too fast or not stimulating enough But there is always something we can do to help and that they can do to help themselves A lovely book

  3. Kelcey Murdoch Kelcey Murdoch says:

    This book is a cute way to explain sensory processing disorder to children It is kind of wordy but has good information I think it would work best for kids who only have sensory integration dysfunctionsensory processing disorder and not as well for kids who have sensory concerns paired with Autism

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