Desert Heat ePUB Ò Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Desert Heat
  • Kathleen Pickering
  • 22 October 2014
  • 9780373608737

4 thoughts on “Desert Heat

  1. Kate Vale Kate Vale says:

    DESERT HEAT has that in addition to an in your face Detective Meg Flores whose father wants her safe and not chasing bad guys or worse the bad guys chasing her When Tico Butler an NYPD detective is brought in to help catch the drug runners and human traffickers Meg is po'edWhat makes her even madder is her immediate attraction to the guy whom she'd prefer to hate But he knows his business even though he'd prefer not to answer hers such as why he's so against learning about his heritage among the local Native Americans The two of them go undercover in a nearby resort and end up uncovering each other as well as some clues to the drug traffic but it isn't until Meg's roommate is snatched that Meg realizes what has been under her nose all alongBut uestions persist where is Penny can Meg find her in time; and without cell coverage in the cave she rediscovers will help arrive in time to close the case and stop the human trafficking as well? Oh and will her affair with Tico previously kept private see the light of day and the approval of her team and her parents?

  2. CL CL says:

    25I have wanted to read a book about two cops who go undercover together since forever and I had high hopes for this when I read the summaryI really liked the start of the book and the sniping between MegTico However as soon as they decided to get on a private jet to go shopping whilst women were being abducted my interest began to wane Then as soon as they were undercover MegTico ended up in bed together no surprise of course but there wasn't even the pretence of attempting to fight their attraction and from there although they barely knew each other there was swiftly talk of loveTico dealing with his heritage seemed forced and Meg's father's interference got old really fastIn terms of the case I knew who the perps were from the start and I was never invested in it anyway so overall whilst this book had a nice premise it didn't live up to expectations

  3. Monica Monica says:

    really enjoyed this bookthe love between the characters and the conflict that they grow through strengthens them and makes them memorableenjoyablefun down to earth book

  4. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Desert Heat is action packed and fun Tico and Meg have serious chemistry and Meg’s anger towards him only seems to spark the attraction further RT Book Reviews 4 stars

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Desert Heat This situation is heating upWomen are disappearing in Adobe Creek Arizona and it's up to Detective Meg Flores to stop it But when New York detective Tico Butler is called in to take over the case Meg feels threatened Will he also take over her job She's prepared to hate him—but she's not prepared for the intense chemistry between them From the moment Tico arrives Meg is struck by his bad boy good looks and his smooth talking charm She may not have wanted him here but he's proving hard to resist And when they go undercover together the desert isn't the only thing getting hotter