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How to Negotiate Your First Job You've worked hard to get through college and to ace all those job interviews Now you're either about to receive or have already received a job offer and you're not sure what to do Maybe you've heard that you should negotiate your salary But how In this book seasoned business and negotiation leaders Paul F Levy and Farzana S Mohamed share lessons and insights from years of real world experience in job negotiations sitting on both sides of the table In short powerful chapters Levy and Mohamed distill their experience into practical lessons to help you get the best deal in terms of salary professional development and conditions They give you the tools to get through this stage of your life Here's a secret We're going to help you get what you want and deserve in a way that will make your new employer even pleased to hire you

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  1. Amy Layton Amy Layton says:

    Thank God for books like these  I've just recently graduated I've started the job hunt I've landed the interviews  Great awesome  Those are all things I'm good at  But the following steps?  Not so much  So it's thanks to books like these that make me feel confident in myself my degrees and my ability to perform  I am worth something and you are too  Which is why negotiation is so important  Luckily this little book provides a lot of examples and reasoning for putting your best self out there and receiving what that best self deservesBe kind be flexible be communicative  These three things are for me the heart of this book  It's difficult to open up these types of conversations but this book helps remind us that in the end those on the hiring committee chose YOU  They want YOU  They're not going to change their mind just because you want a sign on bonus or an extra week of vacation  And you better ask for those things too because this is a career  It might not be the rest of your life but it's a good decent portion of it  Don't you want to make it worth it?  I found this book helpful and Im so glad that our library had it  I'm sure as my job search continues I'll come back to this for support and reminders of my self worth and how to negotiate that to others  Definitely worth perusing if you're beginning a new portion of your lifeReview cross listed here

  2. Meg Meg says:

    This book is billed as an easier way to learn how to negotiate Unfortunately it's advice is sometimes odd and not necessarily simpler Use something like Getting to Yes instead

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