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Nonalignment 20 NonAlignment 20 identifies the basic principles and the national goals values and interests that should guide India’s foreign and strategic policy over the next decadeThe authors who are among India’s most authoritative and respected policymakers and analysts argue that while the Non Aligned Movement which was a response to the geopolitics of the Cold War era may have lost its moorings nonalignment as a strategy renovated and adapted for the twenty first century is today pertinent than everThis book lays out the opportunities that India enjoys in the international sphere and identifies the threats and challenges it is likely to confront It defines the broad perspective and approach that India should adopt to maximize its strategic autonomy successfully pursue its national development goals and its international interests in a changing global environment and thus assume its rightful place in the world

10 thoughts on “Nonalignment 20

  1. Nikhil Kumar Nikhil Kumar says:

    Too much generic stuff without substantive policies

  2. Vikas Datta Vikas Datta says:

    uite a thoughtful prescription

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