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Striking Out It is the summer of 1994 and the major league baseball players have taken their balls and bats and gone home With no beat to cover sportswriter Kate Henry finds herself with rare time off to relax at home in Toronto’s east endBut all is not tranuil in the neighbourhood Anti abortion protesters are picketing the house of a doctor who lives down the block The papers are full of controversy over the police shooting of a joy riding black teen and Kate’s lover homicide detective Andy Munro is shot in an incident which only fuels the outcries of police racismWhile Andy recuperates Kate has than a cranky patient to deal with Maggie the homeless woman who has been living in the laneway behind Kate’s house suddenly vanishes The police are indifferent and Kate prodded by the concern of her tenant’s son TC begins a hunt of her own Her search takes her to corners of her neighbourhood she’s never had reason to explore from a women’s drop in centre to a seedy adult video shop and she gradually learns about Maggie’s unlikely and disturbing past A brutal murder links that past to the present and ultimately engages Kate in a daring potentially dangerous investigationAlison Gordon’s clever plotting fast paced dialogue and deft characterization spark with energy The background setting of Toronto’s Riverdale district – the trendy aspects as well as the darker side – teems with life Striking Out places Alison Gordon in the front ranks of Canadian crime fiction writers

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Striking Out
  • Alison Gordon
  • English
  • 10 October 2015
  • 9780771034152

5 thoughts on “Striking Out

  1. Ben Ben says:

    Tries to segue out of baseball but it doesn’t work This novel fell flat to me Goes to show that you can’t really force your way out of sports once you’re in there and suggests to me that a non detective detective has a short shelf life of maybe three books otherwise why would they keep getting access to these crimes

  2. Jennifer Kellie Jennifer Kellie says:

    Genre Cozy mysteryCanadianPretty standard cozy mystery that takes place in Toronto Lots of Canadiana

  3. Lane Lane says:

    Another baseball mystery but with very little baseball as they are on strike Good mystery with some turns Best of the Kate Henry mysteries so far

  4. Homerun2 Homerun2 says:

    This regrettably short series is uniue and entertaining Baseball is not front and center in this book due to the players strike of 1994 When female sports reporter Kate Henry is cooling her heels for things to write about she has her hands full when cop boyfriend Andy is shot on dutyAn unusual plot dealing with a homeless woman and set in a background of police minority conflict this is a good read

  5. Paul Paul says:

    BOTTOM LINEWell done and the best so farPLOT OR PREMISEThis is the fourth in the Kate Henry series and is the best so far Kate is bored there is a strike in the major leagues and she doesn't know what to do with herself So she focuses on her home life Then Andy Munro gets shot in the line of duty and Kate is pretty much on her own while Andy recuperates Lots of tension as Andy deals with the aftermath of being shotWHAT I LIKEDThe focus of the story is on a homeless woman named Maggie who has disappeared and one of her favorite resting places is covered in blood On top of that a mutilated corpse turns up with a very large knife that Maggie used to own A corpse of someone who knew who Maggie really was knew her past and was therefore a threat to Maggie's security Some really seedy characters populate the story including a two bit child pornographer who has a heart of gold for helping street peopleWHAT I DIDN'T LIKEOf course there is the reuisite protagonist in jeopardy part but at least Andy isn't automatically there to save the dayDISCLOSUREI received no compensation not even a free copy in exchange for this review I was not personal friends with the author but I did interact with her online

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