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Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret I struggled with this book Unlike most Harleuin Mills Boon it was written in the first person and I found this shift of perspective rather jarring Perhaps angsty romances are suited to a 3rd POV I gave up half way through the book Probably a good read for someone who doesn't mind first POV I loved this book It will be on my re read list for sure I loved the h I got all teary eyed when she went back for her son's 'legacy' and I could just see the look on the Heroes face when he realized how she had lived and how she was treated It was very sad I hated her cousin She was unbelievable When the h asked her why she couldn't love her it broke my heart I loved the H after he realized how special she was but I almost deducted a star for the way he left her and wouldn't take her calls The big reveal was a surprise Great story Love my Jennie Lucas 45 StarsThis is a safe read Both were celibate during time apart HURRAH I just completed my fourth read through Although I liked it the first time I was a bit torn but I understand it better now The first time through I made some hasty judgements because the hero was so horribly mean at the beginning of the story but it takes a couple of chapters to understand that he had good reason to be but those reasons had been lies told by the heroine's evil cousin who was trying to blackmail the hero into marriage and he uickly begins to piece it togetherLena is our bluntly honest heroine and she has been treated badly by her cousin since her parents' death when she had no choice but to go live with her Cousin's family She was of a slavemaid than anything living in their unfinished attic put down and mistreated daily for than ten years She was even expected to relinguish her small salary for being the maid so the other employees could be paid This was done out of meaness and spitefulnessthere was no financial cause for this and she gave it up willingly so her dear friends the maids and butlers could continue to draw the meager salaries they were paid Then we have Alejandro our hero whom at the beginning seems to be an unreasonably mean and nasty man Fortunately that doesn't last long Because of Lena's cousin's lies he was made to believe the worst about her and I could understand why he felt the way he did Lena was also fed lies by the evil cousin which made her think of the hero as a monster Once you're in the second chapter you begin to understand the evilness of the nasty slutty cousin The H was fed nothing but horrible lies for a year as was the h The evil cousin was actually trying to steal the good cousins baby because she was sure that was the only way to blackmail the H to marry her He didn't want to ever love anyone nor did he want a child and he definitely planned to never marry There was a while that I despised him but when the reasons for him being the way he was came to light and he had some fairly good reasons I began to understand him He grew on me and he also changed for the better since he no longer had the burden of the secret he had been keeping since his youth Lena's cousin wanted Alejandro badly She wanted to acuire the title of Duchess and his billions of dollars but she was not able to have children She also knew her cousin was pregnant by the H because he dumped the cousin once he met Lena He had not however been intimate with the evil onethank goodness That would have been a little too much sharing for my tasteThis turned out to be a great story once I understood Alejandro I enjoyed it but I would have liked a little happiness earlier than it happened The villian in this story gets his own book in the seuel Nine Months to Redeem Him also by Jennie Lucas DNFI just can't do itToo OTT plus I started rooting for the villainOops just realized why I gave one of my rare 4 stars for that stinker H from Nine Months to Redeem Him Hanging my head in shame I loved this book I was in the mood for something romantic and sweet and this hit the spot just rightLow level angstsweet heroinesweet babyloveable abuelaand a great lead alpha maleI was prepared to dislike him at the beginning but as the book came to a closeI loved himVery strong 45 First of all this book is written in first person perspective heroine's the narrator Heroine is an innocent poor orphan young woman mistreated by her rich evil cousin She even works for her and sleeps in a shabby attic A Cinderella heroine She meets Alejandro a handsome duke and falls for him fast and hard But so does her evil cousin and she eventually breaks them up Nine months later Alejandro finds Lena and their son in a small town in Mexico He is determined to make her his again but an evil OM an evil OW and his dark deep secret threaten their happiness I adore Jennie Lucas Once again she gives me everything I want in a HP Cheesy love story super sweet innocent warm and naive heroine alpha ruthless hero hot love scenes and a beautiful HEA Love like trust is earned It is kept day by day night by night as we reveal to each other who we were Who we are And most of all who we hope to be Secret baby plot can be a hit or miss for me But with this one I can honestly say that I loved this story It hit all the right spots for me So many raw emotions between Alejandro and Lena And it drew me in completely from the first page and made me feel so much up to the last page Jennie Lucas created this emotional intense and passionate story with characters I was rooting for from the very beginning What can you ask for in a romance? Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret is the story of Lena and AlejandroA very cheesy romance between a pretty tame couple They have a passionate sexathon and the heroine is told by her evil cousin it was all because the hero wanted her to get pregnant and then they'd steal her baby She runs away and is helped by OM A year later the hero finds her and coerces her to be his wife They work out their issues fall in love have loads of OMOW dramamisunderstandings and everything eventually ends in a HEAI found it too cheesy and unnecessarily dramatic The characters were pretty mature and things got sorted very early on hence the book felt a bit too long and their random issues made no senseSafe35 Well This had a 2014 copyright date but I felt like I was reading an old school I mean 1970's old school HP because not only was the plot OTT with fun twists there was a travelogue of the Alhambra in Spain The hero had a deep dark secret that involved view spoiler mistaken identities hide spoiler You wouldn't have been able to resist either believe me   He broke down my defenses as if they were paper One dark unfathomable glance from Alejandro the notorious Duke of Alzacar and I was his It was only later that I realized why he'd seduced me and I had no choice but to flee Nine months on he's found me No matter how my body and my heart react to him I can never let the duke take our son away from me But Alejandro will stop at nothing I just have one card left to play

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