Generic PDF Ò Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 354 pages
  • Generic
  • Jeremy A. Greene
  • 06 May 2015
  • 9781421414935

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GenericThis is a history of generic drugs from the unregulated period where you could pick up another company's brand name and just sell heroin to attempts by the League of Nations to standardize patent and formulary law and an ill fated attempt to base drug names on Esperanto for world peace Greene traces the many second and third order effects of generic drugs the placebo effect of having something different and different looking than has worked before the many private companies that test generics on student and lower SES populations in drug studies Fargo had several of these patent law why common drugs have different names in the US and UK the global health implications of Indian companies making generic HIVAIDS and malaria drugs state restrictions of ACA allowances of generics and ways in which a company can change one inert ingredient and extend their 20 year patents Generic drugs are now familiar objects in clinics drugstores and households around the world We like to think of these tablets capsules patches and ointments as interchangeable with their brand name counterparts why pay for the same And yet they are not uite the same They differ in price in place of origin in color shape and size in the dyes binders fillers and coatings used and in a host of other ways Claims of generic euivalence as physician historian Jeremy Greene reveals in this gripping narrative are never based on being identical to the original drug in all respects but in being the same in all ways that matterGeneric is the first book to chronicle the social political and cultural history of generic drugs in America It narrates the evolution of the generic drug industry from a set of mid twentieth century schlock houses and counterfeiters into an agile and surprisingly powerful set of multinational corporations in the early twenty first centuryHow do we know what parts of a pill really matter Decisions about which differences are significant and which are trivial in the world of therapeutics are not resolved by simple chemical or biological assays alone As Greene reveals in this fascinating account uestions of therapeutic similarity and difference are also always uestions of pharmacology and physiology of economics and politics of morality and beliefThe substitution of bioeuivalent generic drugs for expensive brand name products is a rare success story in a field of failed attempts to deliver euivalent value in health care for a lower price Greene's history sheds light on the controversies shadowing the success of generics problems with the generalizability of medical knowledge the fragile role of science in public policy and the increasing role of industry marketing and consumer logics in late twentieth century and early twenty first century health care A good book on the history of generic drugs in US Too little development in the EBM evidence based medicine and HTA Healthcare Technology Assessment era Well researched and extremely informative this book dives into the history of generic drugs the controversy surrounding bioeuivalence and the not so bright future of the pharmaceutical industry I would have liked to know about how US regulations and laws impacted generic drug development in other countries and vice versa This was touched upon very briefly in the book The author ended the book on a gloomy note addressing the bleak future of the industry as someone who works in the industry and is passionate about it I hope we continue to innovateWhile I recommend this book to everyone I will caution that it is a dry read to those not familiar with subject matter I personally found it fascinating but I live and breathe this industry Some of the history in how generic drugs evolved into their present dominance is interesting It is very plodding reading with a great deal of technical discussion and unmanageable clutter of names and acronyms More of a textbook than a general public style book