The Ultimate Revenge The 21st Century Gentlemans Club #3

The Ultimate Revenge The 21st Century Gentlemans Club #3 I will annihilate your world As you destroyed mine For over a decade Nicandro Santos heir to a legendary diamond legacy has lived with one unrelenting purpose to infiltrate the ultraprestigious Virtus gentleman's club and bring it and its leader Zeus downWhat he doesn't know is that Olympia Merisi the daughter of his enemy is now in charge Olympia has her own reasons for wanting to keep Nicandro close and she will stop at nothing to protect what's hers But what happens when the battle lines between them blur and they enter dangerous–sensual–territory The other side of fear is freedom my boy Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to liveAnother well written HP by Victoria Parker I really liked this book Not only was Olympia Pia a really powerful woman who stood up to Nicandro Nic and was than his match there sexual chemistry was off the charts This story is really about how revenge hurts the person seeking it letting go of the past and all of the hurt it's caused and letting go of fear in order to start being free and truly living as the uote I posted above implies Great story would very much recommend as a read I was reluctant to read this because1It's part of a series called the 21st Century Gentleman's Club which sounds like a run down strip club2The opening takes place in an opulent Rococo building of said Gentleman's Club with a conversation with a billionaire from another story in the series The hero is a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks who has made good He has been waging a war on the owner of the Gentleman's club and now he wants to meet the object of his revenge face to face 3The hero breaks into the heroine's private uarters and is violently apprehended by her guardsI'm not a fan of court intrigue criminal heroes or violence And yet I kept reading and I'm so glad I did Another reviewer said that this author always brings her characters to such darkness that you wonder if they will ever find light I can tell you that she does but it is a journey with many twists and turns and you have pay attention In this review I'm not going to spoil any of the plot points The author is very careful about what she reveals and when she reveals it There are revelations up to the very last pageInstead I'll try to explain what this about so you can decide if this story is for you And then I'll just gush about the writing and the characterization for a bitTrope hero wants revenge on the heroine's father a reclusive Greek Mafia type guy who is such a megalomaniac that he calls himself Zeus The hero has a very good reason for wanting revenge you don't realize the full extent of the damage ol' Zeus did until the very endHero has a two part planPart one he'll ruin Zeus's club and his businesses and then throw it into his face He's on his way to completing part one with the exception of the face to face meetingPart two he'll marry the mousy daughter of the majority shareholder of the family jewelry company that his father lost to Zeus years ago Then he'll give the company back to his elderly grandfather After the hero is captured the heroine decides he must be the one messing with her business She is now Zeus since her father died four years before The reader knows this in chapter one so I'm not giving anything away She accepts the hero's bet because she wants to understand what's going on The bet She will spend two weeks with the hero and if he can get her into his bed she must introduce him to Zeus The heroine is wildly attracted to him but she is emotionally frozen and doesn't think she'll fall for his charm The hero thinks she is a trust fund poopsie who is playing at being in charge at Daddy's business She will enjoy two weeks of sex and then will forget all about him after she introduces him to her father He tells himself she won't be affected by his revenge scenario And how wrong they both areThe hero has hidden depths he's not just a product of the mean streets He had a life before Zeus happened and his memories are heart tugging There is a reuisite makeover scene of the heroine shopping with the hero but there's a twist with the waiting hero and a young boy and a soccer ball That little throwaway scene looks backwards and forwards into the hero's life but you don't realize it until the end of the storyThe heroine is pure of heart She is not a physical virgin but she is pure in her motives even while she is keeping secrets from the hero and the public Her hidden strengths are evident from the beginning and the hero uickly readjusts him opinion of her Her strengths are not of the feisty variety she is honest with herself and faces facts no matter how hard to handleWhen the eventual betrayal of the hero comes to light breaking her heart and his she takes it on the chin and then pulls herself together and rights the wrongs of the past without expecting a happy ending for herself She is no doormat but pure of heart and generous of heart Yes Okay the writingThis is a story that you have to be in the mood for It's complicated You have to pay attention It is thoughtfully crafted The tropes and conventions of the HP universe are all there shopping trip I mentioned before but they are used in new waysThe settings directly reflect on the plot and the characterizationThe Hh meet in Zanzibar in the Rococo Gentleman's club Here it's literal masks and complications and artificiality Then the heroine takes the hero to an ice hotel in Northern Europe This is her personality cold pure air nature at its most elemental It is a place of life and death fire and ice the mysterious Northern Lights etc The story then shifts to Barcelona the hero's choice full of light warmth color dancing food ease and soccer The betrayal is in Paris The Eiffel tower outside their window is the spike through both their heartsThe resolution takes place in a boardroom with the heroine in charge and still in power The hero has not ruined her She is the proverbial PhoenixThe epilogue takes place a year later and is the most disappointing part of this story We're subjected to the other couples from the series and I didn't care about them after the fever dream that was the Hh's story I wish it had been a stand alone so they could have had their own epilogueI hope I've piued your interest This is a story that made me pay attention and intrigued me from start to finish The Hh are wonderful characters and belong together I'm sure I'll enjoy it even when I read it again Pure romantic fantasyThe Ultimate Revenge by Victoria Parker the 3rd and final book in The Gentleman’s Club Mini Series is totally and the one I absolutely loved the mostWOWWhat a journey this story took me onIt had everything I love in Mills Boon storyCaptivating protagonists – a seductive and gorgeous alpha hero without the need to take over the heroine’s life A beautiful strong smart and independent heroine who is not afraid to stand up to the hero without being irritatingHigh sensuality and sky rocketing sexual and emotional chemistry that just blew me away Entranced from the 1st chapter where our hero Nicandro Santos who is determined to bring Zeus the owner of the secretive Virtus club down sees Olympia Merisi the heroine sleeping in the most opulent bed until the last page You can’t stop turning the pagesI loved the sexy and warm hearted Nicandrohe’s a total “boneco” and I would love to have him as my “uerido” The I got to know him the I liked himOlympia has become one of my favorite Mills Boon heroines She has not allowed the sad past to rule her lifeshe fought back and is determined to succeed without becoming a bitter and twisted personEmotion and Passion so perfectly balanced – it’s not only about their sexual connection but the emotional as well They bring the best out of each othermaking it possible for them to actually follow their dreamshe going back to doing what he has always lovedfootballand her finally accepting that she is the person she has always wanted to be To be accepted and loved for the person she is Beautifully written sex sceneserotic daring and mind blowingAnd let me not forget the glamorous and fabulous settings Zanzibar and Iceland fabulous Gaudi Barcelona Some of my favorite scenes – Nicandro playing football with the kidsthe opening chapter Nicandro Olympia making love in the Ice Hotel Olympia visits Nicandro’s grandfatherthe epilogue and meeting up with Narciso Ruby Ryzard Tiffany from the previous booksand beyond loved when Olympia shows Nicandro Aurora BorealisI could go on and onlet’s just sayI LOVED THE ENTIRE BOOKA great ending to this series – and yes yes yesall is revealedI am so looking forward to reading books by this author I really like her writing style It wasn't bad it just wasn't my cuppa I did find it ironic that the H was all set to marry this girl and is this hot shot business guy and then did not find out the particulars of who owned the majority shares of the company That is a newbie mistake so it kinda ruined the H's Business Guru persona But hey it is HPlandia and that is how they roll Plenty of angst a little too much Ds in the bedroom for me but I could see why they went there The writing is really good but mostly I was like uit being all angsty and just get on with things already I don't think I truly have an angsty angst soul probably because I hang around with a bunch of cats and they are the ultimate pragmatists

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Ultimate Revenge The 21st Century Gentlemans Club #3
  • Victoria Parker
  • English
  • 08 December 2016
  • 9780373137558

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